YOU Are Getting Politicians To Support Medicare For All!

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YOU Are Getting Politicians To Support Medicare For All!

76 thoughts on “YOU Are Getting Politicians To Support Medicare For All!

    • vick3d.. I’m from Canada.. you hear horror stories about long wait times and such, but they don’t exist for those requiring emergency care. I can be anywhere in Canada and if something comes up, I go to ER and they look after me, no questions asked. no money out of pocket. in my province, our universal healthcare is paid for by the government, not by me, but even when it was by me, it was like $130/month I think.. been so long, I don’t recall but I know for sure it was well under $200.. what’s being proposed in your system is far and above what I receive in mine so isn’t that worth a small tax increase with no need to buy private health insurance? no copays.. no deductibles?  it’s a no brainer really.. REGARDLESS.. if you start your discussion at public option and have to negotiate, what will you get? if you start at single payer and don’t get it and get to negotiate from that point of view, maybe you get the minimum of what you’re asking for.

    • +Jace Solomon Lol, you know it’s a done deal when even a troll who thinks whites are superior is tired of this bullshit healthcare debacle.

    • TBH – you should probably just support the movement, not donate. It could undermine the reputation of JD if someone were to find out (if it is true) that a significant part of its funding comes from outside the US

    • +vick3d We meet again, Vick. And I like your idea. I haven’t read that book, but I’ve often thought about this myself. I am in political agreement with far more people in my city than in some region thousands of miles away. Of course we’ll still need cooperation in several areas, but a lot more could be decided at the microlocal level. Wanna keep criminalizing drugs and prostitution, get rid of employment insurance, have more people in prison and less investment in green technology? Fine, be my guest but let’s keep your shitty retrograde ideas to your shitty retrograde backwater.

      We also need way more elected officials, each representing way less people. I want my elected representative in government to be someone from my community that I know, trust, and that the community can go see directly face to face if we ain’t happy with the work s/he’s doing.

      And since I’m at it, I’ll go full crazy lefty and say that, unlike Kyle, I do believe in open borders. I’m not an idiot so I understand this couldn’t happen overnight. Still… better to aim towards eventual freedom of movement; a system that recognizes that being human endows you with the self-evident right to choose where to be, go and make a home on this Earth which belongs to no man and no state.
      I’m not gonna be fucking apologetic about it just because most people are mentally anchored to their time, and incapable of thinking forward. Cheers!

    • Liam Brent-Hurst you can still sign it! It doesn’t matter where you are. Also share it on Facebook to get as many people as possible to help.

    • Liam Brent-Hurst you can still sign it! It doesn’t matter where you are. Also share it on Facebook to get as many people as possible to help.

    • Brian Robles Im in texas a deep red state make them hear hell by quote trump the numbers and threaten to get everyone you know to vote against them if they have a problem.

    • Use trump’s own words for support against them, and if they don’t then threaten to vote against them in the next election.

    • “Independent” here. You will cloud your judgement by wrapping your identity-around and claiming loyal membership to a political party.

      Not to be over-dramatic, but that is an ingredient to the recipe of fascism.

    • I’m technically part of the Pacific Green Party (pretty much the Green Party), but, I signed it.

      ‘Cause if the Democratic Party as a whole were more like the Justice Democrats, I’d be a democrat in a heartbeat.

    • Well I signed up as a member of JD but technically I’m registered as an Independent because I live in a state that has open primaries and doesn’t push registering with a certain party when you register to vote.

  1. Aren’t we worried that if by some miracle this passes that Trump will take credit for this and his favorability will go up along with the people who support him?

    • Matthew Green If Trump passes universal healthcare and tuition free public college I will vote for him in 2020. But likely he will already be impeached

    • Trump openly supported single payer healthcare from 1999 all the way to 2015. So… he could easily make a case for at least partial credit.

    • Not at all. If Trump signs it, that’s great! Who cares which person passes the legislation; what matters is that it gets passed. And if he signs it, he deserves credit for doing so.

  2. Kyle, you should have said who the 5 new signers were.
    Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon), Donald Payne (D-New Jersey), Nydia Velazquez (D-New York), and Frederica Wilson (D-Florida)

  3. I’m going to a town hall this weekend featuring my Democratic congressman. He still hasn’t signed on to HR676, and I hope to ask him why not. Wish me luck.

  4. I can’t sign it because well…I’m not American. But I support the idea. You’re doing great. Keep it up.

  5. Doesn’t matter, it won’t pass anyways. Republicans have been voting for the Obamcare repeal for years, now that they have the chance they did not vote. Same thing will happen with democrats in this case.

    • The more the Democrats fight for it, the more it will be in the public eye. Sometimes, a bill doesn’t need to pass to have an impact.

    • But the public does want it. If single payer is put into the limelight, people will realize that it’s not Stalinism like the GOP makes it out to be.

  6. we know dems want it but we are aiming at the wrong target. we need to start aiming at the race war target all other target wont matter tell we bulleye this one. jesus man! , we need to get our priorities in order here.

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