Cost of Medigap Shopping Service? What does it cost for Medigap help?

Chris was asked the question, "What do you charge to shop the market for me?"
Chris is an independent broker that represents all plan Medicare plan types and does not charge anything for the list of available options in your area.
Some companies, though, DO charge you money for the same results!

Let Chris shop the Medigap plans available in your zip code.
You can reach him at 1-800-729-9590

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Cost of Medigap Shopping Service? What does it cost for Medigap help?

5 thoughts on “Cost of Medigap Shopping Service? What does it cost for Medigap help?

  1. Thanks Chris for shining a light on this kind of deplorable marketing that goes on in the industry.  A “report” like this is of limited value; insurance sales professionals in this market know, like you have pointed out, that an array of factors should go into an optimal consumer decision – most certainly beyond the scope of what is offered here.  Professional agents I work with provide more value than this for free (i.e. no purchase obligation) every day.

  2. This is a quote from you on another video, “Nothing in life is free”, so a better question it seems to me is, How DO you get paid?

    • No mystery there. The answer is the same as your car insurance agent, your homeowner’s insurance agent and your life insurance agent. The insurance carriers pay insurance agents a percentage for submitting business. That is another reason I recommend NOT getting the Plan F because many times the ethical delima for some agents is to sell the plan with the highest cost and attempting to justify it as being “the best” , which it is not. See:

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