Obama Pokes Fun At ‘Don’t Touch My Medicare’ People

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July 28, 2009

Obama Pokes Fun At 'Don't Touch My Medicare' People


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20 thoughts on “Obama Pokes Fun At ‘Don’t Touch My Medicare’ People

  1. @xBlasian86x That’s right, “your” shows possession, and you possess idiocy!

    And if you want to get technical and split hairs over grammar, let’s observe a sentence from the post I responded to….”And your argument doesn’t hold up either because if you like your plan you can keep it.” Seems like simple punctuation 101 learned in the 3rd grade, but you should have a comma (,) after the words medicare, either, argument AND plan. One mistake is understandable, but four? Bravo Einstein!

  2. @xBlasian86x You know something, your right…it was over a year ago, and I too sometimes get angry post from something I’ve long forgotten about, so discussion closed, and the fact that your response was pretty cordial, shows me I’m not dealing with the typical You Tube knucklehead that just wants to out-insult me, so gloves off, and lets just agree to lookout for the betterment of this country. And since your the only one that’s figured out what my username means, I gotta give ya some props.

  3. @xrockerchique17 A government program that is FAILING!!!!!! Medicare is a black hole, people put in tax money into Medicare and it turns into a mountain of debt.


  5. What about the person who works for himself, makes to much for medicare and has to foot the bill himself?

  6. If some of you are going to drink the koolaid so to speak, how about educating yourselves on why Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal are in the shape they are in financially. Man made Utopian societies always crash, when they run out of other people’s money to pay for them.

  7. Actually what happened was their spending was too high and the financial meltdown was the knockout punch, which interestingly enough was caused by banking firms from here in the U.S…

    There are also nations who are in better shape than the U.S. The problem being since they are the European union, the ones doing well have to bail out the ones that is dying.
    Why don’t you ever dig deeper and just scratch the surface and trying to use that as proof, it is intellectually dishonest.

  8. People look at Capitalism and Socialism as “black and white” with no gray area. I don’t understand this. For some reason we associated Democracy with Capitalism and Socialism with Totalitarian Dictatorship. This is simply not true and if you subscribe to such beliefs, you’re a complete moron.

    Democracy thrives as well Parliamentary Socialist Nations that it does in Capitalist USA.. Prime examples: Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, France & England..

  9. Its just funny to me that one of the main 2 things a Government should provide to it Peoples as a human right, Healthcare and Education is always being fought against in my country. I am totally embarrassed by my fellow citizens. We are the laughing stock of the world. And I understand why. Too bad many of my fellow citizens are too blind and stuck on stupid to realize it. you will let a private Insurance company dictate your health, even though the company only has profit in mind. don’t get terminally ill. you will be wishing for a Government Plan then when your OH SO GREAT, MAKE YOU FEEL WEALTHY HEALTH INSURANCE CORP DROPS YOU ON YOUR EAR BECAUSE YOU ARE TERMINALLY ILL  

    • +john west Healthy and educated people cannot be manipulated so easily. When someone is stupid and suffering, you can tell him that the Muslims and the Mexicans are the problem, and they will blindly vote for you.

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