When to Choose Medicare Plan FHD Must See in New York and Florida

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Medicare Supplement Plan F HD and What You Should Know about What It Covers
Medicare Supplement Plan F HD is part of a group of comprehensive supplement plan options for Medicare participants. This plan helps cover gaps left from Medicare coverage Part A and B. The plan is similar to popular option plan F and common choice for those seeking supplement plan coverage. This high deductible plan is known to have lower premiums depending on service coverage, but in the long run it can help make healthcare costs easier and affordable. Here is a brief summary of what you should know about this supplement plan.
What Does Medicare Supplement Plan F HD Cover?
After the annual deductible plan F HD covers the deductible associated with Part A coverage. The plan covers the deductible for the year period and three pints of blood. Plan F HD covers coinsurance of a hospital stay for 61 to 365 days. Coinsurance for skilled nursing care facilities and hospice care is also covered. For Part B insurance about 20 percent of costs approved by Medicare, the yearly deductible and excess charges from Medicare (what Medicare did not cover from a service), is covered in Plan F HD. Foreign travel health emergencies under Part A or B are covered.
Medicare Part B premium payments are not covered under Plan F HD. Keep in mind income guidelines for Part A premiums apply. This means you could be responsible for paying Part A premiums if your income is high enough; in this case Plan F would not cover the deductible.
What Costs Are Associated with the Plan?
Applicants can get a quote detailing how much they would pay under Plan F HD. Applicants close to their 65th birthday may be eligible to receive lower rates. This is obtained through the open enrollment period which continues for a few months after your birthday. You can apply if you are seeking Part A or B coverage. During your initial enrollment you can't be turned down and medical underwriting is waived.
Plan F HD helps cover the first 60 days of hospitalization. If hospitalization continues past 60 days Medicare pays a specific amount each day and Plan F HD will pick up what is left over. If hospital stay is continuously needed after 365 days Plan F HD could pick up all costs. The number of days Plan F HD covers for skilled nursing and hospice care varies. This plan also has other factors that help determine your costs such the age you obtain coverage, the premium amount issued based on your age and community rating in which people in a certain age bracket would pay the same premium amount for their policy.
Additional Details to Know Medicare Supplement Plan F HD
Compare other supplement plan options for Medicare costs if Plan F HD does not seem suitable. This plan has a high deductible version that is recommended for those in good health. Plan G is the most common alternative option to this plan. It offers similar coverage but is considered affordable considering deductible costs you have to pay before the supplement policy covers gap expenses.


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When to Choose Medicare Plan FHD Must See in New York and Florida

5 thoughts on “When to Choose Medicare Plan FHD Must See in New York and Florida

  1. Excellent presentation Keith !
    Will you next be showing when it’s best to get a plan G versus plan F High Deductible in particular State locations?

    • Plan G is almost always a better value than FHD. It is only in a few states – Florida, New York, Connecticut where FHD makes very good sense.

  2. Thanks for your many informative vids. Two questions. 1) What is the average annual premium increase of FHD compared to G and N? Apparently the standard F’s increase is significantly higher % wise. 2) As a former employer buying group medical insurance it seemed every three or so years we changed companies due to the carrier dropping out of the market. What is the situation with Medicare supplement plans in Florida (34102)? At 65, I prefer not to sign on with a lesser established firm then a few years later discover my carrier leaving the market and having to go through an underwriting process. Curious as how these situations play out. Thanks again.

    • Hi Mike, FHD is completely different from F. It is very stable due to the deductible. You will find the Medicare supplement market much different than group. As long as you go with a “brand” name carrier they will likely be with you for the long term. Let me know if I can help!

  3. Thanks again Keith for your valuable videos. I see why plan F HD makes sense, and it’s sad to learn that some brokers may steer people elsewhere due to their commissions. Thanks for being so honest and helpful.

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