Turning 65 and Picking the Best Medicare Supplement Plan Right From the Start

Medicare Supplement shopping can be tricky because of how many different plans and companies there are, but having someone who sifts through all the information to put you in the best spot from the get go can make it a breeze. And having someone that answers your phone when you call back for information in the future is GREAT too!
That's us!

We have expensive software that sifts through all of the variables and helps us pick the long term solution to your Medicare Supplement needs.

The variables to consider when picking a Medicare Supplement are:

Coverage – Whether you decide Plan F, Plan G or Plan N is best for you, the coverage is the first detail to consider.

Price – Obviously you want a company that is giving you a great rate or premium in the beginning. Just be careful not to choose a plan or company based solely on rate.


The third variable is Rate Increase History –
We can look at a company's rate increase history to tell you which company and plan combination has the lowest rate increases on average.

This will be of the utmost importance to your happiness with your Medicare coverage and cost over time.

We do typically recommend Plan G, but the company will always depend on Zip Code, Gender, Tobacco Usage, and whether you have someone living with you or not.

Different companies have different rules on household discounts, tobacco rates, gender specific rates, or even attained age vs issue age based ratings.

We consider all of these and more when helping you pick the best Medigap plan!

If you'd like a quote, get one here:

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Turning 65 and Picking the Best Medicare Supplement Plan Right From the Start

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