Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans & What You Must Know

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Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans & What You Must Know

Aetna Medicare supplement plans are some of the most popular in the entire Insurance Industry.

A few of the main points in the video are:

-Aetna medicare supplement review: An Aetna medigap plan is typically a great buy if you are the type of person that is willing to pay more for great customer service. You can count on getting a hold of someone in their Brentwood, Tennessee headquarters when you call member services.

-Just like Mutual of Omaha, They boast high S&P ratings and are also very highly rated with the Better Business Bureau.

-It is common for a first timer to seek an Aetna Plan F Review because it has been the most popular policy, however Aetna medicare supplement plan G has surpassed it as the most bought in 2017, followed by the cheaper aetna plan N. Expect 2018 and 2019 to continue that trend, especially since Plan F is going away in 2020. You can still keep your plan F after 2020, but experts predict rates to increase much faster than Plan G & N, making the latter plans a better overall value

-Aetna medicare supplement rates drop significantly if you can qualify for their household discount. Often times with Mutual of Omaha, only one policy is needed in the household as long as the policy holder's spouse/ partner is 60 years of age or older- this benefit is unique.

However, if you want the household discount on your Aetna Medigap plan, you will need to make sure both you and your spouse/ partner have an Aetna Medigap policy. They require two policies in the same household.

– Expect Aetna to be a major player for years to come based on word of mouth alone.

-Finally, Rates are still typically lower long term if you look elsewhere. We may be able to help you find identical coverage for significant savings. This is why I bring up phenomenal companies like Manhattan Life, Thrivent, etc. Little known yet great, stable companies that offer all of the same benefits, but historically have kept their rates much more stable as they do not need to pass on a high advertising expense on to their clients.

In 2014, I started in this industry full-time, after I learned that seniors are often offered only one choice in Medicare, depending on where the agent has his loyalty. I am an independent Medicare agent, which means I offer ALL of the available plans.

So, if you'd like an independent agent working for you, and you are new to Medicare, or just need a second opinion on your Medicare plan, give me a call.

My service is free to you and I might save you a lot of money by helping you find the right Medicare option for your specific needs!

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Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans & What You Must Know

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