Immigration! Gun Control! Medicare For All & More! Elizabeth Warren Town Hall In Jackson Mississippi

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March 18, 2019 MSM News

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36 thoughts on “Immigration! Gun Control! Medicare For All & More! Elizabeth Warren Town Hall In Jackson Mississippi

  1. third question in whole deal just reeks of shill, donna brazile email the questions out but didn’t pic gr8 actors….. Hey thanks Moxy hope u doing good

  2. Annoying with the clapping after each sentence she says. Seems highly staged. Just shows people are not listening, just being robots.

  3. reparation for the blacks we can start by bringing alive this town called Allen’s worth and move in a lot of the homeless black community ,imagine how this would change their lives, by the way this town is part of usa civil war history

  4. covet the neighbors money prayers find Jesus tax payers are slaves and we are all owned and vote for them to stupid I would never vote dem. Jesus is my choice come to him today.

    • Jesus Christ was a socialist. He never set up a tent and charged for his services. When he preached he told the event planners to feed the multitude. Not to CHARGE and feed them! Easier getting a camel of a needle than a rich man into heaven. Why? They don’t give up their money very easy to help anyone.

  5. When she says weapons of war, does she mean our simi-auto glorifies pistols, or does she mean the suicide bomber robots and tanks the police are using against us?

  6. Is their anything these people wont promise to give away to win these elections? Cant a politician be fired for lying to get elected?

    • Yeah just like Trump did! Mexico will pay for the wall. Won’t touch Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. Will get us out of the wars. Every one will have health care.

    • +John Bliss You dont think Mexico will regret losing billions a year from money passing into their country once the wall is built? At last count, illigal immigaration is how many billions a year used for, non us citizens, already in our country? Oh it’s going to cost them biggly.

  7. I’m a little over 5 minutes in and warren seems to be on point but the questions are even more weirdly/awkwardly staged than usual for CNN.

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