Will Al Gore’s Medicare For All Endorsement Push Democrats?

TYT Politics Contributor David Sirota ( ) gives us a quick update on healthcare –California legislators have blocked a medicare for all kind of system in California. Is that the end of the story? We certainly don't think so!

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Will Al Gore's Medicare For All Endorsement Push Democrats?

42 thoughts on “Will Al Gore’s Medicare For All Endorsement Push Democrats?

  1. Facts push for single payer healthcare system, not celebrities. It works in the entire civilized world, impoverished nations like Portugal can afford to take care of their citizens but the US can’t?

  2. If the dems would get behind “medicare for all”, it could give the democratic party the kick-start they NEED……..

    • Phil , the problem is that the Corporate Democrats will chose whatever their donors want, over what’s best for their constituents.

      Its like they are desperate to be replaced.

    • Midnight Blue, I honestly believe these politicians will do what they can get away with. Look at the GOP with repealing the ACA for example. Had it been two years ago, they would have just repealed it, but now with all of the public pressure, they backed off. If constituents keep the pressure up on dems they will fall in line or be replaced.

  3. Medicare covers 80%. Not to be confused with Single Payer. Medicare for All would be susceptible to percentage creep and end up being the same old same old. Single Payer with cost controlled wholly by our government.

    • Medicare for all and Single Payer are the same thing. Single payer means government provided healthcare, which is what medicare for all literally is.

    • Darke Exelbirth a single payer system is what’s needed (and Medicare is single payer, that payer being the government) however he is correct – Medicare as it is now is not “free” sure there are no premiums but you are responsible for 20% of costs. We need a better system that is completely funded by taxes or has a much lower percentage of consumer responsibility

    • What makes you think Medicare wouldn’t be modified to cover 100 percent if it was used to create a single payer system?

  4. i suspect that most of the establishment Dems could NOT care less about health care for the people. To them it’s all about personal prestige, popularity and admiration. So on that grounds, the more popular single payer becomes, the more the “in-crowd” psycho-Dems will jump on board. They would wear a dead chicken on their head if it was the latest way of gaining admiration.

  5. I can’t way to see the look on Republican lawmaker’s face when medicare for all gets pushed through. Trump’s face would be so red he might just get a stroke and be the first recipient of the new medicare system.

    • barbiqyearea: No, he’ll just turn around and tell you “see, I promised the best and I delivered”. I really don’t care as long as we get it.

  6. In some Asian countries, universal health care has been implemented for decades. In Japan (as of 2010) and Taiwan (as of 2015), every person pays less than US$40 per month for medical insurance, including dental and eye care. Co-payments are low, and quality of medical care is high. We as a nation need to start being honest and stop lying about universal health care.

    • Hell, my brother went to Japan for medical care, and even with the flight, four days in a hotel, food, it was STILL less than American care. His actual medical procedure cost him $8. In America, the same procedure is easily $800 out of pocket.

  7. Single payer healthcare works everywhere else, therefore it is extremely likely it will work here. As long as there is a “for-profit” middleman (insurance companies) that make their money by jacking up premiums and denying coverage, the American people are getting screwed, and it’s not going to get any better as the population gets older. WE WANT MEDICARE FOR ALL. GIVE IT TO US OR WE WILL VOTE YOUR ASSES OUT OF OFFICE IN 2018 AND 2020.


    • The costs for American health care services has been rapidly increasing faster than any country on earth. The private insurance sector has been solely driving that cost. If we don’t change our health care system it could be disaster for our own future.

  8. ……I just realized that David Sirota is the kid David Sirota on that show The Goldbergs.

    Yes I’m that slow, thats why we need Medicare For All so I can get this checked out!

  9. We are the only industrialized country in the WORLD that doesn’t have all decent inclusive health care.Why not?

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