Will Democrats Fight for Medicare For All?

Michael Lighty, Policy Director for National Nurses United, makes the case for Medicare For All and points out the gap between the Democratic “base” and its “donors.” Plus Ralph tells us about his new book, “To The Ramparts: How Bush and Obama Paved the Way For the Trump Presidency and How It’s Not Too Late to Change Course.” Plus, listener questions!

Will Democrats Fight for Medicare For All?

40 thoughts on “Will Democrats Fight for Medicare For All?

  1. I question how stupid the citizens can be ? US can pay billions to bomb the world but somehow can’t find the funds to maintain a healthy citizenery. Do these people understand that all costs(-profit) are absorbed by all with health care policy’s. This means no matter what you think you know- US health care will continue to cost more and degrade in performance.My question is This is what they want??

  2. 15:00…that’s the question. Shame on corporate media. I know why they don’t mention it, but can’t understand why Bernie and the like can’t explain this clearly…instead of slogan-like platitudes.

    “How do we pay for that?”
    A: start with the nearly two trillion you’re using now for subsidies.

    • +Janette Shultz …distain? I’m just saying I’ve never heard him specifically state the health expenditure subsidies quote…or focus on Canada.
      When someone says Scandinavia, swing voters get more easily brainwashed against it.

      I’d vote Bernie for PM of Canada…

    • +public domain yes, welcome to the owners of the system and they wont give up thier power willingly, and even if they lose power, you can bet that another set of gangsters and criminal cartel will be there to take it.

  3. 18:58 Sorry, this idea that a Wall St. speculation or transaction tax has anything to do with health care or health insurance is economic nonsense. First of all, federal taxes don’t fund spending, so you don’t need any tax at all to “pay for” M4A. The more important point is that this type of tax is a Pigovian tax which means that if it is successfully enforced, it will reduce the activity and “revenue” (the taxes collected, not really revenue at all) will be reduced if not eliminated. The whole idea is economically illiterate.

    • Yep, they can just print the money to pay if they wanted to, but I do not want a socialist medical plan, and I do not like the big pharma cartel or the insurance cartel either

  4. Ha, ha, I was playing bridge while listening! Hardly expected Ralph to weigh in on how I was spending my time! And he did so like only Ralph can: “a complete sub-economy of delightful leisure.” 🙂

  5. Get Mr Nader a microphones that let’s him sound like he’s in the studio. It’s silly to sound like he’s on a telephone in the back up a pool hall. Good show otherwise.
    Tom S.

  6. Make it a horror flick. Base it on, a tale of two cities, the rats eat Washington DC. Problem solved. Of course, the good guys find a way out. Is that possible?

    He could be a secret plot of a super rush of rats that will emerge to eat the entire planet. The funny thing is, everyone think the problem is in the middle east win, is the reason Africa is splitting into two. Massive rats emerge from a deep fisher near the core and emerge to find a bounty of feast.

    Isn’t that how our government behaves?

  7. I benefited from the medic-aid system to get through cancer treatment, as ACA was being debated, back when. Had to jump hoops and be just the right age and position to hold on my life let alone material assets and liabilities. Being taxed for war is what is sucking the life out of
    everything that is precious and worthy of living. I’ll be voting with focus and clarity on a goal that progresses life sustainable, and at this point, mitigating remedies, to current looming issues.

    • public domain bless you & hope you are well but we cannot settle for less than single payer. Vote out all Repubs & corporate dems & vote Green down ticket & local

  8. 9% pay raise is something needed for the working class, too. On average the working class will get a 9% increase in pay, with Medicare for All.

  9. Medicare is not a single payer plan. Like the Affordable Healthcare Act, it is not affordable. Ask any senior citizen. I hope no one pushes for Medicare for all. Medicaid is the true single payer healthcare plan. Medicare has high deductible, co-pays and premiums. Medicaid has none of those. The Affordable Healthcare Act was written by the insurance lobbyist. It was the insurance companies bailout, their TARP. It too like Medicare is not single payer healthcare plan.

    Medicaid in its original form did not contain insurance companies. Insurance companies are a major source of the damage to America’s healthcare system. They have nothing to do with healthcare. They take a cut of the money that would have gone to the healthcare provider as their profits. It is the healthcare provider that gives healthcare. Insurance companies are banks. They have nothing to do with healthcare. They collect deposits called premiums. Unlike other banks, insurance companies are not required to give back any of the premiums. Medicaid in its original form frees our healthcare from the financial industry’s banks called insurance companies.

    The state of Georgia’s candidate Stacey Abrams is pushing Medicaid for all. She as many Black and Brown people know that Medicaid is better for all than Medicare. Medicaid has many cost savers like price negotiation. If generics are available, Medicaid requires that prescriptions be filled with the generics. Medicare has no negotiation for the cost of prescriptions. Medicaid has a fraud unit. Many poor receiving Medicare have to apply for Medicaid to make ends meet. So why not start with Medicaid in the beginning. Anyone having used both Medicare and Medicaid knows Medicaid is the true single payer plan

    Stop pushing pushing health insurance and push true single payer. How did we become so brainwashed to equate healthcare with insurance? If insurance company’s policies are killing us, why are you pushing health insurance? Many healthcare providers, especially private physicians are against health insurance. Stop putting the word “insurance” with the word “healthcare.”

  10. A friend corrected my post of this data:Hemsley at time of retiring made 18.45 million. D. Wickman makes 17.4, and it’s a non profit. So are your figures of 60 mil made up mostly of compensations? I’m losing an argument out here with these figures. 1,887 CEOs at 2,681 hospitals avg compensation $600,000. Rural hospitals $118,000. 2015 figures.

  11. I appreciated Michael Lighty’s comment regarding Canada’s Medicare enhancing their national unity, it caused me to see why the mainstream media constantly deflects, digresses, and lies about single payer healthcare in the US on behalf of their corporate advertisers. The division of citizens in this nation is key to the corporate interests’ continued profits. Bottom line is that single payer healthcare success will likely pave the way for other successes in reining in corporate dominance in government.

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