What Is Medicare?

Feb. 22 (Bloomberg) — On today's "Bloomberg University," Dominic Chu looks at Medicare. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

What Is Medicare?

3 thoughts on “What Is Medicare?

  1. They take money out of your paycheck, none of you care about that money,
    that money has already been spent on current enrollees…..

  2. If someone really wants to help keep Medicare sustainable in the long run,
    remember that *dropping costs* can really, really help us. Investing in
    medical research charities helps test the higher-risk, higher-benefit
    innovations that lead to long-term drops in costs. Plus, the odds of having
    those breakthroughs are higher.

    This is especially true for those who are intending to use Medicare in the
    future. Medicare is funded from our wages, and if the costs keep going up,
    there’s going to be a drop in services. Just remember, the invention and
    distribution of the Polio vaccine totally prevented the partisan debate
    “should Iron Lungs be government subsidized?” We need you to support
    research that can do the same for Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s or kidney

    You already tip your waitress, so we know you’re a generous person. And
    this is self-interested generosity.

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