Beto Completely Backs Off Of Medicare For All | #BetOnMyStork

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Beto Completely Backs Off Of Medicare For All | #BetOnMyStork


77 thoughts on “Beto Completely Backs Off Of Medicare For All | #BetOnMyStork

  1. Platitudes, Betonmystorks got some fuking platitudes
    I can’t believe what hes sayin to me
    Hes got some platitudes

  2. Kyle, I agree with you 100%. Medicare for ALL or get out of the way. Americans are living (or not living) through an insane and inhumane healthcare system. The American people WANT Medicare for all. The time is now.

    • kwasg3 Bernie’s original plan had an family of four making $50k paying like a 2.9% income based premium. Apparently since the new studies have came out, it’s slightly different. And all these people who “love” their insurance only because they make money from screwing over worker’s wages, have they forgotten that their insurance doesn’t cover everything? Lol

    • kwasg3 Thats not what it will be. Medicare for All is based on an income based premium. The lowest is at 2.9% and the highest is like around 4%. Read S1804

    • +Frank Pasini the tax depends on how much salary you earn for now in the netherlands is like this:
      22.000 euros a year is 23% tax
      34.000 euros a year is 41% tax
      70.000 euros a year is 52% tax.
      Yes we have a high tax rate. But we also have a lot of tax benefits at the end of the year.And the benefit of high tax is a good functioning social system where everyone pays in to the system to keep you going even in bad times like when you lose a job or get sick. I did some research on the internet i found out the maximum waiting time for like a knee surgery in holland is 3 weeks. y r welcome

    • I just got cut off my medicaid today because I make too much, but what the marketplace is offering me is almost as much as my rent payment per month and I live paycheck to paycheck…Ugh something needs to be done and it needs to be done NOW

    • +Timothy Patterson #HellGang #30K Yang is basically a conservative on economics, his end game appears to be replacing all social programs with Ubi, which won’t be pretty…

    • +b- dubz not true at all. Don’t speak on what you don’t know. He wants to keep social programs. UBI won’t affect it. Do some research.

    • +Timothy Patterson #HellGang #30K
      first off, don’t randomly assume others haven’t done as much if not more research than you on a topic just because they disagree. It’s a bad look my dude…

      Yangs website clearly states he WILL CUT several welfare programs to create his UBI system, as well as a creating a 10% value added tax. He uses the mealy mouthed language of “consolodate” instead of cut, but that is what hes talking about.

      The cuts only effect the poor, and the second the poor still have to pay the same percent for.

      See “how to pay for Ubi”

      Furthermore Yangs website is FULL of meely mouthed bullshit about medicare for all. Notice all the times he says “medicare for all OR SIMILAR SYSTEM” Which in this day and age translates to “I’m not against medicare for all, but I’m not really for it either.” If he was he’d come out and say it.

      Finally, the rest of the world has been debating this for some time, and it’s become pretty clear that UBI is generally being pushed by economic con’s trying to pretend to be liberal, in order to cut overall spending on welfare programs–a goal Yang repeats on his website serveral times.

      This Mexie video is where I got my view of UBI as a whole, and it’s worth a watch… Putting a badaid on a dying economic system–capitalism–aint gonna fix it, just stave off the inevitable for a decade or two… I am for le salarie ‘ve–sorry for bad french spelling…

    • +b- dubz I apologize. I was excited. You’re right. My bad. What do you think about Tulsi Gabbard?

    • How can you not support the best transgender candidate in the race “Hilo’rourke”? S/he’s the perfect diversity candidate!

    • +william Cotten where’s the proof? If it’s done with taxpayer money then why can a corporation put a patent on it? If it was funded by tax dollars then it was done at a university and there would be no patent. There would be cheap generic substitutes (that’s a good thing they’re identical). My antidepressants rexulti and pristiq both have patents. Only one company can make them. They weren’t funded by taxpayer dollars.

  3. Honestly he’s just sounding like a worse, more boring and more conservative Obama. He’s already pivoted to the centre before the election

  4. Kyle has a great point. If your selling your car u dont ask for the average $ of the market. You start high and negotiate. That way your more likely to get a better sale at the end of things.

    • Ya because most people think that the argument to moderation fallacy is a legitimate argument. That negotiation technique shouldn’t work but it does.

    • +Doondah hey,
      I’m pro union myself.
      I would love to work for a union, as I know the health insurance is generally better than non union provided healthcare.
      I will be eligible for insurance through my employer, but it is sub standard (per usual) and I will pay dearly when injured.
      Better than not having any, but still a huge burden in the event of an injury.
      This is the case for alot of Americans as well.
      I am hopeful for a single payer option.
      As long as everyone is paying for said healthcare, I have no issue paying a bit more taxes.

    • @Le Enderman A few is recognised as any small amount, not something more than 1. Nevertheless, since there are about 5 or 4 Fridays in a month, it rounds out to about 121.5 dollars every month. 121.5 is greater than 100, which is why I called it a few.

      Also, I have no idea where you got that 118 figure, but I assume it’s the end result of a failed calculation. So maybe you should be quiet about other people’s math skills. You should also stop using ad hominems to attack people with petty things like this that don’t matter in the slightest.

  5. *If you make more than 1538.00 per month you can NOT get medicaid.. So, this is NOT an option for A LOT of people!*

    • I’ve had a republican stalk me and call my parents house, so I can’t tell say, and also I’m redacting my last post in case it can be narrowed down, but I live in a very progressive state. In a couple years I can make upwards of 40k a year, but I have to struggle for now to make a reasonable paycheck. Sorry, but I don’t trust radical people, not that you fit that Purple Clouds. But I hope you understand there are crazy people out there

    • *”If you make more than 1538.00 per month you can NOT get medicaid.”*
      Worse than that, since in most states (except 3 or 4) you must pay an outrageous monthly SOC (share of cost) before Medicaid kicks in. For example, in California, you must pay the remainder of your social security…that is, anything over $600. So if you collect $1,100 per month, you have to pay a monthly SOC of $500, before Medi-Cal will cover you. Which means that /most/ people who are elgible for Medicaid, cannot afford it! All other states that charge a montly SOC are just as outrageous.

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