Bernie’s Medicare For All and Trump’s EPA Decree

TYT contributor Ryan Grim ( ) takes questions from our Facebook Live audience, filmed simultaneously on HD, the highlights of which are brought to you here. See Ryan Grim's live reports from Capitol Hill as well as edited versions like this at .

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Bernie's Medicare For All and Trump's EPA Decree

39 thoughts on “Bernie’s Medicare For All and Trump’s EPA Decree

  1. Really appreciate your commentary, Ryan. You seem to be fair, objective, and especially professional in your delivery. Thanks for helping us to stay informed.

  2. The reason why Trump is repealing those climate change rules is because just like coal, oil and gas companies will soon be rendered obsolete with the rise of green energy and they want to pocket as much money as possible.

  3. *How many health insurance policies do you pay for?*

    _Please count with me._

    1) Most people have health insurance through your employer this is a benefit you get in lieu of wages.

    2) the federal government’s health insurance like Medicare is being taken out of your wages as a tax.

    3) every state has their own health insurance program paid through your taxes or fees.

    4) if you own a car then the insurance you purchased covers the health care of people in an accident
    The cost of this health care
    Is figured into the cost of your premiums.

    5) if you own a home then your homeowners insurance will pay the health care of anyone injured on your property; the cost is figured into your policy.

    6) Veterans Administration military Healthcare is paid through our taxes.

    Every one of these health insurance programs have their own bureaucracy.

    *These are the six I pay for, month after month year after year.*

    *I do not care how bad you hate government, because it is f****** *_common sense._*

    *It’s better to have one government agency to do it all
    then to have three separate ones, do the same thing.*


    • Kas Katari Good argument! All these “patches” to the system are like the rationalizations to a lie. The most simple explaination is often correct, and the most simple legislation is often better. In this case, the evidence is clear. Even republicans want to believe in a compassionate and humane society (heck, even Trump says he wants to take care of everybody, and I think he really means it – even bad people want to think that they are good), and what that ideal necesitates is universal healthcare.

    • Here in Canada, we agree and even the most historically right wing candidates in our history had held up a sign during a debate saying no 2 tier to prove he would not attempt to take Canadian healthcare from Canadians

    • Siaka G. Banning fracking is probably the only way to increase coal usage. The jobs got dumped into the valleys along with the mountain tops, and they ain’t coming back. What did coal ever do for West Virginia anyway? It’s Mississippi with black lung.

    • Imagine all the people who invested in aerosol cans of mechanical rotary TV tuner cleaner and never got to use all of it because they all went electronic. Not fair!!!
      Bring back mechanical rotary TV tuners!!!
      Standard Definition rules!!!
      I want my analog NTSC!!!!

    • Joe Schmo – I guess it’s up to others to push science and technology forward since we also now have cuts to the NIH and NSF.

  4. There’s no such thing as a free market, there are rules and regulations. For a market to be free there’d be no rules or regulations.

  5. Ryan, it is a pleasure to listen to someone who seriously seems to know what he is talking about. I say “seems” because I do not have enough background to judge whether what you say is true or not. But it certainly sounds believable and I will continue to listen to your commentary until I have a reason to doubt you.

  6. TYT should try to hire this guy away from HuffPo, get him full time. He’s knowledgeable, explains clearly, and he doesn’t ramble. He always seems to knows what he’s talking about.

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