Door to Door Video Selling Final Expense Life Insurance

Interview by Christopher Westfall with one of his agents on going door to door for life insurance sales. . Going door to door for final expense is tough. Yes, it works, but there is a MUCH easier way to sell insurance.

How to sell insurance door to door.

Door to Door Video Selling Final Expense Life Insurance

9 thoughts on “Door to Door Video Selling Final Expense Life Insurance

  1. Hi Chris – this has always been my favorite training video for those agents looking to sell final expense and can’t/won’t buy leads.

    I have referred a multitude of agents to it as it is foundational training. Thanks for your great videos as always.

  2. Hello, Chris I’ve got a quick question.

    Do all of the Final Expense clients need to have had a blood test, do they all need to fit into the criteria of having a good clean diet, not having any diseases of any kind and not being drinkers or smokers ?

    That is sorta one of the biggest things that has sorta stopped me so far and if the good diet, great health(healthier) and the blood test and good habits aren’t a necessity can I just then close them in their house ?

  3. Very cool video thank you. Question he was talking about a list of people to call on door to door. I’m new in the business. Can you let me know we’re to get the list your guest was talking about the 65 to 85 year olds. Please Thank you for your support. Great video.

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