Elizabeth Warren’s Wishy Washy Answer On Medicare For All

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Elizabeth Warren's Wishy Washy Answer On Medicare For All

70 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren’s Wishy Washy Answer On Medicare For All

    • +Shade Bleu ya a fascist? Sound like one…

      Your gonna wanna leave the America’s, it’s not a safe space for fascists anymore…

      You can stay, but you dumbasses are gonna start up the civil war again, and this time the north isn’t gonna let you back into the country…

  1. Her answer is terrible. The question is ever worse. 100% coverage for everyone – it’s that simple. NO corporate weasel words.

  2. Tulsi is only 18,000 donations away now and has gained 6,000 donations in the past two days alone. Keep it up, we need her environmental and foreign policy on the debate stage. It’s only $1 if you haven’t donated already or share the link with people who haven’t donated! I’ll post the link in the replies

  3. Progressives have such low standards. Why did you have hope for Warren in the first place? Because she said some naughty things about the banks? Because she did a few good things re the CFPB? Demand better!

    • +Jacob Serrano Elizabeth Warren caved to the right wing neo cons and voted for trump’s increase in military spending when we already spend more on our military than the next 7 countries combined. Elizabeth Warren stabbed progressives in the back because she refused to endorse Bernie in 2016, but then immediately started sucking up to Hillary after she rigged the primary against Bernie, proving that she cares more about her career ambitions than fighting for the people she’s supposed to be representing. She says she would take corporate money in the general election, once more spitting in the face of every progressive value she supposedly represents.

      Elizabeth Warren is a corporatist establishment shill who did one good thing in regards to Wall Street regulation once, and she’s been riding on that ever since. If you were smart enough to think independently and critically and do some actual research, you would stop being a Warren shill and see that Bernie is clearly the superior choice. Unlike Sellout Warren, Bernie actually means what he says and he’ll fight tooth and nail to get Medicare for All and a Green New Deal passed if he were elected.

    • +MonsterMashup FPB saves the average American a few bucks. M4A will save millions of lives. Which is more Progressive? Trump would eat her lunch lol

  4. Yet TYT thinks Warren is more progressive than Tulsi. Just answer, “I’m for medicare for all”, not “medicare for some”

    • b- dubz You’re a liar and medicare for all will be hard to pass the first go around. Every progressive political commentator has said so.

      Stop lying. You got exposed and now all you do lie to try to save some sort of weird face.

    • +MF DOOM no she’s not. Tulsi is the least pro war candidate in the election, just look at her voting record.

       Tulsi has said several times that she wouldn’t do any war Congress didn’t approve through constitutional means.

    • Look I love Tulsi’s progressive domestic voting record and her railing against regime chang, but she is definitely not better than Bernie. She is super-hawkish when it comes to drone strikes. She was unwilling to say torture was wrong. She voted against taking in refugees. She originally opposed the Iran deal (though she voted for it later). She didn’t boycot Netanyahu’s speech to congress, even though almost all (semi-)progressives did. Bernie may be imperfect on foreign policy, but he is never too far off. Tulsi on foreign policy is basically a 50/50 whether she is amazing or she is terrible.

  5. I have no faith in Warren. How many times must she turn her back on progressive policies before we all realize that she is not rooted?

    • +David S.
      There is nothing to give up. If you are who you think you are, you are just plain wrong about Warren. Again, I am going to take Bernie’s judgment of Warren’s character over your judgment.

    • +BartJ583 You have no clue who I am. Do what you want to do and listen to whomever you want. You have a choice to exercise. So do I. BTW, the only politician I have ever trusted is Bernie. Nobody else. And I don’t give a damn what he says about Warren. I will be the judge of her.

    • +BartJ583 Bullshit. I chose for myself. Period. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think and how to vote. End of discussion, chiquillo.

    • +Kennet This is actually surprising to me. While Tulsi is my #2 candidate, I feel as though she has WAY more name recognition than Yang, whom I hadn’t heard of before his announcement. Also, Tulsi stepping down from her Co-chair position at the DNC (to commit career suicide some would say) to endorse Bernie shows me how much integrity she has compared to Warren. We need her foreign policy voice on the debate stage, for brainwashed MSM followers to hear.

    • +Trevor Faulkner Yang has been surging lately. But I’ve seen good arguments that he’s a lot less progressive than he appears. I recommend the ‘The Michael Brooks show’ video on him.

    • +Trevor Faulkner The #YangGang has been trending on social media, even attracting support from Trumpsters and white nationalists.

  6. Duh. If your health care is linked to your work, you lose your health care if you lose your job. National healthcare ends that problem. This isn’t rocket science.

    • I’m not a victim. I’m a taxpayer.
      As an American, we deserve the rights of LIFE, being the greatest country on earth. I’m alive here today because of Tri-Care, a tax I pay into every year as a Disabled who works, to soldiers I’ll probably never meet and their families. I pay taxes for those children and disabled who receive MedicAID, millions of people who deserve some safety net.
      Medicare-For-All would shorten all those Social Programs the Federal Government runs (poorly) into one system. I still expect that I would still need Private Insurance once such measure is written into law because my case is different than yours, and that’s a price I should be able to handle…if I’m already struggling now. I do not sit and pout and cry that life is hard because I have Spina Bifida. I sit and struggle not to ring yall’s necks for being so selfish until your ma or pa or auntie comes down with pneumonia or is suffering cancers and then yall suddenly are smacked with the bullshit. No one in this country should be on GoFundMe for medical debt.
      Search on GoFundMe for wheelchairs and tell me what you see. A sad display of Corporate Greed by the Insurance Companies. We have 950,000 doctors in this country, you’re telling me ALL are against such an act because the UK has mismanaged and also commits Corporate Greed within the NHS.

    • Sadly, I’ve had such crap jobs they didn’t have insurance. If if you bought it, it cut an already low salary so much as to make other things unaffordable, like rent, utilities, payments, food…stuff like that.

    • The problem is the particularly American obsession with centering our lives on our jobs, to where even our very ability to survive a medical emergency is contingent on our ability to work, which is problematic because if we are in dire medical straights we cannot be expected to work as normal. Many people are fired, lose coverage and die because of this job-focused system.

    • This was the problem with Obama, he always started at a centrist position. When you compromise with the right, then the only end result will be at best a centrist policy and any other time a right wing version.

      The ACA was thought up by a right wing think tank, it is a giveaway to the insurance companies.

  7. I like Elizabeth Warren, but I don’t think she has the vision that Bernie has. I don’t think she will fight tooth and nail for her beliefs. I don’t think she is corrupt, so I respect her for that but we need a fighter.

  8. Whoops I must have clicked on the wrong video. I thought it was Elizabeth Warren, and her voice sounds like it too but the answer sounds like Kamala Harris.

    • She’s always been like this. She does like one or two good things, and makes stern comments, but she’s neoliberal lite.

    • Bernie’s my #1 but Warren is WAY better than Kamala Harris. Harris won’t even pretend to be a progressive when she’s in office.

    • Ah but the key word is pretend. Yes I’ll agree that Warren is better than Harris but she sure is wishy washy. That’s not the progressive the people need.

  9. This is the main reasons why I can’t get behind Warren. She is weak and cowardice when it comes to Medicare For All.

  10. I’m 40 years old… one thing that ALL of these “different paths” seem to agree on is that I’M not important to cover… funny, since I’m also susceptible to health issues. But I vote too, Liz, and this is just another reason that Bernie has my support in the Democratic primary.

    • Im 31 and yeah same thing. I relatively healthy but I keep getting a bout of sinus infection about every 2 months and Im terrified of going to the hospital because of Costs. If the Candidate isnt for Medicare for all Im not voting for them.

    • I loved how I have the most expensive health insurance plan and still got hit with a 4k bill for somthing that would have cost me 40 bucks in Canada.

  11. When you say “path to universal healthcare” that’s a huge red flag. We’ve tried Band-Aids. Medicare for All is the path to Medicare for All.

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