2016 Jun 16th, CMS 2016 MA & PDP Audit & Enforcement Conference (Morning Session)

Compliance Training, Education & Outreach (CTEO)
Training Sessions on Medicare Parts C & D Programs
2016 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Audit & Enforcement Webcast & Conference

The Center for Medicare will convene an all-day event to provide new information for staff-level operations, mid-level management and senior executives of Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan sponsoring organizations.

Session topics include:
• 2016 Audit Process Enhancements
• The Independent Auditor Process for Audits and Sanctions
• Sponsor Experiences from CMS Program Audits
• Compliance Program
• Consequences of Untimely Coverage Determination and Redetermination Decisions
• Best Practices and Annual Report
• Open Q&A Session

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