41 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Finally Finished “Medicare For All” Bill

  1. I’m with you all the way Medicare for all and I’m not looking for a handout I’ve always paid my way I pay my private insurance right now but I can’t afford to use this s*** they make you go on Medicare when you turn 65 anyway the private companies don’t want anything to do with you you pay for this program your father’s paid for this your mother’s paid for this it’s always been there it should have been given to you at the same time your social security number was given to you stop the greed stay safe Bernie and thank you peace and love to Humanity

    • Thank god he pointed out the fact that the tax would be less than what we’re paying now. The “Tax is theft” crowd don’t seem to understand that there’s an actual thief in the middle of our current system taking his/her cut before passing your money on to healthcare providers

    • Josh Dugger No he wouldn’t. They rigged the election at every turn. Bernie actually won states that went to Clinton, California being the most prominent. They stopped counting provisional ballots with well over a million left.

    • They almost never count provisional ballots..Greg Palast calls them placebo ballots.
      Bernie lost because early on he had almost no name recognition. Today the group he wins the largest margin is blacks under 30 and black men. Two groups he lost or barely won early on. These are both huge constituencies in the Democratic primary in the south, which what the primary is based in early on.
      Had he won those two constituencies the race would have been over by mid April.

    • Yet Trump still won the GoP primary despite the RNC fighting it tooth and nail. There’s only so much rigging they can actually get away with.

    • Josh Dugger Donald “won” the election with some 3 million less votes than Hillary, who was clearly behind Bernie in the polls, and shouldn’t have even been in the running…sounds pretty rigged to me.

    • I said “GoP primary”. They can probably rig close elections with suppression, discarding certain ballots or maybe even machine tampering but there’s no way to feasibly rig too wide of a gap.

    • Karen Ulvang I speak with a slang on purpose it’s how I grew up but my audio is currently shitty I apologise my main laptop is in repair rn

  2. Please read: The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins for those concerned about how the world, especially the United States, works. We are the antagonists in this production, but do not recognize that “We have met the enemy and he is US.” as per Walt Kelly. Namaste.

  3. Both of you have this wrong about California. The single- payer bill was about to be passed, but a Democrat paid by Big Pharma happens to be in charge of the Assembly and he and his cohorts shot this town. Jimmy Dore covered this extensively. I don’t believe Bernie wants a single-payer, because he knows he has to totally cut ties with the Corporate Democrats.

    • Uhh, newsflash, he’s been advocating for a single payer healthcare system since he was a mayor in the 80s-if not even before that in the 70s. He hasn’t been trying to be buddies with the Democratic establishment until since running for president and that’s only because he’s trying to help reform the party. Yet you think he’d back away from what he’s been advocating for for over 30 years just to keep a few fake friends now that he’s had a full career in politics without them? You clearly don’t know much about this guy.

  4. This is a horrible video. Couldn’t you have gotten better quality? And why did you interrupt it in the middle with a garbled low-quality voice?

    • Mark Kanitz because of provisions in Obamacare now that allow people to have insurance will be either kicked off or the costs will be so high they can’t afford it. Obamacare prevents that. No lifetime caps, no denying people with preexisting conditions, etc.

    • Also keep in mind
      Obamacare is NOT INSURANCE. It is a law that keeps the insurance industry from gouging or denying the citizenry. People complain about how the rates have exploded and are blaming Obamacare and not the insurance companies. The rates are going up because they are recouping their lost profits because of provisions within Obamacare. An example of this is the 80-20 rule. This has forced insurance companies to refund over two billion dollars so far since 2012 back to the people. They now must spend at least 80% individuals Health Care or they have to refund the difference.

  5. Besically Bernie has destroyed all arguments against. In the UK we introduced a form of this in 1947 when all nations was broke. We did this and the UK thrived in this enviroment

  6. What happens if you have good healthcare now? What happens to these people? And what happens to health-insurance companies?

    • wibarm they’ll be able to keep their insurance if they wanna pay extra for it but a basic medicare for all plan will be 2.2% annual income tax.

  7. You see that even in the so-called “liberal media” the corproate masters oppose any discussion of moving to a system that benefits the people over profits. I remember how Wolf Blitzer and Sanjay Gupta tried to ravage Michael Moore’s Sicko, and we think CNN is uber left???? Give me a break! They’re all corporate-owned and they will not tolerate a system that gives anything at all to the people. Our entire system is private and any notion of public benefits is called socialism, and this despite majorities favoring such a system. What a shame.

  8. The simplicity of the American system is that all corporations are trying to get their hands on the huge amount of taxes that the Govt ammases. They will bribe politicians get them to change laws anything to get their hands on the money from the tax payers.

  9. When Bernie refers to Canada as a “model” for single payer, and that they “spend less per capita”. What Bernie is telling you is that their single payer systems pay so badly, that basically only public and non-profit health entities can only sustain themselves under the Canadian system, and that is what leads to the massive waiting times in Canada. Sure private clinics can use that same pool of cash, but the money that the government pays out is so terrible, that private clinics do not operate using government funds. The truth is that our single payer systems that we have right now, Medicaid and Medicare, pay orders of magnitude better than what single payer systems pay around the world. The single payer plan in California would cost 400 billion dollars. California’s population is 40 million so we are looking at a health expenditure of $10000 per person. If we are need to adopt single payer, then that will require a massive payroll tax increase of about 13% or more.

    • Guess what buddy, WE WAIT WEEKS AND WEEKS TO SEE A DOCTOR NOW and the average waiting times for Canadians is roughtly the same as ours, if not slightly better. AND they pay way less for healthcare, the quality is just as good or better and way cheaper prescription drugs. These are facts, not opinions. Sorry your right wing talking points don’t check out with reality.

    • TheRickyp83 So you guys are going to deny the facts? I am a liberal and I do want to see a national healthcare system. But you guys can’t admit the facts as to how much a single payer system will cost here in America. It would require a payroll tax of around 13% or more, or a payroll tax equal to the magnitude of social security.

    • Adan Lopez You must not look up facts very well because pretty much every study on the matter has concluded single payer would be cheaper than our current system. Yeah, our taxes would go up. Duh. What you’re forgetting is that we’d no longer be paying for overpriced private insurance, therefore the rise in taxes ends up being less than what we’re currently paying for.

      Let’s say right now you’re paying $100 per week for private insurance (which covers as little as possible to maximize profits) on top of paying $25 a week for the Medicare tax-public funded insurence you already pay for yet don’t benefit from. In Bernie’s Medicare-for-all plan, there would be an increase in tax on the average American by about 2% (not 13%). Well then you’re paying an extra 2% for Medicare, you’re covered under it and better than private insurance AND you’re no longer paying $100 per week for private insurance. The CBO has estimated his Medicare-for-all plan would save the average American about $5,000 per year. There’s some facts for you.

  10. My girlfriend is a physician in Hudson, Ontario. She laughs at the notion that Canadian healthcare is inferior to the US. Every Canadian’s medical history is online and accessible to any Canadian doctor, which is a huge savings in administrative costs. Her one complaint is that she is paid bi-monthly and she earns far less than what her American counterpart earns. But then again, she became a doctor to help people, not to become a millionaire.

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