@USAA Does Not Offer Senior Fitness Options for Medicare Cleints

For very first time, this 6 digit USAA account holder is, very disappointed by a USAA service. ONE of the many USAA products I have is the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

As a lifelong USAA member, it seemed only natural that USAA would be the best fit for me.

However, while my wife is enjoying a very nice discount on her YMCA membership through BCBS and my contemporaries are enjoying the same through their non-USAA Medicare Supplement Plans (ranging from FREE to $20 per month) – I am not.

I USAA called and was told this is not a benefit that you offer.


EVERY other major Medicare Supplement Plan in America offers a "senior" discount (or equivalent) for senior fitness but USAA? Yes, we did our research! It might seem a small thing to you but as I live on a fixed income it is a larger issue for me. I live in fairly rural area and a YMCA at Mitch Park is located only 7 miles from my home.

As important as Senior Fitness is to the quality of life for Baby Boomers – not to mention that is can prove to keep them healthy for longer – costing USAA LESS money – I ask that you please re-consider your current policy. If you do not, I will be making a change during the next Medicare Enrollment Period.

Further my wife seems fully determined to ensure that she use all of her social media arenas to let everyone know about this, quite frankly, unnecessary and quite significant benefit gap.



7 thoughts on “@USAA Does Not Offer Senior Fitness Options for Medicare Cleints

  1. USAA is getting less and less oriented towards serving the needs of veterans and active duty, and more and more interested in the advancement of the CEOs and other executive salaries.  As a former military officer, I am also very disappointed in them

  2. I am a Desert Storm veteran interested in maintaining a healthy level of fitness. It is truly a disservice to all the veterans who have served this country and who cannot take advantage of a plan offered by many ensuring entities today. I also currently work for the Red Cross, and this insurance benefit is not included in the plan. Mortality and morbidity reductions would be seen if people had greater access to a means of maintaining physical fitness. Come on USAA, let’s do this.

  3. I am so………….. disappointed that with all the good things that USAA does in terms of its Medicare Programs, it does not include Silver Sneakers. This will make me rethink my choice when open enrollment starts this fall. PLEASE change this policy. You are on an island and it is contrary to your mission. I also plan to start a social media campaign in earnest!

  4. Melinda, why should I have to pay an increased premium so that your husband can enjoy a free social event at the local gym?? Why do you think we other policy holders should be forced to pay for your gym experience?? Can you not afford to pay the monthly gym dues?? I know for a fact that USAA offers other Medicare Advantage plans that offer free stuff. I have a USAA Medicare Plan F that pays for everything if I should get sick. Just what USAA offered and just what I wanted.

    • I realize one must have an IQ greater than that of an earthworm to figure this out – you must buy a Medicare ADVANTAGE PLAN not a Medicare SUPPLEMENT plan to get the Silver Sneakers option. Period. This year I have a Humana Medicare Advantage plan and have a gym membership. Next year I will have the USAA Medicare Supplement plan F and I do not get a gym membership. See how that works?? Great!

  5. +Melinda Traynor Wait… WTF? “…this 6 digit USAA account holder…” 02:51: “…for someone that lives on a fixed income…” You lost my sympathy VERY QUICKLY….

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