Democratic Party Resistance to Medicare for All Traceable to Campaign Funding

Corbin Trent of, whose group is campaigning for Medicare for All bill, explains the group's research and strategy for pushing the Democratic Party to endorse the plan

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Democratic Party Resistance to Medicare for All Traceable to Campaign Funding

33 thoughts on “Democratic Party Resistance to Medicare for All Traceable to Campaign Funding

  1. there’s no protecting ravenous and dangerous predatory business practices any longer – we the people can no longer allow faux patriotism and obvious corruption to pass for acceptable norms because this is revolution baby! Hold onto your hat! This is going to get messy.

  2. The election process is controlled and rigged. You’re wasting your time if you don’t address that. If people actually think DWS really won after the crap she did ….all right before her election run… theY’re soft in the head. She couldn’t have possibly won and beat someone who was supporting Single Payer. They will put their corporate whores in exactly the same way across the country . Election fraud. Cynthia McKinney was talking about wanting to investigate her loss and Diebold told her she is simply not allowed access to see the numbers etc. And that was in a court of law. YOU AREN’T GETTING IT. THE ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED. EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME IF YOU DON’T KNOW OR ADDRESS THIS.

    • Karen Grice is right election fraud is the best kept secret.The best way to stop it is exit polls. We should go to are community colleges and ask the students to volunteer their time to do exit polls at every voting station. These kids know that these elections are their future and they would happily give their time to have a fair election.

    • Thank you for such a clear and fact based response! If I knew how to just write a comment on YouTube I would have written something like you have, yet I want to express that there is NOTHING within our government that can help we the people for a very simple reason; the New World Order is here and it is able and willing to destroy everything and everyone who stands in their way of gaining complete ownership of all life on Earth. The Voice of Democracy which can only be wielded by Citizens has been silenced by unending violence against us and all peoples. Jefferson knew once this came about that we would need a new Revolution, a Bloodless revolution, but it has not been so as we are still in the mindset of the mid 20th Century pretending we are moving towards a greater and more perfect Union…as we watch all the Values we hold dear disintegrate into one Political Party pretending to be two for the benefit of FOOLING us and the world into believing they have our best interests at heart…Really? There are no Democrats, as far as republicans they are all on the same page WITH THE DEMOCRATS. When will We The People feel the pain enough to say NO? Health care is both a HUMAN and CIVIL Right and the foundation of Human Liberty!

    • I followed Bernie for years, I understand how these “ruling elite” operate and it is by their ACTIONS over time you know them…Bernie Sold Out, he had NO FAITH in his own Party, and was betrayed by our so-called “Democrats”, and sold out again! THINK About it!

    • Jd Adams, thank you. I think the country owes Bernie a debt for forcing issues to be discussed nobody wanted to discuss but would I vote for the man, I don’t know. It is not enough to be able to do the talk but one also has to be willing to do the fight. So far I have seen little evidence that Bernie Sanders would be much better than Obama who too knew how to do the talk but never could be found when it actually came to the fight.

    • Thank you H, you remind me that there were very real and concrete actionable issues that only Bernie was speaking of since the turn of this Century. Everyone else was beating War Drums or loosing count of their money. Bernie Sander’s sentiment was ever with the “working” man and he had a “kidney” for our pain. He also knew how to start. He was and should remain an early voice of Resistance for not just Americans, but peoples that find themselves in similar oppression in a non-functioning Democracy. He cared about what used to be the most respected of American Policy; The Health, Education and Welfare of Every American. Now it is the least considered. Yet Bernie’s sincere voice will remain in the minds and hearts of the millions of Americans that saw him as the only possible choice. I do not feel “we” let him down. My heart sank the very first time I heard him in conversation with Thom Hartmann on “Brunch With Bernie” speaking to the difficulties that would possibly be overcome if Bernie ran as a Democrat…right then and there he was “snaged” and we couldn’t hold it up after that. See, Bernie could have indeed been the One Man that could have pulled us back from the rim. But I forgive him and US… and I honestly believe, as with a child’s understanding, no matter what, the Good Guys Always Win! đŸ™‚ In The End

  3. It’s now or never, medicare for all….single payer….cut out the middleman blood suckers, and wholesale perscriptions for American citizens, retail for rest of world….

    • Taxed Payer, Medicare for All and Single Payer are not necessarily the same. Please read my posting attempting to explain our current Medicare system.

  4. this is going to take a lot of hard work to get off the ground, but if it can get a little momentum, it could potentially hit critical mass. i’m not sure it’s going to work. but, it’s probably the best strategy available, right now. wish i’d thought of it.

  5. They’ll literally kill and impoverish a few of their constituents every year for just $60,000 for their campaign. And those are the democrats – the republicans will do it for free.

    I bet most of the Dems who have signed on did it on the safe assumption it would never come to a vote.

    What this country needs is representative representatives.

  6. Sorry but after this last election can’t trust that party. Unless you remove the DNC and other individuals who are creating havoc don’t count on my vote.

  7. Justice Democrats is a bandaid on a gushing arterial wound. The bandaid wont stop the bleeding. Without a voting system with integrity where you can trust that votes are being counted as cast-we have no democracy. We cant “elect new people” with electronic voting machines and tabulators that can be tampered with without leaving a trace. If you have legalized corruption that ensures that the rich and corporations get legislation to protect their interests and not the will or interests of the people-then we have no democracy. We need to have reality based discussions not this wishful thinking and faith based voting (hoping and praying our votes are counted as cast).

  8. Why would we EVER have to push Democrats? #DemExit
    And why is anyone supporting a Party whose Top reps (Clinton and Biden) are creating superPACS? Hypocracy to legislation they SAY they want to defeat.

  9. Medicare in its current form is still substandard to what other countries have. Medicare only pays 80% up to 6,800 annually and then it starts paying 100%. Many procedures are not covered. Pharmaceuticals are not covered. Medicare for all once again is a bone to the insurance companies, to be covered 100% one still has to purchase supplemental and pharmaceutical insurance. I want Single Payer like Canada, New Zealand and other countries have. Our insurance companies and the 1% have made enough profit of the miseries of others.

    • When I was on Capital Hill, your representatives had a very interesting way of looking at “socializing” Human Services…I quote “Make them all buy insurance then tell them we gave them the right to it!” This is back in the 70’s, friends.

  10. DNC or RNC Americans need to get out of the strangle hold of the so called 1%. What do you mean by ‘single payer’ when you do not clarify who will pay, employer or employee?

  11. If the Bernie Sanders’ stolen nomination via election fraud isn’t proof of how our votes have also been stolen, I don’t know what is! EndElectionFraudNOW!

  12. It’s the old mossback Democrats that have sold out to the healthcare industry. Vote them out and replace them with progressives and things will get better for Americans. Any Democrat in Washington against Medicare for all must be voted out in the primary.

  13. Pharma puts more money into politics than any other industry. These haggered, corrupt politicians are bought and sold – the second Gilded Age is upon us. The worst are the Corporate Democrats who put up any lie they can while pretending to care. We need to primary these liars with progressives and run them out of Congress.

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