Turning 65 Medicare

This video is all about Turning 65 Medicare. I answer some of the common questions people have as they are turning 65 and going on Medicare. For free help call 1-800-663-5707.

Some of the questions I answer are:

What is the best medicare supplement plan?
What is the best company to go with?
Should I take Medicare Part B?
Should I take Medicare Part D?
Is a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Plan better?
Who should I talk to?

We also offer our assistance in helping you find a Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare Advantage Plan, or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan. Call 1-800-663-5707 or visit

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Turning 65 – When to Sign Up for Medicare

When you are turning 65 you can sign up for Medicare up to 3 months before the month of your birth, the month of your birth, and 3 months after. This is called your Initial Enrollment Period. If you wait and you do not have “creditable” coverage when you are turning 65 then you may be penalized when you sign up for Medicare Part B at a later date. If you do have “creditable coverage” and you are losing it then you will be able to sign up for Medicare the month following the loss of coverage and you will not incur a penalty. If you go without “creditable coverage” and apply for Medicare after your Initial Enrollment Period has ended then you will have an opportunity to apply during the “General Enrollment” period from January 1st to March 31st. Your coverage will not start until July of that year. So it is best and highly recommended to start Medicare during your initial enrollment period when your are turning 65.

Turning 65 Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are turning 65 you will be able to choose from a variety of Medicare health insurance plans. Many of these options will be in the form of a Medicare Supplement Plan. Medicare Supplements are also known as Medigap Plans. They are called this because they are meant to fill the gaps in original Medicare Parts A and B. The way they work is Medicare pays there portion of your hospital and medical bills and then the Medicare Supplement plan pays most or all of what is left. There are many different Medicare Supplement plans offered by many different companies. This makes it hard to decide which plan is best when you are turning 65 and starting Medicare. Ideally you would want the plan that pays the best on your bills. This can also come at a hefty cost, so you would be best apt to talk to an independent agent like Devon West who runs Medicare Saving Solutions. He helps people that are turning 65 find the best available coverage for the lowest available cost. Not only does he help as you are turning 65, but also will keep in touch and help you year after year to make sure you are always covered the best you can be.

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