Turning 65 Medicare Supplement Indiana Case Studies

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Turning 65 or new to Medicare? You are in the right place!
Hi I’m Anthony Selm with the Modern Insurance Store and I wanted to share a few case studies of clients that we have worked with just this week to show the importance of selecting the right Agent when you are new to medicare.

Normally with a medicare supplement plan there are health questions that have to be answered in order to be approved for the coverage.
Here are the questions for Aetna, Manhattan, Medico, New Era/ Philadelphia American, etc. But, when you are turning 65 or are new to medicare you qualify for “open enrollment” And you can choose any supplement plan or company you want without having to answer any questions.
The problem is that, most agents, only work with folks that are turning 65, which is fine, but when clients start to get rate increases they disappear. They are only after that next turning 65 person and don’t know how to help their clients…
We maintain these questions so that we know how to help one of our clients when they get a rate increase.
So the first client we were able to help this week was Mrs. Marshall in LaPorte Indiana. She is 73 years old and had Plan F with Equitable, a very popular plan, and had just gotten another rate increase to $205 per month. Her agent was nowhere to be found.
We found that Plan G with Aetna was a much better value for her and were able to lower her rate to $133.20 saving her $71 per month or $861 per year.
See we know that All Medicare supplement plans must follow the same rules.
They all pay claims the SAME EXACT WAY, it’s all electronic and automatic once Medicare approves the claim.
They all cover those claims the SAME EXACT WAY
They all follow the client to ANY doctor NATIONWIDE that accepts medicare

Since Plan G is nearly identical to plan F with the exception of the Part B deductible which is currently only $166 ONCE per year, and the savings is almost always is significantly more than the deductible. So with Mrs. Marshall we were able to put $861 in her pocket so that she could pay the $166 deductible and keep the difference.

The next client(s) we were fortunate to help are Fred and Jane S. from Columbus Indiana
They were recently new to medicare having just retired at ages 72 and 68. Their agent put them with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue shield Plan F and combined they were paying $424 per month! Now plan F is a very popular plan in general but in the State of Indiana Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the most overpriced companies offering Plan F
So you may ask, why would an agent put them on one of the Most expensive Plans in the market? BECAUSE IT PAYS HIGHER COMMISSIONS. That’s it. This is a perfect example of an agent padding their pockets instead of doing the right thing for his client.
We also identified that Plan G was a better value for this couple and the new rate with Aetna is only $217 per month. A savings of $2487 per year!!
So who do you think is going to gain their trust and loyalty when we can put almost $2500 back in their pocket the very first year!!!
See we are not looking to just make a sale. We are in the business of building a relationship and taking care of our clients for the long run.

The third case study i wanted to share with you is with Carl H. from Layfayette, IN and is also 73 years young and he was with Mutual of Omaha on Plan F and was paying $360 per month. He had been with them since he turned 65 and hasn’t heard from his agent since. See some of these companies like Mutual of Omaha, Bankers, Colonial Penn, etc. Have what we call Captive agents who only can sell that one company. That is like trying to build a house with only a screwdiver in your tool bag. We are completely independent and can shop the entire market to make sure our clients are always getting the best rate possible.
We were able to get Carl the SAME EXACT PLAN F he had but now with Philadelphia American for $167 per month. THE SAME EXACT BENEFITS FOR PLAN F but at $2315 less per year than he was paying.

So if you are Turning 65 or are just enrolling in Medicare keep in mind that choosing the right agent is just as, if not more important that the plan or coverage you are choosing. Because as you can see here it make the difference of $760, $2487, $2315 and these are just last weeks clients. And putting that kind of money BACK into a seniors pocket when they are on a fixed income is exactly why I got into this business.

If I can help you give me a call at the number below which is 866-572-9255 thanks and have a blessed day. [email protected]

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Turning 65 Medicare Supplement Indiana Case Studies

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