Unable To Kill Obamacare, Republicans Plot To Kill Medicare

Republicans want to privatize, cut, and eventually kill Medicare. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"If House Speaker Paul Ryan has his way, the 115th Congress won’t just repeal Obamacare, it will dramatically reform Medicare, turning the program into a form of private insurance.

Ryan has long supported the controversial idea and, immediately after the election, he suggested that any Obamacare reform should include Medicare reform. Another key player, House Budget Chairman Tom Price, said Medicare reform was a top priority for the unified Republican government.

President-elect Donald Trump has yet to commit to further privatization of Medicare—which could cause a tidal wave of unease among senior citizens—and a Trump spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment. At a minimum, though, Ryan’s Medicare plans are a topic of negotiation between the speaker and the president-elect.”*

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Unable To Kill Obamacare, Republicans Plot To Kill Medicare

50 thoughts on “Unable To Kill Obamacare, Republicans Plot To Kill Medicare

    • +elsa Grace “Single payer” means that private health care providers (doctors, clinics, hospitals) will be paid from a single source, rather than from different sources such as individual patients and for-profit insurance companies. Examples include Medicare, the military Tricare, FEHB (the Federal Employee Health Benefit) and the health care systems of every other developed country other than the U.S.
      It’s much cheaper and more efficient than the current health care system in the U.S., and it’s really just a matter of time before we have some form of single-payer health care here, too.

    • Uh… The Federal Employee Health Benefit is not a single payer. It’s a pool of private insurance companies that federal employees can choose company that will manage the employee’s benefits. Medicare part C was/is a similar privatizing scam. I agree it’s a matter of time until the USA has single payer. Even in those countries where single payer isn’t perfect there are no strong factions clamoring for profit healthcare coverage.

    • Tony C-NO YOU are Lying- The ACA doesn’t work as well as it COULD because the SCUM GOP WON’T do the RIGHT thing and make the RICH FAIRLY contribute to the ACA-THAT’s why is not working as well as it could!

  1. I’m beginning to think were being rope a doped and they are trying to fatigue us with all of this crazy proposals

    • Michael Weaver you admit that politicians are problems but you spent more time here railing on media. Get your priorities str8 and go for the root m8

    • I did not rail on the media, I simply told you what they are doing. You asked and I told you. If you don’t like the answer then don’t ask. If you read my original comment you would understand that I do blame politicians but the media is and remains a big problem since it no longer functions well keeping the politicians honest and in fact at times helps participate in that dishonesty.. If you don’t get that then I can’t help you. If your not a troll then be nice and leave it at that since my priorities are my own and I don’t need help to set them.

    • Getting people to vote against their own interests has never been a problem to achieve for republicans. They’ll just blame democrats for the loss of medicare. If that doesn’t work, they’ll blame illegal immigrants: “illegals make health care too expensive so we can’t afford to give you medicare.” If that doesn’t work blame black people, minorities or poor people. They’ll just construct some story of how minorities, poor people or whatever are sucking the government dry with special programs so they can’t afford to pay for health care.

      If none of that works, there is always the easy fall back of screaming loud about the terrors of abortion. That will make people vote against their own interests in a heartbeat.

  2. I think the Repuglicans are suicidal. If they think they’re having a tough time with Medicaid, just let them try to mess with Medicare. Do they not get that a huge chunk of their constituents are ON MEDICARE? By 2020, 64 million Americans will be on Medicare. Keep it up, Dummies. We’ll be having a Democratic majority in the House and probably the Senate by 2020.

    • There probably won’t be a Republican party anymore by 2020. They are revealing to everyone now that they are traitors to the nation. The two parties running for President in 2020 will probably be the Establishment faction vs. Bernie.

    • yes some people are racist, however, there are very few Africans in Australia, the indigenous aboriginals do have and share some of the hardships shared by black Americans. we have a problem of too much welfare and a welfare class with no real choices. it is a small segment of the Australian community that live in perpetual welfare and aboriginals are over represented. if you have a job and don’t break the law we have a saying you will always be given a fair go. i treat people as I find them and how they treat me. However, there are racist idiots in every country. put it this way, we had segregation but never owned slaves, we have no workforce that works for peanuts so we dont look at our service industry as people living on a starvation wage, we have rednecks but they seem to copy american rednecks.

      you will find that most Australians are pleasant and would give you their shirt off their back.

      (P.S if you visit dont tip, tipping is very un Australian and reserved for the wealthiest of Australians and only if service is exceptional)

    • it is, if you have a sudden life threatening disease you will not die because you are covered. no matter how poor you are. that is something to be very proud of. unlike you who lose your job because you are sick then you are royally fucked. sucks to be you hey!

  3. The ACA is like a car. It’ll run forever if you take care of it, fixing things as you go along. Instead, Republicans treat it like a car they don’t want because its a colour they don’t like. They refuse to fix it and would rather drain the oil out, on purpose, to let the car die.

    • It adds up perfectly and that’s why all other countries have or are trying to have universal health care. So far, All but one of the industrialized countries have maintained a sort of universal health care system. Germany has maintained for over a hundred years.

    • Universal Healthcare will futher widen the gap between the rich and the poor. The best medical services and doctors will be left to those who can afford it and the poor will get the bottom of the barrel…

  4. These idiot do know that its usually older Americans that vote in the midterms right? Quickest way to lose your seat; make a bill that kills the demographic that you need to get reelected.

  5. “… a long held dream of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan…”
    If anyone’s dreams need to be crushed right in front of their eyes is this Ayn Rand loving sociopath.

  6. The worst president of the united state in history representing the worst political party in history supported the worst of America

    • AG C- I am old as well and i have seen it for 25 years now in 3 useless presidents and MP that allowed the corporates to not pay tax, that allowed our industry to head overseas and the middle class to reduce by half. How does trump get these owned globalist monkeys out?!

  7. Don’t forget Cenk, Medicare also supports all dialysis patients and as I’m only 28 I would be dead without it

    • It also supports people with certain disabilities. Medicare and Medicaid both provide insurance to a *tens of millions* of Americans (actual number is almost 120M, which represents over a third of the country), and they should be defended at all costs. (Speaking as someone who works in healthcare.)

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