Vote to save Medicare – Put the Liberals last

With the Turnbull Government's deep health cuts it's getting harder for Doctors to care for their patients. We all rely on Medicare and bulk billing. This election, vote to save Medicare and put the Liberals last.

10 thoughts on “Vote to save Medicare – Put the Liberals last

    • Does anyone else see the huge vested interest doctors have in this issue?
      He said it himself ‘I’m worried that people won’t come to the doctors…’
      well yeah of course you are, otherwise you’re not going to get paid when
      someone has the common cold.

      What else do you think they would say … sigh.

  1. So – Doc, how much money do you make a year? How about you reduce your fees
    if you are so concerned about affordability of doctor visits? Inner
    Harbourside Sydney doctor preaching about fairness, please give me a break.

  2. Saving all dimensions of Medicare as a Nationalised Health care system is a
    must to provide health to the sick & needy that need all the extra money
    they can get to pay for shelter, warmth and good food to stay healthy.

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