Who is Chris Westfall the insurance agent?

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Chris Westfall can be reached at 1-800-729-9590. In this video, Chris Westfall answers the question as to why he got into insurance and how he landed in the Medicare Supplement niche.

Chris Westfall has been a licensed insurance agent since 1995 and owns the Senior Savings Network which can be found at

He has over 2,500 agents that he has trained and runs a training website for agents at

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Who is Chris Westfall the insurance agent?


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8 thoughts on “Who is Chris Westfall the insurance agent?

  1. I want to do this – are you still in business? My Life, Health and Annuities License allows me to sell this insurance, right? I’ve worked so hard to get licensed because we are broke at retirement age so I don’t have $600 per month for leads. What will I need to pay for leads to succeed at this?

    • +Karen Sargent Yes, amazingly still in business on my 20th year as an agent! All of our information is at MedicareAgentTraining.com

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