Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)

Rep. Ruben Kihuen is a freshman congressman that represents Nevada’s 4th district, and campaigned on the idea that healthcare is a "basic human right." Seemingly, he should be an ally in the fight for single-payer, but has yet to cosponsor H.R. 676. When confronted about this by a mother that lost her daughter due to a lack of insurance, he looked her in the eyes and rejected her plea. His constituents, however, weren't too happy about that and quickly put him in his place.

Rep. Kihuen Town Hall (Full Clip):

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Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother's 'Medicare for All' Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)

67 thoughts on “Democrat Rejects Grieving Mother’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plea (Then Gets OWNED!)

    • Michael Migon
      Really? They stopped the recount because there were too many discrepancies? Should not that be reason to expand the recount and try to get to the bottom of it?

    • Michael MigonWhen they found that, shouldn’t they have gone on and see how how the whole state turned out. What did they use as an answer for stopping the count? You think in the name of justice and just plain decency that the count should have gone on just to see how bad it really was and to let the whole country know. Heard a bit of this but it wasn’t covered very much.

    • Michael Migon Thank you! Here in Phoenix, my biracial son was switched from Democrat to “unaffiliated” so he got NO primary vote, and it was his first time voting, too, so there will be no illusions of truth in his future.

  1. Mikey in damage control now after being called out for going full TYT on his last two videos.

    ….it’s gonna take a lot more than calling out just one loser democrat to gain our trust back Mike. Maybe doing a series on the DNC lawsuit calling out TYT for defending the DNC lawyers would be a good start. Or perhaps a video calling out Jordan for insulting and slandering your friend H.A. Goodman… Or maybe make a video on the Seth Rich/Wikileaks/DNC connection.

    Your move Mikey.

    • STAHP IT SKIEEUUUP… gripe with you STAHP was your idiotic statement in regards to H.A. Goodman and him “beating a dead horse”. Which I totally disagree with and already called you out on it.

      ….please humor me STUPID….what argument of yours have I “ignored”?? Cause I’d really like to call you out on that too!

    • I AM SYLAR What I meant by stating “beating a dead horse” wasn’t towards H.A. Goodman, it was about mike talking about the situation. Which goes back to my last question I wrote which you didn’t answer. So Ill ask again..

      What does Mike calling out TYT going to do or add to conversation that hasn’t alread been said? Because in my opinion I don’t see what he can add to the situation, to me it’s just beating a dead horse.

    • STAHP IT SKIEEUUUP… that you clarified that misunderstanding and asked nicely….I will answer your question.

      ….I believe calling out TYT for their negligent reporting on the above subjects I mentioned (including the Beck’s calling out Jordan and TYT which you brought up)….will help Mikey regain some of his credibility he lost posting up the last two CNN/TYT smear pieces…..especially since Mikey is now part of the TYT network.

      Is that something you disagree with STAPH???

    • I AM SYLAR I went to the Comey firing video I think you’re referring to, he did clarify in a comment on that video about what you’re talking about. I suggest to read what he wrote if you haven’t already. I’m not sure what other segment you’re talking about that you rendered a smear video.

      As far as him joining the TYT network I don’t agree with completely but I don’t notice any altering in his views since he joined the network. They’re helping him get more exposure and keeping him updated on the YouTube demonitizing stuff. The one point I disagree with you on his him calling out democrats, I’m a long-time viewer and I see him call out dems frequently. As far as the Seth Rich situation we just have to wait and not jump to conclusions about him covering it since he does record everything at once so sometimes he is behind on the latest breaking news.

  2. bless this lady… many sad stories…I have Medicaid, which Rep’s are gutting..our congressmen should have same care as us…none! TY Mike

    • I too have medicaid. I wish it covered more preventative stuff, but it’s. Good. I do’nt get a bill or go into debt, but I get shuffled a lot, and made to wait a lot.

  3. This is my anger speaking, but people like him are a kind of creature that deserves to be tied between two horses and ripped apart. Liars, murdering profligates. They betray the people who run to them, crying, begging for help. They are the people who push you down and run when they see potential profit. Disgusting, monstrous. We need to vote him out and blacklist him for life. Let him live on what money the insurance companies paid him.

    • He won’t be enjoying anything anyone gave him if he’s been ripped in two or his arms and/or legs have been ripped off

    • I am I should have said Roger Ailes, since he was the true neocon god and this generation’s Goldwater, but Barry was in constant lockstep backwards with American social policies, civil rights and human rights when I was growing up. Back then, it was the paleoconservatives we had to worry about. I still have a lot of resentment for that man and all he helped start, echoes of which still remain today. You could argue that he is to blame for the resurgence of all deep-right conservatism into the 21’st century. That’s a lot of blood and war on his hands, however indirectly.

    • yaimavol Your use of Venezuela as an example demonstrates your ignorance on the issue and that you’re still picking up on anti-socialist propaganda. Believe me, I hate most forms of socialism and even more so communism, but universal healthcare is the only logical and humane solution to this crisis. Other countries have done it, and so can we.

    • yaimavol It occurs to me that you’re an idiot. We can easily pay for it with tax reform, plus that would be FAR CHEAPER THAN WHAT WE ARE NOW PAYING AS THE INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE THE MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS IN THE WORLD. Bernie isn’t joking when he says other counties pay far LESS for healthcare. Neither the Medical community nor the cabal of insurance pigs want to stop this gravy train, but the WORST THING by far is morons who SUPPORT this. Are you in healthcare, or insurance? If you are, you’re a pig to take this position, if you’re not you’re merely delusional.

    • CA just concluded a single payer study showing it would cost the state more than the entire state budget.   Let one of these blue states show us how it’s down, Pal.   Even f’g Vermont balked at doing it, and we saw the referendum results in CO.   These states know the true cost that you’re not calculating in these other countries.   I’ve been to Canada.   The cost of their free health care is priced into literally every good and service.

    • I cried again when I heard the man around 9 minutes. I’m proud that so many people are well informed and engaged. We need more of these passionate people running for Congress.

    • Ingo Knito I didn’t cry. I was too busy raging over what happened to her daughter. Don’t know why, but I almost always feel rage instead of sadness.

      And Kihuen’s response made me rage even more

    • It doesn’t help that most (if not all) of our electronic voting machines and tabulators are manufactured by companies with strong partisan ties financially, that many of the voting machines are more than 10 years old, and apparently many of them have been shown to be ‘hackable’ without a trace (see the HBO documentary ‘Hacking Democracy’ from a few years ago – I believe you can still find it on YT.)

  4. I hate how Neoliberals act like you have to choose between supporting HR676, and opposing the AHCA. You can do both! But y’know what? call it what it is. Neoliberals aren’t refusing to cosponsor HR676 purely for the sake of fighting the AHCA. They oppose it because Medicare-for-all would be bad for their donors.

    • Joe B
      He actually admitted the truth, that it’s about his donors? Someone needs to get a list of his insurance/pharma/corporate donors and spread it everywhere.
      I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the orientation sessions for these “freshers,” to hear how they are instructed to stay in line.

    • Andrea Wisner Mike has called out other representatives for their medical insurance and pharmaceutical industry donors in other videos and he called them like in this one.

    • Follow the money. In every election, beside the candidate’s names, should be a list of their donors and how much they’ve been paid off.

    • Carson Fijal Neoliberals and their candidates are the cancer of this earth, after 2008 the DNC went from hero to zero after they cheated bernie sanders and supported crooked hillary. They give progressives a bad name and should be put MILES away from us.

  5. I hate how that congressman is just virtue signalling with, ‘I’m here because I care. I could’ve not listened to you guys if I wanted. But don’t keep emailing or calling my office after this, mmkay.’ Stuck up. Thank you for sharing the video and reporting about it.

    • HideousConformity I wouldnt be very surprised honestly. Letting people die for personal profits isnt any better than fucking dead corpses

  6. We should impeach all of Congress if it was possible. with the exception of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.

    • I’d leave a few more than that. Like, Mark Pocan, Jeff Merkley, Maxine Waters, Al Green, Liz Warren, off the top of my head, but my “kick out list” would definitenly be topped by Paul Ryan and Mitch Turtle Mcconnel.

    • supercormey Thats what it boils down to pretty much. As comical and insane as that sounds, its all for personal enrichment and power

  7. So many of you called Rep. Kihuen that his D.C. office has been overloaded! Don’t fret! Now we can relay messages to his Las Vegas office: (702) 963-9360 – Let’s keep the pressure on!

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