What is a private Medicare exchange?

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OneExchange is the new face of Extend Health. Towers Watson acquired Extend Health in 2012 and made it the private Medicare exchange solution on the OneExchange platform.

A private Medicare exchange is a marketplace that offers purchasers of Medicare insurance a variety of plans from different insurance companies with different benefits and prices.


One thought on “What is a private Medicare exchange?

  1. I had to use Extend Health due to my employers’ rules and this is the worst experience I’ve had in my life. I worked in health insurance in my earlier careers and am well versed in coverage, and am appalled at the misinformation provided by the “highly trained reps”. It isn’t even consistently inaccurate – each one seems to have a different interpretation. When I asked for written (fax email text whatever) copy of what they were reading as gospel, not only did the last rep refuse, he hung up when I asked for his and his manager’s names. When I tried to call back I got the message they were closed on Saturday, even though that is when my appointment was scheduled. I do not see any benefit to using this as I see the same pricing with local agents and better service and information. 

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