Unlimited Medicare Leads

Find Consumers on Medicare
With the age of 65 and retirement comes many lifestyle changes from insurance coverage, living arrangements, and hobbies. ListShackPro offers turning 65 lists at a fraction of the cost of its competitors while providing similar if not the same data quality. You’ll be able to market to those approaching to 65 for less than ever before.

Using ListShackPro to get Turning 65 Lists
It’s never been easy to download turning 65 lists to find individuals on medicare. Simply use ListShackPro’s easy to use interface to select the ages of the individuals that you’d like to target. You can refine your search by our other consumer selects below as well!

Year and Month Born
Estimated Income Range
Homeowner Status
Marital Status
Property Value
Property Type
Year Built
Purchase Year
Net Worth
Credit Rating
Zip Code
Area Code

ListShackPro versus other Lead Sources
ListShackPro provides sales leads at a fraction of the price as its competitors. From our Individual unlimited Plan for $50 per month all the way to our Enterprise plans providing leads at fractions of a penny per record, ListShackPro can’t be beat on price AND you’ll get comparable data quality that will serve the needs of your existing marketing efforts. We’ve been in business for more than 7 years, and through innovative technology advances, we’ve been able to make marketing data more affordable for every business in every industry.

Unlimited Medicare Leads

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