Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands

From Dr. Vliet's Radio Show: "Medicare Under Attack," America's Fabric, March 16, 2014:
"More and more hospitals are keeping patients in the hospital under the designation "under observation" without telling patients that this can mean thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs for the patient. Only "inpatient status" designation is covered under Medicare Part A. "Observation status" means Medicare part A does not cover the hospital stay! Patients are learning after discharge that they face an exorbitant hospital bill, and increased co-payments for medications, procedures, and tests. Observation status also means that rehab services or skilled nursing care needed after discharge will not be covered by Medicare, leaving patients with huge bills for these services as well. Medicare currently requires patients to have at least three days of "inpatient status" in the hospital to qualify for recovery times in a skilled nursing or rehab facility.

Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands

3 thoughts on “Two Words That Cost Medicare Patients Thousands

  1. Great work guys.  If we could get folks pried away from Facebook and Dancing With the Stars long enough to consider stories like this, maybe they would understand that socialism is not as good a deal as they think.

  2. My 82 y.o. mother broke her leg and currently has to pay for her skilled nursing care ALL out of pocket… over $8000 a month, because of these stupid rules. And now Trump / GOP wants to make the system worse by cutting funding? Thanks alot aholes.

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