President Obama takes out $700K Medicare health care ad featuring Andy Griffith

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With the new health care law, more good things are coming — free checkups, lower prescription costs, and better ways to protect us and Medicare from fraud. See what else is new — I think you're going to like it.

Mitch McConnell:
It's going to take more than slick taxpayer-funded ads to convince skeptical seniors that cutting a half-trillion dollars from Medicare is good for them. And seniors are right to be skeptical: they were also told that if they liked their plan, they could keep it. Yet now we know that millions of seniors will lose the Medicare Advantage benefits they have and like as a result of the Democrat health care bill. Americans never wanted this bill, and they're reminded every day why they opposed it in the first place.

President Obama takes out $700K Medicare health care ad featuring Andy Griffith


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19 thoughts on “President Obama takes out $700K Medicare health care ad featuring Andy Griffith

    • Brandon Deshmukh exactly how would you die at the hands of insurance companies I don’t want to be insulting but Democrats always tend to be like I’m going to cal apart if I don’t get 100 % paid benefits From an already “corrupt government who has an agenda of there own”

  1. Give me a list of the things you think I am getting here in the US that I wouldn’t have in a first-world European country or Canada or Australia? Norway consistently gets ranked as the best country in the world to live in. If I could speak Norweigan, that would be a possibility. I speak Spanish, French, English and my wife speaks German.

  2. No list of things? Ok. The last part seemed uncalled for in this conversation. You’re really showing that great “American” attitude here and that’s the “stereotype” I don’t want all the other 7 billion people on Earth to think is true of all of us. Some of us have class and respect.

  3. and you helped put them there, either through action (voting) or inaction (sitting on your couch bitching) so what does that say about you?

  4. I don’t think you understand the context of what he is trying to say. He is stating that check-ups are free, only in the sense that you do pay right then in there. You do pay higher taxes for healthcare in other counties, true, but the costs out weighs the benefits when you get cancer and do not have to pay for that out of pocket.

  5. There are hundreds of cancer research and organizations that donate to cancer patients. They are very effective in helping people.

  6. Yeah great system. That’s the HR and the senate and their aides want to opt out of obama care. Because it sucks this great option has cut approximately 1 billion $ from medicare! Hopefully this don’t affect the working class!

  7. I keep hearing this referred to as an endorsement of Obamacare or AHA.

    All I see is an Medicare recipient (overly, as it turns out) optimistic about his future MEDICARE benefits.

    The two programs are not the same thing; not at all…

  8. According to Howard Morris Andy said “Those damn Southerners.” when he heard about JFK being shot back in 1963. He didn’t know at the time that It was Oswald

  9. This is one of the many reasons I always loved Andy. He was always for the good people of this country. Miss you pal!!!

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