Bernie’s Medicare-For-All Is Better Than Canadian Healthcare

As a Canadian, I'm now forced to admit that Bernie Sanders' medicare-for-all plan is better than Canada's healthcare system.


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Bernie's Medicare-For-All Is Better Than Canadian Healthcare

53 thoughts on “Bernie’s Medicare-For-All Is Better Than Canadian Healthcare

    • The Rational National it’s also possible it could pass in 2018. The Midterm elections tend to be really bad for a sitting presidents party, and republicans already lost seats in the previous election with a Democrat in office, and the second most disliked candidate in history as there nominee. They even won seats in the house, which republicans have gerrymandered to the point where it’s usually unlikely they win.

    • Can you make about the health care between Canada vs US, Canada vs UK, Canada vs Australia, Canada vs New Zealand, Canada vs Japan, Canada vs France, Canada vs Germany, Canada vs Taiwan, Canada vs Sweden, and Canada vs Norway?

    • The Rational National , true the tax cuts for corporations and billionaires, no one said How’ are We going to Pay for it”…when it comes to healthcare for the American people, well then there’s a big fuss over it. …How we gonna pay for it.

  1. Don’t worry America is so frigging deep in corruption and greed that this plan will never pass. I shouldn’t say never because I would love it if it does.

    • If Bernie never got anything passed except single-payer healthcare, he’ll still go down in history as an American hero after this becomes law. And it will. This single bill will put him securely in the ranks of the greatest American legislators. Millions of us for generations to come will owe our health and our lives to Bernie.

    • Have you seen the increasing support of this a single payer system? It will happen, but only so the corporatists can appeal to their voters.

  2. The Democratic Corporate scum are only supporting it because they know the current political landscape will never allow it to pass. Not much courage needed for that. Get back to me when this Bill actually has a chance to go somewhere…that’s when the true character of these people will get revealed.

  3. Thanks for breaking this down. Very interesting, and the prospects are exciting! Here’s hoping between Bernie, Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, and home-grown pressure, enough corporate Democrats can be whipped into shape to actually make things better for a change.

  4. Not only will the average person save money because they are not paying monthly insurance premiums, the actual cost of their included care will be $0. (Insurance here in USA rarely covers 100% of medical procedures, and there is usually a deductible to meet anyway. In many HSA-based plans, a very high deductible into the thousands of dollars).

  5. Co-pays are the main problem. You pay all this insurance and then you still have to pay out of pocket for services and medicine. MFA would solve this issue out-right.

    • I agree, if you have a decent union negotiated insurance plan copays are a bit better since Doctors physicals are usually $0 copay and specialists are usually $60 to $100 and any extra elective procedures are the ones that are not fully covered. I used to have a union healthcare plan that was pretty fair, but once I switched jobs the healthcare benefits went down the drain and nickle and dime every Doctors visits. Only emergency visits are not charged. Everything else sucked.

    • America is CORRUPT and most of the people have been made stupid by a horrible authoritarian public school system and a disgustingly commercialized mass media. Corrupt politicians coast through easy election victories thanks to the carefully cultivated stupidity and ignorance of the electorate. That’s also what keeps the permanent warfare state going. We do evil and absurd things because the ruling elites have deliberately trained us to be stupid, greedy, hierarchical, competitive, warlike, and ill-informed. Change is already happening but it’s going to be a long hard struggle.

    • If you pay insurance, there should be $0 co-pays for everything, your insurance should pay for it. But it doesn’t. They wan’t you to pay a part of it, which you already paid in premiums and they profit from. They want you to pay on top of what you paid to them.

  6. As watching this i’m also reading an article that the Military just got a huge budget increase up to 700 Billion dollars. Oddly enough that didn’t debate how they were going to pay for it.

    • Check out what Modern Money Theory is and you will understand why it was not an issue. Sadly the same thing is true with healthcare, the thing that separates the 2 are that politicians have not had the will to get healthcare passed.

    • RAnnarella
      I’m for universal health care, but when liberal brings up the topic they always say the good part but never point out the cons.

  7. Canadian health care is far superior to the current American health care system. By every measure, from every health organization, and every study and every ranking, America has the worse health care system in the industrialized world. Bernie”s plan would propel America’s health care system above the Canadian system if Bernie could get it passed into law.

    As for the Canadian system; I never understood why our Canadian health care does not include dental, vision, chiropractors, and physio therapy. How is the health of your mouth any different than the health of any other body part? How is the health of your eyes any different than the health of, lets say, your kidneys? How is the health of your back and spine any different than, lets say, the health of your feet? There is simply no logic to it, and that is the frustrating part. Anything that has to do with the health of your body and mind should be covered.

  8. Must say that, despite my heretofore justly expressed admiration of David Doel, herein he is WOEFULLY MISINFORMED about what Medicare-for-All really would be. Medicare is already ONE SHITTY 2ND CLASS HEALTHCARE SYSTEM THAT DOES NOT COVER MANY MEDICALLY NECESSARY APPARATUSES, SUCH AS EYEGLASSES OR COMPRESSION HOSE, BOTH OF WHICH ARE VERY EXPENSIVE AND ONLY HAVE A LIMITED USEFUL LIFE SPAN. Admittedly, most Medicare recipients are already well off enough that this government subsidy for all senior Americans seems just fine. But when you delve into the impoverished elderly and more youthful fully disabled Americans, you can readily discover that many, many medical necessities ARE NOT AT ALL COVERED! What good is getting an ophthalmologist to write you a prescription for eyeglasses if Medicare DOES NOT PAY ONE DIME TOWARD EYEGLASSES! What good does it do you if a vascular surgeon can diagnose you with an incurable vascular disease if Medicare pays not a single penny for the compression stockings that help minimize your feet and lower legs from ballooning to the size of the Michelin Tire Man? MEDICARE IS NOW A GRAND FUCKING SCAM THAT ALLOWS WEALTHY RETIRED AMERICANS TO BE SUBSIDIZED FOR 80% OF THEIR MEDICAL EXPENSES WHILE DENYING FULL COVERAGE TO IMPOVERISHED ELDERLY AND MORE YOUTHFUL MEDICALLY DISABLED AMERICANS. THAT is not SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE – NOT BY A LONG SHOT – AND IT’S A VERY PAINFUL AND FURTHER DEBILITATING SYSTEM OF 2ND CLASS HEALTHCARE FOR THE NEEDIEST AMERICANS IN OUR MIDST!

  9. At this point the Democrats have no choice, there is only way and its up. They either adopt populist progressive policies or the party will continue to decline until its dead.

    • Nathan or we’ll wrench the party from their slimy hands…either way, I’m not picky as long as the corrupt tools go away and quickly.

  10. Thanks David. Good explanation. I sent it to a family member who generally supports Bernie and health care but doesn’t really understand how single payer works or how it could be funded (worried about his own taxes earning a low income). I think you really help people (not so much me as people I can send this to) with this work. It matters. Keep it up. When the day comes that I can afford to support people like you on patreon I will not forget the service you provide. Maybe I should start thinking about chipping in something nominal (a dollar or two), which is all I can afford at this point in my life (despite my advanced degrees – welcome to America). Every bit helps.

    • Thanks Brendan! Your words of encouragement help a lot. I do sort of see my channel as a way to educate people who don’t follow the news as closely as we do. So I’m glad to know it benefits people.

    • You’re welcome. Also 20K followers is nothing to sneeze at considering the short time your channel has been up and it will grow. I’m far from a youtube expert but that seems great. I will do what I can when I can to support your channel. No need to respond – just keeping doing the work.

    • Ya if you can raise 700 billion for the Military to kill people how about raising it make them healthy in your own country.

  11. Love seeing more and more progressive YouTube channels popping up. This just shows how strong the progressive platform is. Keep at it David!

    • YouTube is demonetizing dissenters who step a little outside the Google-approved bubble. Facebook is notoriously anti-free speech. The MSM got owned in viewership by the web-based news and commentary content providers, so now they’re trying to buy out and/or censor left and right voices. It’s going to get worse. Left and right need to cooperate on this common threat, otherwise the Clintons, Romneys, Bushes, Obamas etc. and their rich puppetmasters will control all sources of information. Again. It’ll be a reversion to the 1950s.

  12. I really enjoy your videos because you help me to understand some of the things we see on the news. You break it down you are pushing hate and you keep it real. Thanks

  13. I just did the math. 11% of my income goes toward my health insurance coverage. I would not mind an addition 4-6% in healthcare “tax.” I could save half and put another $2000 in my pocket.

  14. I make just barely over 29,000 and my job has benefits which I can’t afford. It eats over 200 bucks out my paycheck every 2 weeks. So 6% more in taxes is better than the con job the insurance companies do. The whole year I did have it the premiums were so ridiculous and covered next to nothing so it was never used. I still avoided going to the doctor because I couldn’t afford it. If Bernie got this going life would be way less stressful.

    • Not even 6% more in taxes. Just 4% or whatever percentage it is of what you make ABOVE $29,000 or whatever the income threshold is, so if you make $30,000 for example you’d only pay $40 (4% of $1,000).

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