Don’t Let Establishment Tell You Medicare For All Is Crazy

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Medicare for all is incredibly popular with the American people. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"It's long been a policy dream of many liberals, but Democrats who live in states and districts that were carried in 2016 by Trump are certain to be sensitive to the political risks of supporting what Republicans call socialized medicine.

Still, progressive organizations began a major push last week.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which calls itself the "Elizabeth Warren wing" of the party, circulated a petition starting March 28 seeking support for Sanders' proposal, stating that all Democrats on the ballot in 2018 "should publicly support and run on" passing the plan.

The failure of Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan to shepherd the GOP plan through the House is one reason liberals are mounting a new Medicare-for-all push.

Another: President Barack Obama — whose name is permanently attached to the Affordable Care Act — has left the political stage. That means Democrats don't need to hold back their critiques.”*

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Don't Let Establishment Tell You Medicare For All Is Crazy

60 thoughts on “Don’t Let Establishment Tell You Medicare For All Is Crazy

  1. Medicare for all should be a bipartisan policy. It would be the first major step in truly helping people and reforming the political scheme in America today.

    • +John Sanchez Was that Jokes as facts or facts as jokes. Or is it you want something other than healthcare ??? ” NO HEALTH CARE FOR ALL” this your choice johnny boy

    • Just because you want health services abolished doesn’t mean everyone does, Robert.
      You sociopathic neo-nazi trolls are pathetic.
      While us on the right try to get everyone access to cheap and best healths services, you try and make it so only the rich and powerful benefit.

    • With all due respect – you don’t know what you’re talking about. Completely free markets are intrinsically dangerous and create enormous rifts between classes. America, in its current form, is the most capitalistic 1st world country in the world.

      This much capitalism demands safety nets. Single Payer or Medicare For All is the LEAST they can do.

    • Name and Address Witheld You’re a racist bigot for assuming that he’s an illegal immigrant, just because of his last name.

  2. The establishment only care about capitalizing off the American people, they don’t care if we have cancer or any fatal diseases.

    • Not if we keept the birth rate up and just keep them living enough to bleed them. You know, kinda like when you torture someone. And you are wrong eliw6965, they do care. It’s very important to them that Americans have cancer and fatal diseases because thats where the money is.

  3. What Trumptards don’t realize is that trump himself pushed for this several times before in the past. Reality has a liberal bias.

    • I say whatever is politically convenient at the time. Do you know I once proposed a 10% wealth tax on the rich to pay off the national debt. Look it up. I will say anything and everything and my dopey supporters will eat it up.

  4. If we can afford to have the largest military in the world and welfare for the rich, in the form of bailouts, we can afford to give everyone healthcare in this country.

    • The USA also has doctor shortages, it’s a universal problem that exists across all countries. It has nothing to do with the NHS.

    • +EASYTIGER10
      Healthcare in England is not strictly single-payer, but combined with private healthcare. Neither is NHS 100% free, it’s free only at the point of use with additional charges applied for different procedures. As for quality, trying to compare NHS to US healthcare is like comparing 1961 Mini Cooper to C7 Corvette. Yes, both of them work, but on “a bit” different levels. If you have any experience with VHA, that’s exactly what you may expect from government-run healthcare.

    • 96% of hospitals in the USA are private. Government sets up restrictions to prevent private companies from screwing people over too much, and subsidies are used to help boost accessibility.

    • People in Germany, France, Britain, Scandinavian countries, Japan, Australia, etc. have been enjoying socialized health care for decades and they are usually happier than Americans. So who’s dying in misery exactly? LOL.

  5. Medicare for all is not free! I have Medicare and it costs me plenty, so if people are afraid of it because it will get us into more debt, I say “poppycock”!!! It is not free and people will still have to pay something, it just won’t be highway robbery.

    • Which country do you live in that you think “socialised medicine” is bad? What is your experience with it? Name a country with single payer that the majority of people want to change to a for profit system.

    • beatthisroot Norway is the happiest country on earth. Also I know Denmark is also a great country. People are extremely happy there and they all have healthcare for their citizens. Sounds like a no brainer to me. I can’t understand these people who are against single payer in the US. They listen to the rich corporatist propaganda and are brainwashed into thinking it is bad. How stupid can a person be? I guess pretty stupid because all the Republicans here are against it.

    • Tamara Figge
      All the Nordic countries are positioned very well in all these international quality of life assessment lists. So, yeah, I agree, and also can verify this to be true from personal experience.

    • +guildgsx your brand of ignorance and idiocy is frankly exhausting. The word used in another comment describes you perfectly ‘dense’. Talk to someone else who wants to listen….I, by the way, live in mainland europe.

  6. I love how the so-called establishment fights socialism tooth and nail , but is totally okay with basically being an oligarch because the 1% is literally running this country! hell, I say if we can get Medicare for all why not……… Because it least that way we’re getting something out of having our rights or freedoms sold to the highest bidder known as political constituencies!

  7. healthcare for everyone in a country should be a human right. there are plenty of countries that have it.

    without the NHS i would likely be dead now. at the very least i would have lost my right hand and had severe problems with my left leg. the NHS fixed me up and asked for no money. (obviously i pay indirectly through taxes, national insurance etc.)

    it’s stupid that in America if you don’t have money or insurance then you’re just fucked.

    • No my political leanings are closer to anarchism. And yes I am a remainer, the majority should not dictate to the minority, nor should constitutional issues be decided on simple majorities.

      There isn’t a single developed country in the world that isn’t part of one of the major 5 trade blocks.

    • +Grahamhg​ anarchy? Well I guess you must be a big fan of murder, the castle doctrine and agoraphobia.

      If that is the case why lament over the NHS that’s a bit State-ist isn’t it?
      And why would you want to be part of the EU super state?
      Both of these tell me you don’t know much about anarchism.

      err have you heard of Switzerland?

    • “anarchy? Well I guess you must be a big fan of murder, the castle doctrine and agoraphobia.”

      Er no. You are describing anomie or chaos, not anarchy (no rulers.) I lean that way, I wouldn’t consider myself a full blown anarchist. Something like libertarian municipalism and liquid democracy would be my preferred system, half way down the political compass from centre. I see it as a set of principles, not something fully achievable in the UK. Obviously you don’t understand what anarchism is, as anarchists are for horizontal governance not no governance, an organised society that would include universal healthcare.

      “And why would you want to be part of the EU super state?”

      I’m a UK based architect that needs the right to work in the EU without visa or professional restrictions. 30% of my work is there.

      “err have you heard of Switzerland?”

      You mean the country thats part of the EFTA?

    • Grahamhg
      “No my political leanings are closer to anarchism. And yes I am a remainer, the majority should not dictate to the minority, nor should constitutional issues be decided on simple majorities.” this is the problem with people like yourself and the progressives here in the the US, you think one thing and yet when you say it it comes out very different. like progressives here, they say “were for the working man and women” and yet they shop online and don’t even walk or drive to store that actually employ people selling the same thing they just bought online.
      your logic of ” the majority should not dictate to the minority” is what goverment is doing when it comes to healthcare, and most thing goverment stick their nose in. in the constitution of the US the government is responsible for only 3 things 1.military 2. protect individual rights 3. promote trade with other countries that’s basically it, everything else was left to states to govern. because our founders understood that it would be easier for citizens to change their local goverment than it would for them to change a centralized one.

    • +Mark Grayson people like him talk about desires of “the people” in one sentence and criticise the conservative party as “populist” in next.

    • The Young Turks don’t choose the ads that appear on this vids. The ads are selected by randomized bots based on text relevance, predicted view count, and some other factors. YT are a politics and news channel. So political ads “make sense” for this channel to the bots.

  8. It will happen, but first things first – Ensure that orange buffoon and the scummy Republicans are out in 2020.

  9. NY State is trying to pass universal healthcare. It passed the assembly, but is a few votes short in the senate.

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