Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where will the $40 Trillion come from? Medicare for all

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where will the $40 Trillion come from? Medicare for all


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31 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where will the $40 Trillion come from? Medicare for all

  1. Not worried about the price tag. It’s the outcomes i care about and every program benefits a vast majority of Americans in a positive manner.

    No conservatives or libertarian can’t come up with solutions that will amount to the same amount of positive outcomes. You dont care about deficit/debt and every Republican administration keep proving that so please stop being hypocrites and start cooperating with liberals to help solve these complicated problems

    • +Justin M i live my life pretty good but my life would be so much better getting the profit motive out of our Healthcare and Education and allow my family can thrive without threat of massive debt

    • So where IS the money coming from? She refused to answer, so how about you enlighten us. Nothing is free, so where does the 38 trillion come from?

  2. We already spend the money for health care in the form of insurance premiums and that includes a 20% profit margin for insurance companies. Now a medicare for all run healthcare does not have to be profitable, all it has to do is provide the care, unlike for profit insurance. Also with the lack of a profit motive, there is less of an incentive to deny coverage. There would be a cost saving incentive for more preventive care ie: vaccines, physicals, routine health screenings and other preventive care. So where do you want your money to go? Into the pockets of billionaire insurance executives, shareholders or into your care? Remember the care will be as good as we the taxpayer demands and demand we must. It works in other countries why not ours?

    • If world worked that way, everything would be cheaper if you government ran it. Fucking commies never understand this. Government run anything eventually fails because there would be no competition to innovate and increase efficiencies. Bunch of retards.

  3. I lived for 27 years in the UK, never waited for care. The first time I ever had to wait was when I came to live in the US, and found that private health insurance routinely denies coverage – sometimes for weeks. Not only that, but under many plans here you can’t choose your doctors – never had that problem in the UK. Finally, health outcomes in the UK and other European single payer systems are better and coverage is cheaper than in the US under private insurance. It’s simple – health insurance is like fire departments – government does it better.

    • I live in the US, I never wait either. I just go to the ER and they helped me with my spider bite. Leftist act as if we don’t have access at all to healthcare with is complete BULLSHIT!

    • The ER? LOL, are you joking? Maybe you have $1233 (the median cost of an ER visit according to a 2013 National Institute of Health study) to spend every time you need to see a doctor. But many people in the US are on minimum wage, unable to afford insurance and working from paycheck to paycheck. They can’t afford even half of the money they would need for an emergency visit to the ER. For them, there is no access to healthcare. But hey, go ahead and flaunt your privilege and sense of entitlement, you scumbag.

    • +du ma we currently spend 47 trillion, this would cost 32 trillion, he is trying to fool the ignorant as if we spend 0 today, he is having to apolojize anyhow, and lets not forget trump said it would be great just a few years could cut cost in half unles you want a handfull to get all the money and it also covers dental and eyes, its simple math and she is spot on.

    • Kent I don’t blame you for being confused and not knowing what you’re talking about, you’re a leftist and can’t help it. Let me help ya bud, A black woman offered her $100,000 to debate her, understand now?? I never mentioned $10,000.

    • Kent Oh I guess you hadn’t heard the Koch brothers are on your side now just like many of the corrupt billionaire ex-GOP donors LOL LOL.

  4. Simple math if we can get our 2 trillion dollars back and save 2 trillion dollars on medicare for all that’s a win win for the people who need it the most

  5. Medicare for all is a government right to get healh care at half price and low deductible that is why they don’t like it because they are stealing most of the money

  6. Let’s look at Japan there CEO can only make 10 times more than the bottom employee if we could do that workers would be sitting fat if your CEO makes 30 million dollars do the math

    • Sounds like we should all move to Japan, but we can’t because they have strict immigration policies, and only allow productive individuals into their country so that their economy won’t be burdened by having to support them.

      I have a solution for where she can find her needed 38 trillion. Let’s have the USA make all the countries pay for our providing military protection. When all those countries with “free government healthcare” have to budget for their own protection they too will wonder where they will get the money to keep providing free healthcare. Those countries know they will financially implode and collapse then all the social democrats won’t be able to point to any country as proof that socialism works without taking the majority of their populaces money to pay for all those “Free” programs.

  7. Jake the corporate henchman with his corporate propaganda of trying to convince us that we can’t afford it but we can afford to die for them so they can stay richer than they all ready are?

    • You get this girl off topic of giving away free stuff and she sounds like a bumbling idiot. We’ve seen movements like hers before and history is replete with examples, this is nothing more than Bolsheviks 2.0

  8. I hate to bust a Marxists bubble but more than twice as many documents have been provided for Kav than any other SCOTUS nominee in history and more than the last 5 nominees combined.

  9. If we can get our 2 trillion dollars back and save 2 trillion. We spend 40 trillion dollars now minus 4 trillion dollars means we all get coverage and save 4 trillion dollars this is a no-brainer

  10. America the supposed number one country in the world. Cant figure out how to do something the rest of the first world is already using? You are being held hostage by corporate greed. Not so cleverly disguised as “freedumb capitalism”

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