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A Rundown of What Medicare Covers and Understanding Plan Options
If you are interested in enrolling for healthcare coverage throughout the federal government program Medicare, you likely have questions about what costs are covered. This insurance option provides a wide range of coverage for health services, but you need to be aware of what it doesn’t cover. Understanding what Medicare covers is important to help you choose the best plan option and determining additional options to help you pay for services not covered. The following points offer basic insight on what is covered and other details to think about when using this coverage.
What Options Does Medicare Offer?
In order to understand coverage details consider plans provided and their purpose. Medicare is comprised of 2 main parts including original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. The entire healthcare option includes 4 parts including Part A (hospital care), Part B (doctor visits), Part C (Medicare Advantage), and Part D (prescription medicine). Each part focuses on specific areas of health care. You don’t have to enroll in all parts but some parts may require you to have one over the other.
What Part A and Part B Covers
Part A is hospital coverage which includes inpatient care. There are other services included such as hospice, skilled nursing facilities and home health care. Part A may cover some expenses related to surgery, lab testing, and doctor visits. Part B also covers doctor visits related to preventative care services. Part B is known as medical insurance as it covers medical equipment, outpatient care, and care given by other health care providers. Home health care may be covered under Part B. One aspect to remember in understanding what Medicare covers is to know both plans A and B can be used together, but if you sign up for Part B, you are required to sign up for Part A.
Coverage Details for Part C and Part D
Part C is known as Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan gives patients the advantage of selecting their own plan that is approved by Medicare. These plans are often used on their own without being paired up with Part A or B but when you enroll you will learn specifics about how to use this coverage. It offers coverage for services outlined in Part A and B, but patients can choose their own provider that accepts Medicare as payment. Part D is prescription drug coverage and Medicare has a list of drugs or formulary it covers. There could be copayment costs with drugs but you can discuss with your provider cheaper options suitable to your budget when they are prescribed.
Additional Information to Know about What Medicare Covers
There are other plans part of Medicare that help cover health costs such as the Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA), Medicare Cost plans, and other options for complex health needs. There are different screening services covered and you can obtain health assistance if you experience a disaster or emergency. Review details carefully for your plan and be sure health services accept Medicare as payment.


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