US Citizens Might Not Have to Give Up Medicare to Live Abroad

Check out our exclusive member site: If you are thinking to become a RIPper (Retiree In Paradise), there are some things you might have to give up depending on what country you are a citizen of. Some government benefits might not apply any longer when living out of the country even for a short time. But with the poor economy and budget deficit many countries are facing it looks like giving up some of those benefits might be a non-issue. Watch.

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US Citizens Might Not Have to Give Up Medicare to Live Abroad

30 thoughts on “US Citizens Might Not Have to Give Up Medicare to Live Abroad

  1. My info is dated. just checked medigap on medicare gov. Depending on benefits/deducts, looks like 760-500 mth and up to about 7k/yr with foreign travel. Will study further

    Though I think I want to go back to work some more, if I run into age discrimination–I’ve been out of that game for a while–I’m considering Thailand as a stopgap between now and medicare or, if I reenter the workforce, as part time after medicare so not a huge issue for me either way.

    As JC says, it is nice to have options

  2. I never will understand why people have to fight with others on their channel! Get your own channel, and make your own videos! I love the 411, that JC is telling us. Move on, if you do not want to be respectful, when visiting his home, which is his channel. RESPECT!

  3. Amen! I have Medicare and a free secondary, since I worked for the insurance company, but none of it will be usable outside the USA. The killings in America is making me want to take my 70 years old body to a place, where elders are respected. America is falling, and that is so sad to see your country dying.

  4. personally, I feel every country should sell insurance along with the visa, for as long as you stay in their country.

  5. If you expect perfection in life you will be endlessly disappointed. I just hope you don’t infect some other part of the world with your bad attitude.

  6. funny i was in the Army in 1969, and when i signed up Medical was free thru the VA….not no more….they charge vets….

  7. You sounds like a very jealous person, but you dont need to be cause you can do the same like others whom wants to move to Thailand. Maybe you dont have the nerve, but thats ok.-:)

  8. Good info as always JC. You should try to always wear a new cap & fresh shirt. You look like a differant person:)

  9. Thanks for the clip,though now a bit long in the tooth now. Medicare has been said to go BK for years and has defied those predictions. It is an odd thing we who paid in to this retirement benefit should be able to port this over to some sort of international option, where an in-country hospital is certified by and perhaps even associated with a well known US hospital. Many of the largest hospitals have operations in Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and likely in Asia too. There’s big savings to be had by Medicare for allowing use of these facilities and so we need to revisit this exclusion, at least within Part C choices. my .02

    • I agree. What would be the downside? It makes sense but I think the medical community lobby against losing all that money!!

    • You mean the AMA? Of course though as we speak there is strong growth in Medical Tourism, where hospitals like Johns Hopkins has partners in Latin America. In addition, there is (many do not agree with the standard)  a body that certifies these hospitals. In addition, as you may well know, doctors who come to the US for education prefer to stay in their home country. India is a prime example of that. What is needed is a backbone to say we can save Medicare and this is one way! Thanks for your response.

    • Yeah agree and with so many other things here we need to take back the country from special interests. We paid for medicare and we too have a voice. Sort of like the California Department of Transportation that took forever to realize maybe the bicycle riders have rights and access. Government is supposed to serve the populace and not single interests like the car manufacturers. We are really slow here on the uptake compared to Europe and Canada

    • +Rob Aldridge The update is that it appears in 2016 almost all US government programs will become bankrupt not just Social Security. Except of military industrial complex program. There’s always money for that!

  10. Oh you don’t have to give up medicare to live abroad, you never did. But you never could use medicare while living abroad, nor will medicare ever reimburse you for treatment out of the USA. You will automatically get medicare A, which is free but doesn’t worth much. You will want to get Medicare B but you are NOT required to get it. However if you don’t sign up for it when first eligible you will later pay much when signing up later if you decide to. And don’t forget that insurance for foreigners in Thailand while can be reasonably priced, becomes very expensive after age 65 and I think almost impossible to even get if over 70,

  11. I was looking forward to watching this video. It is so old that is is no longer relevant.
    Anyway, when I move away from the US.A. I am going to purchase an International Medicare Supplement. I have shopped around and found one that covers your regular Physician appointments, hospital stays, specialists, and also includes a drug plan to cover your prescriptions. The cost for my coverage will be about $450.00 every six months.
    In my opinion this is a very good deal. I was quoted this price with the companies knowledge of my current prescription costs at about $3500.00 monthly.
    I assume that the one very expensive prescription I receive will not be available in Thailand. I will do my research and find an acceptable variation/substitute for me.
    When I was in Thailand for 6 months several years ago I brought a six month supply of everything. You are only supposed to bring one months supply but nobody asked and I didn’t tell. I also had my doctor on standby in case it was all confiscated.
    J.C. I think it’s time to ditch this video and make a new one with current information.
    I’d be happy to to do a little research if and when you are making a new insurance/medicare informative video.. Best wishes, Sapiek

    • +SaPiek What specifically isn’t relevant? nothing has changed.
      Also make sure your supplement allows out of country usage as Medicare A coverage isn’t available outside the USA.
      I personally self insure up to $1000 USD and then I am covered for up to $250,000 USD per incident. That would even cover heart surgery. This is from a Thai major medical policy and I pay $149 a month.

    • @retirecheapjc I am coming to thailand and am on full coverage medicare and medi-cal and wanted to know what company you use for your health insurance there and would suggest. Thanks so much!!!

    • Actually not. Retirees have the option to continue their Medicare. And there is some lobbying to allow usage abroad.

    • That’s true. But I have $250,000 USD major medical insurance coverage here for $149 a month. I have a video about what company and why I picked it. If I have a bad chronic illness I would consider going back and having Medicare pay the bills but I’d probably still be put more than the $149 every month!

  12. How many years have conservatives been predicting and HOPING for the bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare? These two programs are so hated by the Republicans that they will tell ANY lie to support their dream.

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