Trump Reaches New Level of Cruelty With 2020 Budget | Opinions | NowThis

President Trump's proposed budget cuts include $1.5T cut from Medicaid, $845B cut from Medicare, $25B cut from Social Security, and 30% cut from the EPA’s budget.
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In US news, President of the United States Donald Trump has revealed the Trump administration's proposed 2020 budget. Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich is exposing how cruel many of these Trump budget cuts and additions are for the American people. President Donald Trump's budget would cut billions to trillions of dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security over the next 10 years, while also slashing the EPA budget by 30%. This is all to increase and divert financing to defense budgets. Robert Reich points out that the White House and Trump budget will rack up trillions in deficits.

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Trump Reaches New Level of Cruelty With 2020 Budget | Opinions | NowThis

68 thoughts on “Trump Reaches New Level of Cruelty With 2020 Budget | Opinions | NowThis

  1. America is not even trying anymore. You know this man is not fit, he’s an unindicted co-conspirator for one… yet you let him raze the country?

    • Kenny Lee Jian Siong You are very wrong and naive my friend. America does care and many of the political leaders we elected are putting the pressure on this clown and trying to hold him accountable for his lies, cheats, incompetencies, and his crude vulgarity. It’s not like us Americans can march down to the White House snd drag him out. Believe me it’d be done by now. And I know for a fact that wouldn’t fly in your country either. The 2020 elections will tell the tale.

    • It’s not even a matter of caring anymore, America is one big faulty system aiming to create a rich hierarchy that controls all of our existence, yet preaches superiority over others. If us caring had any power, we’d be a significantly better country than what we are.

    • +Kenny Lee Jian Siong
      Because we want to do it legally. we just can’t oust him based on accusations. He’s innocent until proven guilty in the USA court. Once that happens, we can start the process of impeachment or just wait until 2020 for him to leave.

  2. Remember when President Trump used to claim that he was the only Republican that wouldn’t cut these social security programs and cover everyone with healthcare? Well, to all of those Americans on these programs that wanted to take a chance with him, he just screwed you over to give more to the already wealthy and Defense Contractors.

  3. I love the way they used snippets of Trump lying, that’s the only way to communicate with his ignorant base. You have to show them his lies or they act like it’s FAKE NEWS! I can’t believe how dumb people on the right have gotten,

  4. This is scary. The American people are already barely making it in the current system that makes it possible to work 2-3 jobs and still not have enough to live and raise children. Not to mention the scamming of citizens by pharmaceuticals, health insurance, colleges, ect…Something has got to change soon or the wealth gap in the country will only get larger and America will keep sinking from there.

    • Wtf are you talking about you obviously don’t live here because only people Ik with more than 2 jobs are still making 6 figures America is amazing for people that can work 10 hours a day

    • +Parker Stewart please tell me how 2 minimum wage jobs makes 100k a year. You are assuming they make at least 50k per job, which typically takes certifications, degrees, and experience.

      Roughly 30% of our population meets bachelor degree status, so you are a tad off base. The majority of Americans do not have this capability. If it were that easy to just have 2 jobs and make 6 figures a year, more Americans would be doing it. Our “average income” which includes billionaires in the reported number, is 52k per person. Subtract the highest earners in the country, and the number is suitably less.

      Case in point, your views are apart from reality.

    • Cody Hamilton that will NEVER happen in America. We can have dreams of something better but don’t get ridiculously too cared away. BTW, universal basic income is the norm in socialist democratic countries like finland

    • +Jake Wiebe If you want to talk unrealistic, consider the fact that illegal crossing of the border has been going down since 2000, and is still currently. As a matter of fact white nationalism has killed more Americans than any group in America. That’s backed by numbers. The wall’s price tag in a realistic world should be used to stop actual issues in America rather than a wall that simply won’t work. I’m afraid her views, even if they’re wrong, are far more along the lines of real American issues than President Trump.

    • +ArchvicGames unemployment is at the lowest in the last 20 years, made peace with North Korea, supports CHRISTmas, Godly man, cut taxes for small businesses, he is pro-life. The left thinks he is racist but he’s not, the left is so twisted with the Jussie Smollet and Brett Kavanaugh scandal. Trump has good morals and seems like a christian and we need that. God bless America.

    • +ArchvicGames Also, stop with the gun free zones. Guns don’t kill people. Crazy people with guns kill people. To counter with crazy people with guns, allow guns for the normal people.

  5. Americans: We need to spend more on services such as Medicaid and Medicare, Environmental Protection, and Welfare. We already spend more money in the military than every other country combined.

    Trump: Nah I’m good fam

    • +Owen Wong Even if it means American deaths, and increasing wage gap. Who cares! American superiority for the win, trump 2020!

    • I don’t think you guys know enough about the military spending budget. A lot of that money goes to protecting countries from other countries. Like protecting the Kurds from the Turkish. If you start cut funding suddenly you could cause a lot of deaths.

    • +Owen Wong No it’s true if you prefer a government that measures it’s greatness not by it’s ability to take care of it’s own people but by it’s millitary strength China would be perfect for you….there’s a reason scandinavian countries top the HDI / developed list while the US is a measly no 11….china even worse

  6. 45,000 Americans die every year because the have no health insurance.
    Source Harvard University.

    This is a bigger threat to low paid Americans than having no wall.

  7. You forgot to mention the trillions in tax cuts he’s given to the ultra rich. Yep Trump is all for the working class…. lol

    • Caguama Time I got back 5000 less than last year but also got slightly less withheld. All numbers included I lost money. Overall his tax policy overwhelmingly benefits the rich. The numbers are in plain ink. The master plan of exploding the debt and the scorching social security is going along nicely.

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