AARP Medicare Supplement Plans & What You Need to Know

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AARP Medicare Supplement Plans And What You Need To Know

AARP endorses United Healthcare Insurance Company for their Medicare Supplement insurance policies.

A few of the main points in the video are:

-An AARP Membership is required in order to have a Medicare Supplement Insurance plan with United Healthcare.

-Silver Sneakers is a unique additional benefit that comes along through ownership in one of United Healthcare's Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

-Finally, AARP Medicare Supplement Plan G is available. Expect them to be a major player again, but not solely on rates. Rates are still typically lower and if you look elsewere, we may be able to help you find identical coverage for significant savings.

In 2014, I started in this industry full-time, after I learned that seniors are often offered only one choice in Medicare, depending on where the agent has his loyalty. I am an independent Medicare agent, which means I offer ALL of the available plans.

So, if you'd like an independent agent working for you, and you are new to Medicare, or just need a second opinion on your Medicare plan, give me a call.

My service is free to you and I might save you a lot of money by helping you find the right Medicare option for your specific needs!

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AARP Medicare Supplement Plans & What You Need to Know


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