Why Do Republicans Want to Destroy Medicare?

Thom Hartmann debates Robert Moffit, PhD, Director, Center for Health Policy Studies-Heritage Foundation, Website: www.heritage.org who argues Republicans only want to reform Medicare, not do away with it…

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Why Do Republicans Want to Destroy Medicare?

20 thoughts on “Why Do Republicans Want to Destroy Medicare?

  1. Q. Why Do Republicans Want to Destroy Medicare?
    A. …because they’re raving Fascists.

    Heritage Foundation are wanton liars and should be sent to jail for the harm they’ve caused over the past couple decades with their propaganda and disinformation.
    Koch is fascism and global tyranny.

    • +Stikibits That’s why I now refer to this punks who control the now Dead Republican Party as the Nationalist Fascist Puritan Party or Puritans for short. people don’t notice that they want us to become a real life The Hunger Games world.

  2. Heritage = K0CH
    K0CH ideology = Destroy all government agencies and sell off assets to the highest bidders.
    His only issue is that it is a GOVERNMENT PROGRAM.
    He wants to destroy GOVERNMENT.

    Thom you are to nice to these traitors. This guy like many of your guests is condescending and a liar.

  3. Oh man, you wrecked him! I’m in my twenties and unfortunately I have never seen this sort journalistic questioning on TV before. I’m guessing there were honest and awesome journalists in the past.

  4. I love how they call programs they paid for are entitlements as if its a dirty word. I buy car insurance I am ENTITLED to get paid when and if accident happens. The entire constitution Americans hold up as if it has the power of mount Olympus, is all about people being born entitled to certain rights and privileges. So how dare you say I am entitled to a speedy trial , entitlements are evil don’t you know? Insurance is not a pay as you go thing its a saving account yes but its a pooled account. Insurance companies routinely get rich selling policies yet they argue government that does not go out and play risky games with those accounts is not capable of running it? All social programs are a form of insurance and pooling of resources. Even infrastructure programs are insurance against being without ability to travel get water etc.

  5. This arrogant man talking to Thom like he is a child. If I lied to my kid the way this guy lies to Thom my daughter would tear me a new one for the crappy math. If I have a car crash and right off my car how is that different.

  6. Moffit’s argument is dumb and he’s a PHD??? Everyone paying into medicare takes care of the elderly people. As medical costs go up, over time, so do those who pay into the system. Do you think my grandparents paid what working people are paying today? Hell no.. This guy’s an idiot..

  7. Take Medicare away, so many people physically & mentally disabled, or elderly are gonna be screwed. i have autism my mother has a physical illness, were both on MediMedi & need it. this is sad to even think that there trying to make it to were i cant go see my doctor or psychiatrist. & my mom cant see her lupus doctor.

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