Bernie Sanders Introducing ‘Medicare For All’ Bill

Bernie Sanders isn’t waiting around. He’s pushing universal health care right now. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.
"In the wake of the Republican failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Friday, leading figures in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party are rallying behind a single-payer health insurance and a raft of other bold reforms.

These lawmakers and grassroots leaders have long believed that the problems plaguing the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, are rooted in the original health care law’s attempt to accommodate, rather than gradually replace, the private, for-profit health insurance system.

Now that efforts to eliminate the law wholesale are effectively dead, they are again arguing that the best way to improve the country’s health care system is to confront the power of corporate health care providers more directly.

“We have got to have the guts to take on the insurance companies and the drug companies and move forward toward a ‘Medicare for all,’ single-payer program,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” on Friday night. “And I’ll be introducing legislation shortly to do that.””*

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Bernie Sanders Introducing 'Medicare For All' Bill

86 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Introducing ‘Medicare For All’ Bill

    • Ace Diamonds – Correct. Public education should indeed be done away with. It’s really just socialist and politically correct brainwashing. It’s only called “education” for reasons of public relations.

    • Guy Incognito – Wrong. Infringing upon your body or property is precisely what government was created to prevent. So having a government police force is proper. But no one is violating your human rights if you’re sick. Therefore, it’s not the job of government to fix. The government’s only job is to criminalize free will violations.

    • +whyamimrpink78
      No, things are not inherently better at the state and local level. Letting states decide to expand medicaid or not certainly hasn’t helped people in states where they decided not to. Almost all federal laws started at the state level but that does not mean the federal government should not force those policies on states wholly against them. States do not always act in the best interest of the people.
      Sure cause the federal government telling states what to do is just wrong. I assume you didn’t grow up in a state where teaching evolution was optional. Allowing some states to teach a substandard curriculum makes things unequal between states.
      There is nothing in the constitution that says it is illegal to segregate schools based on race. That is the civil rights act, which the big bad federal government forced onto the poor states that just wanted to discriminate against people.

    • pnhnut Here’s something if people are getting the treatment they need why am I hearing stories about Americans getting tumors bigger then whole other human being? I thought that only happened in third world countries, Where There Are No Hospitals? Can somebody explain why in a developed country such as America this is allowed this to happen, I mean​ this is third world crap why is happening in a country such as America, China and India are new and are currently dealing with human rights violations? I mean we get the occasional person who slips through the net but they are phobic or don’t have the capacity to seek care. But these people are trying to get treatment and are denied help, in my country that’s frontline news and people loss their profession cause of this? in my country the Hippocratic Oath aren’t just pretty words it instituted in medical law and refusing to treat a patient due to lack monetary gain, trust me you’d behind bars faster than you can say Neglection Suit.

    • Von Staufenberg once again wow… your thought process is very similiar to mine, just alot more in depth… i very much enjoyed your analysis.. i agree, this fight should not be a left vs right, i think this left vs right is a divide and conquer stragedy by the elites. the fight should be all people vs runaway corrupt goverment… its very sad that we live in age where conspiracy theories are no longer theories, conspiracies have become reality, with 9/11 as you mentioned, for me the destruction/perfect collapse of building 7 is the smoking gun to the whole 9/11 thing. anyway i really enjoyed your analyses, you should really consider making lecture/analysis videos on your youtube channel, you have a very analytical mind… will defenetly have an audience(including myself) ps: im curious how old are you approximately? im in the 30’s myself

    • +e32e98u: Isn’t it ironic that the same “legislators and lawmen” who persist in dismissing all of the evidence that refutes the US government narrative and proves controlled demolition are the same people who put myriad laws on the books or charge people with crimes involving “criminal conspiracy”? It’s an often used attempt to deceive and to avoid dealing with the evidence. Cast the messenger as a fool who latches on to all sorts of unproven theories, even when the only thing they’re talking about is 9/11.

      I, for one, don’t hold to any unproven theories, conspiracy or otherwise. I don’t reject them out of hand, either, since i know all too well that criminal conspiracies exist and are becoming rampant in the halls of power. However, 9/11 was no different than any other covert CIA operation. Those who took an active role operated on a need to know basis, sworn to secrecy. If you want to call it a conspiracy, then virtually every CIA covert operation is a conspiracy and most of them involve activities that would be, in other contexts, illegal and are, in many cases, immoral as well. The CIA assassinates people. They stage coups. They do a lot of other illegal things like drug smuggling. Very little of what they do would be considered legal if you or I did it, but murdering 3000 Americans to launch their War on Terror crossed way too many lines.

      I’m 62. I spent 30 years working, with DoD Secret Clearance on US military aircraft and space programs and other projects. My training and education was in civil/structural engineering and I did quite a lot of work on civil structures during my career. I am impressed that someone as young as 30-something is aware of the sad realities. When I was 30. things weren’t quite so corrupt and they couldn’t spy on everyone, but I was about as apolitical as anyone could be and not interested in anything the government was doing. Today, that attitude is very dangerous. It’s what allows them to get away with mass murder and many other crimes.

      I wanna start a slow clap or something… *claps* … *claps again* …

    • That’s not at all what socialism means. Socialism in it’s purest form is from each according to their ability to each according to their needs. Socialism opposes the free reign of corporations to influence market and dictate government policy. If corporate billionaires have direct control of government then stricter regulation on them is directly in the best interests of the people. Socialism isn’t always authoritarian but neo-liberal and conservative super capitalism almost always is.

  1. Medicare For All (or Single-Payer) is the ONLY logical step forward in healthcare, it’s time we take our place among the other 1st world countries in giving a damn about our citizens lives and livelihoods. With the savings alone, we could cover our entire [absurd] annual military expenditure .

    • No they won’t. most Americans are clueless about healthcare. They think Obamacare covers everybody and will continue to defend the status quo.

    • nachocheez99 I will agree with you because I am one of the clueless (Well maybe not completely clueless) Americans about health care. For many Americans it is not because they want to be clueless it is because both sides have conflicting ideas, information, and data on what plan or route would be best suited for America (which is why I am leaning for States figuring out thier own plan). If a person watches TYT all day then the answer is simple if a person watches Steven Crowder all day the answer is simple but if you are like me and watch both sides the answer is not so simple.

      I have tried to research it and listen to both sides about health care and can not come up with an opinion on where I stand on the issue. I am a Classical Liberal so one side tells me that people should take care of thier own health care (example: get a job that offers health care) but the other side of me says the Government should step in (I was in the military and out health care was pretty simple) and get this mess figured out and help people that need the help another side of me says Charities should step in (Example: Churches/Religions or non-secular type).

      One item I don’t understand is why the States can not step in and come up with a plan for health care in thier State? Why do we have to run it up to the Federal Government? Being a Classical Liberal I’d rather see the states do it on thier own.

    • Shadyjake100 states cant do it because repubs wouldnt do it so neefs to be federal.
      democrats are right on this one, tying healthcare to jobs is being a slave, u got less freedom to quit or find better job. getting fired then getting sick would be a disaster.

    • “tying healthcare to jobs”

      That is a result of the payroll tax. Remove the payroll tax and you no longer have that problem.

    • If the UK healthcare system is so great then why do the wealthy people from the UK come to the US so often for healthcare? Why do we see stories of children from other countries coming to America for life saving treatment? Why don’t they go to the UK for the life saving treatment?

    • As you said, your healthcare system is better for the wealthy, no doubt about that. As for stories of children from other countries coming to American for life-saving treatments, you probably just don’t realize that kind of stories happen on all rich countries, including UK, Germany and many others.

    • You could just try to think from another angle: How many Americans go to other countries for life-saving treatment? Just like when you see people coming to the USA, that doesn’t mean USA people to go to other countries. Sometimes, you really have to remind yourself not to be stupid.

  2. I will support this bill. I promised to take care of everyone. I will make sure everyone has healthcare. Made this promise to you to the American people. Will not let you down!


  3. At least someone knows what TF is going on. I say we ban Trump -and his supporters- until we figure out what the hell is going on here.

    • Sanders is the leader of the Socialist radical movement..which is progressively destructive …his goal is to destroy our constitution…that’s never going to happen…the constitution is etched in the foundation of America’s sovereignty.. the cornerstone of Lincolns republic..

    • Based on the virtues of the declaration of independence, All men are created Equal, with the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      Oh wait, you can’t have life without healthcare, you can’t have liberty with mandatory minimum sentencing, and you can’t pursue happiness if you are saddled with debt from college and cannot get a job that pays a living wage.

      So… Sanders is the MOST American Politician out there. The rest are all bought.

  4. Republicans had 7 damn years to come up with something solid for ALL Americans. so what do they propose? put over $300 billion back into the pockets of those making $200,000 or more, and cutting 24 million people off of healthcare! that’s not healthcare……that’s republican status quo! GO BERNIE!

    • You’d probably think different of Bernie if you did a little research on what he’s proposing. Also, the Republicans really just failed to get together something that wasn’t Obamacare and instead a Lite version of it. So are you a fan of Obamacare or even a version with some of the policies from it or are you a fan of getting rid of it and replacing it with something entirely different. It’s hard to tell what some of you fellas want, lol. My opinion is they should have communicated more with Congress to find out what they are looking for, which probably was a complete replacement of a healthcare plan.

    • We want Healthcare to be a human right. We want the health care premiums to be affordable for all. The best way for this to happen is if the government gets involved and takes care of its citizenry.
      Cut defense spending in half. What America is spending on war material is an absurd exaggeration!
      Use that half to take care of your people. Education and healthcare are normal in an advanced 1st world nation.
      Is the USA not a 1st world nation??
      Sometimes America really tries hard to come across as a 3rd world shithole. Thank the republican party for that.

  5. Why does every politician ONLY talk about doing things for “working Americans”? Are there no children? Disabled? Aged retirees? Unemployed? Chronically ill?

    • I’m glad there are people like you who understand this. I was in a horrible accident 9 years ago where I was crushed by an 18-wheeler, my legs, pelvis, and a few ribs were crushed and I eventually had to get my legs amputated. I live in extreme agony 24 hrs a day, barely sleep, and even with painkillers the pain does not allow me to work. I feel useless and horrible that I live off social security but a full-time job feels impossible to me. I hope to work a part-time soon as I just had surgery 1 month ago. I’m thinking about going to vocational rehab. I’m gonna do physical rehab and i’m sure they offer vocational there as well.

    • Mark Lapworth… I think that’s probably because most people voting age are working Americans, so they centre their pitch towards that group.

  6. Even the concept of “insurance” comes from socialistic models, ie a group of people pool their money together making small contributions so when the time comes that you need funds for expensive procedures, the money will be available. Corporations only exist if they can maintain profitability, and when tied to the market are required to continually make more profits than the year before. But what are the profits used for? Answer, to provide quarterly bonuses for the board members, and padded golden parachutes. They don’t provide any new services, in fact in order to be more profitable they tend to lower and sometimes deny services. Corporations have to advertise to pick up new consumers, which provide additional unneeded costs, and when you compile the competitive nature of markets you actually compound the bureaucracy not reduce it. This in turn adds additional costs to the hospitals and clinics, which in turn add to the overall costs of healthcare. *Under the single-payer system created by HR 676, the U.S. could save an estimated $592 billion annually by slashing the administrative waste associated with the private insurance industry ($476 billion) and reducing pharmaceutical prices to European levels ($116 billion). <- This alone would be enough to cover all 44 million uninsured and upgrade benefits for everyone else.* In doing this, there no longer is a need to become profitable, when it is most efficient it will only require 1- 2% profit, the CEO and board members no longer need a 20+% profit margin for bonuses (side note, thanks to "Obamacare" insurance companies can no longer make more than a 20% profit margin, prior to ACA profit margins were between 40 - 56% and more people were denied services, however these insurance companies are currently making record profits), advertising will no longer be needed, all people will have equal care, *vets could go to any hospital, instead of having to travel to the one clinic that provides them services.* The doctors and nurses will still get paid well, bureaucracy would be minimized reducing administrative staff, and more people will have more money in their pockets that can be spent into the markets for goods and services instead of having to go into debt to stay healthy and alive. What's more is that contagion levels are reduced, because the vulnerable aren't forced onto the streets spreading a disease they can't afford to have treated.

    • Ryan Kirk your original complaint was, “What you stated about corporations could apply to all corporations, then are you in favor of doing single-payer everything through gov’t? ” I explained how that was a baseless platitude, and even provided examples. You agree that it would be more affordable, and i have even pointed out how a single payer plan could even provide more stimuli for the economy. So, i’m having a hard time understanding what your problem with it is…

    • The problem with this is that it would adversely affect the profitability of the insurance companies and also reduce shareholder payouts, the bonus payments of their CEOs. Won’t happen. The rich exploiting others for personal gain is the american way.

    • The real money lost would be the money coming from the lobbyists, which certainly has swayed our politicians. However with a single payer system there would be more money injected into the markets growing every other industry, and the loss of a sector of the insurance industry would hardly be felt in the over all market. Insurance Companies could no longer provide health insurance, but they could provide insurance for things like cosmetic surgery. But for the most part they will have to go back to what they were originally designed for and that’s protections against damages and liability. The insurance industry has so far shown that they are unwilling to settle with 20% profit margins and are invoking every scheme they can come up with to generate profits exceeding those margins, and new ways of hiding them. Their ideal insurance plan is an $8,000 deductible with 0% coverage. The insurance industry does nothing to stimulate the markets, it only drags it down, and needs to be jettisoned as if from a sinking ship.

    • Ryan Kirk no there’s a problem when they refuse to cover you when you are sick, because they actually have to pay for treatment. They do not give a damn about anything but profits. That’s the whole reason the government has stepped in to begin with.

    • Ryan Kirk this platform is read, no one likes your comments. This is not a place for advertising, beyond that it gets read by plenty. You just won’t know it unless someone directly replies to you, or they like your comment. Which Learned Hand has plenty of likes, because he is intelligent, and people agree with him, no one agrees with you that’s why you think no one is reading yours.

  7. Two years ago I had chest pain. I was booked into hospital. I had 2 stents put in. One that day, and the second 1 month later. Two nights in hospital. I was in a ward with 6 other patients for recovery. Total cost to me ….. two signatures. I’m an Australian living in Australia where we’ve had Universal Single Payer Health CARE for over 40 years.

    And it’s excellent health care.

    I see my own GP. There are NO “death panels”. Expensive meds are subsidized; the co-pay for each medication, (that’s a months supply), is between $6 and $8. COME ON USA, TIME TO JOIN THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED WORLD. DO IT NOW!

    And if you want to have private health insurance so you can get a private gold plated room to recover in; you can. Lots do.

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