Will California and Nevada Get Medicare Single Payer Health Care?

TYT Politics Reporter Andrew Jones ( ) has some great news for the people but terrible news for the insurance companies– California and Nevada are moving towards a single payer system!

What do you think? Do you think these West coast states will be the first to implement a single payer system? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!


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Will California and Nevada Get Medicare Single Payer Health Care?

29 thoughts on “Will California and Nevada Get Medicare Single Payer Health Care?

  1. Thanks for the great explanation! Wouldn’t this be wonderful? We need a state or two to give single payer a go and prove it works.

    • Yes, it’s Medicaid. Medicaid is much more flexible at the state level than Medicare. I think “Medicare expansion” the way NV is doing it (making it contingent on income) would simply be illegal.

  2. Well done! Please keep a close eye on the New York Health Act here. I don’t trust the IDC Democrats or Governor Andrew Cuomo. I sent Cuomo an email that I would vote him out if he vetoes it or remove coverage in the bill.

  3. It sucks that it took the election of Trump to get this done. The Blue States should have started Single-Payer healthcare systems and Tuition-Free college 50 years ago.

  4. Very good news for the whole country — as this will spread. Loosen up man! It sounded like you were reading a list of demands from your captors for the first half.

    • Ha….Wanted to have a serious moment after a few jokes in the first two videos, to give you all the details on California.

  5. no guys, all you have to do is let Americans​ buy insurance across state lines and that will fix it.

    • How does that fix anything? You must be really naive to believe that. Insurance companies can still refuse coverage or hike prices for a million reasons.

    • “I should have put sarcasm at the bottom.” – unfortunately, you put “libertarian” in your name instead.

  6. Just a constructive tip, record you videos with a friend off camera. It really helps your speech flow be more natural when you feel you are speaking to another person instead of a camera. Hope you keep making more vids for the channel.

    • Sorry my man. This is the style from me are going to see unless I’m interviewing someone or in the same room as them.

      And I’m full time here with them, as this is the third video I’ve made/reported on for TYT. Thanks for the kind words though and you will see more from me.

  7. I hope you’re right about Jerry Brown. I personally dislike him. He’s a neoliberal who disguises his positions as progressive when really they tend to be moderate, pro corporate positions. This is exciting news nonetheless, because I live on the border of Nevada and California, (California citizen), and would be overjoyed to have access to comprehensive healthcare on both sides. Proud of my states for moving in a progressive direction.

  8. When it comes to health care for everyone, the question should not be “IF this think will work”, but it should be “how do we MAKE this thing work”.

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