9 thoughts on “Your Vote Matters: Medicare

  1. He isnt privatising medicare. Its just the thing that Labor clings onto
    because its the only way to make Turnbull look bad. Turn-ball’s guaranteed
    Medicare and health funds so their is no way out of it for him. Unless he
    wants huge riots and outrage in Australia, he isnt privatising medicare.

  2. If we lose Medicare, we lose one big thing that makes Australia great: that
    we all contribute to give each other the basics we deserve. That we care.
    The LNP doesn’t care unless it makes their wealthy friends even richer –
    hence not caring about the safety of truck drivers, the poor that need
    Medicare to survive, under-funded schools and their students from poor
    families, the mentally unwell, or the victims of the big four banks that
    lost thousands of dollars to corruption. Thousands isn’t much to a
    billionaire like Turnbull, but for the rest of us on minimum wage, it’s
    everything. It’s the difference between LIVING and just barely SURVIVING.
    Lose Medicare and we’ve lost the true heart of Australia. Put the LNP where
    they put us: DEAD LAST.

    • +kateemma22 I’m sorry but you actually didn’t address any of my key points.
      The fact is that Malcolm Turnbull has rejected the idea of privatising
      Medicare! Do you honestly believe that the Liberals will actually privatise
      Medicare, there is no proof of this other than Shorten saying so.
      Do you understand why Shortens claims of a privatised Medicare are
      completely fabricated and that they are only there to trick people into
      voting for him because they are concerned about Medicare. Turnbull said it
      just today, Medicare will never be privatised, ever. And yet Shorten
      carries on with his crap and lies. I can only hope that that labour and the
      greens are cleaned out of the house of reps and the senate this election.

    • +Ryack 63 Sorry, but this is a Liberal Party that tried to introduce a
      co-payment under Abbott, the same Abbott still sitting on the back bench
      puppeting all the others before him. Plead with me all you like, but I’d
      sooner stab myself in the face than vote for the LNP. They care as much
      about my rights, as a part-time working middle-class student, as they care
      about anyone else that’s not a miner or a banker – NONE.

    • +kateemma22 Malcolm Turnbull has said he will not privatise Medicare! The
      commissions that you speak of were aimed at finding costing estimates
      inside of Medicare. This has nothing to do with privatising it! LAROUR has
      just put a spin on things saying that a privatisation will occur to scare
      people into voting for them. LABOUR HAS LIED TO YOU TO GAIN YOUR VOTE! Bill
      shorten only sticks to this lie because if he were to walk away from it, it
      would make him look like a fool. Sure there has been a commission into
      costing estimates inside of Medicare but this in no way means than there
      will be a privatisation. Malcolm Turnbull has stressed this! SHORTEN IS

  3. Never fails to surprise just how weak and desperate the Labor party really
    are. Luckily voters are seeing you lot for the pathetic bunch you really

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