Plan N Medicare Supplement Review | Is Plan N a Good Deal?

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Plan N Medicare Supplement can be a good value, or it might not, depending on your situation. To find out whether Plan N or Plan G or Plan F is the best for you, give us a call at 1-800-729-9590. It takes less than 3 minutes to give you the breakdown of what is available.

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37 thoughts on “Plan N Medicare Supplement Review | Is Plan N a Good Deal?

  1. Very interesting. On plan N does one pay $20 more during the deductible as well or only after satisfying the deductible? Do you pay the MD at the time of service or after the billing goes through the supplemental insurance? Thanks.

    • Yes, the co-payment is supposed to be 20% of the office visit cost and many times amounts to only $13 or so. But yes, it is in addition to the Medicare Part B deductible. The deductible is not with the doctor or insurance company, it is with Medicare and still needs to be satisfied. Depending on the billing policy of the doctor’s office (and their familiarity with Plan N), they will most often just bill Medicare and wait until the claims are paid and then balance bill you when those responses come back. – Chris 1-800-729-9590 if I can help.

  2. one question, if you in California, are are already on Medicare paying 250+ for part G, and you move to north carolina, do your part G costs go down?

    • It’s PLAN G and no, there is no automatic rate reduction. You must first apply for a Plan G Medicare Supplement based on North Carolina rates, which are MUCH better than California. I am licensed in both states and would be happy to help make that transition. 1-800-729-9590 – Chris Westfall

  3. I have tried to educate myself about Medicare by going to several seminars and using the website, but all of these videos made by Chris have been the most helpful by far!!!!!!

  4. Hi Chris, I am going to be Volunteering with SHIP and I’ve been watching your videos. If a client signs up for plan G in 2018 is that person able to switch to plan F the next annual enrollment and will they keep or lose their guaranteed issue rights?

    • Sorry for the delay. I often don’t see Youtube comments. The Annual Enrollment/Election Period (AEP) has nothing at all to do with Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap. That period is only for Medicare Advantage and Part D drug plans. There are no more guaranteed issue rights, once on a plan, except in certain states like CA, MO, OR, WA, NY, CT.

  5. So, what you’re really saying is: “N” stands for NO WAY. Thanks. That was easy. I’m staying with “G” , for Good.

  6. I have a plan G, thank you for the data necessary to make an informed decision. What happens though, if I find a better priced plan G than the one I have during open enrollment? Do I have to prequalify to switch to another company with plan G?

    • Yes, from this point forward, you have to qualify based on good health. That’s why it is very important to make the most informed decision you can from the very beginning. It is also WHY I am completely independent and represent almost every company in the country, so that we can maintain that independence. Call us for a second opinion, if you’d like. It doesn’t cost anything but NOT calling could cost a lot. 1-800-729-9590 – Chris Westfall Thanks for writing.

    • Christopher Westfall, I am already one of your clients & walking, talking bilboards. Thank you for helping us through shark filled waters

  7. As I understand it, excess charges can only be applied to hospital stays or your Part A plan in other words, and not to emergency or out-patient Part B, treatments, correct?

    • Completely wrong. There are no excess charges with hospitals. Excess charges are charged by doctors and other outpatient facilities who might not accept payment in full. If you do not even have a supplement, you’re paying the whole thing, anyway. On Plan N experience, only 5% of claims have excess charges and they have been averaging $13. Plan N is now a great deal.

  8. Who bills you and where do you send the money if your deductible is not covered as in plan G or N?
    Do I deal solely with Medicare or do I have to pay the co-pays and deductibles to the different hospitals and doctors?

    • Yes, that’s what a deductible is. It is paid at the provider and the insurance does not pay until that is satisfied.

  9. What about Plan D? It looks like it occupies the middle ground between Plan G and N. Is Plan D a good deal? I was told 96% of doctors accept assignment and those that don’t can be avoided by identifying them on Since Plan D covers co- payments it seems like a better plan than N unless it is not priced competitively . I hear a lot about Plan G and Plan N but not so much Plan D. What’s the problem with Plan D?

    • The problem with Plan D is that when G changed in 2010 to cover 100% of Excess Charges, all of the carriers focused on launching competitive Plan G rates. Plan D has been all but forgotten. Aetna tried to launch a come back for Plan D last year but it fell flat. I believe we will see a competitive resurgence of Plan D in preparation for 2020 when Plan F and C can no longer be sold to newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries. – Chris

  10. Hello chris, I recently just started selling Medicare advantage. I just hit the floor and I’m still having trouble with the basics, such as presentation, overcoming objections and closing. I’d like to see more videos on the finer details if you’re willing to share them.

    • Christopher Westfall thank you. I agree, if you’re good at something dont do it for free. I will check it out. Now before I do, how applicable is this to selling advantage plans for a brokerage? I dont do marketing, I dont buy my own leads and we already have a script. I just have problems with basics that aren’t in the script like building rapport, needs analysis, building value, presentation, closing techniques, etc. How much of your program is dedicated to that? I’m more than willing to invest, but I just need to believe it will actually help me in what I do specifically before I go any further. I do thank you for taking the time to respond by the way.

  11. I’m reading that selling of plan F will end in 2020. Will I be able to switch to another plan, and what is required to do this? I’m looking at plan G…

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