Why I am a Medicare Volunteer – Michigan’s Medicare Volunteer Team

The Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP, Inc.) is a free health-benefit counseling service provided by a dynamic volunteer team. Here volunteers describe why they volunteer to be a MMAP Medicare Counselor.

Our goal is to help Michigan’s Medicare beneficiaries find their way through the health benefits maze. MMAP’s mission is to educate, counsel and empower Michigan’s older adults and individuals with disabilities, and those who serve them, so that they can make informed health benefit decisions.

If you enjoy a challenge and are looking for a volunteer opportunity and want to help your community, then come join the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program volunteer team.

Being a MMAP volunteer can be very rewarding. You can make a difference in your region by assisting people in your community with their health benefits. You will experience the rewards of making a positive impact on other lives.

Your talents and skills are needed.

Come join us and be a MMAP volunteer!
Your experience can have a meaningful impact on our program and on the lives of Michigan’s residents.
Volunteer opportunities are available! Contact us today at 1-800-803-7174!

Why I am a Medicare Volunteer – Michigan’s Medicare Volunteer Team

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