Why Sell Medicare Supplements?

Why should you consider selling Medicare Supplements?
This video explains some of the reasons.

Medicare Supplement Training
medicare advantage training
Medicare leads
Cold Calling for Medicare Plans
Internet marketing for insurance

15 thoughts on “Why Sell Medicare Supplements?

  1. What kind of State license to have to sell Medicare supplements? I live and
    hold Life only insurance license now, can I sell Medicare Supplements?

  2. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge…I just tested for the Health
    Insurance Lic in Florida and I can not stop listening to your
    teachings……I am ready to apply some of your ideas …..Thanks you are
    the best!!!

  3. You are a Straight Masterpiece. I love your teaching style. I think I might
    Join you, Chris. Find me on Facebook. “theDavidSimone” Let’s connect.

    • +Christopher Westfall How should a new agent set up their broker career to
      begin? An LLC, independent contractor, etc.? I have 10 years of industry
      experience and 6 years of cold call telemarketing experience and $25,000
      saved to support my first year income and start up costs. Do you go over
      beginning steps on your website for someone who needs to start from scratch
      and has 0 business experience?

  4. In the last three years studying OBAMACARE and Medicare I have never met
    someone that was willing to teach and educate me about the importance of
    utilizing the internet for phone sales. I cannot say enough good things
    about Chris’s generosity to help new sales agents. He’s one in a million!

  5. Chris do you have an example of your prospecting script (cold calling) and
    your presentation on line (join.me)? Great stuff from you BTW. Thank you.

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