Trump’s Team Is Pushing Him To Cut Social Security, Medicare

President Donald Trump made it clear during his successful run for office that he didn’t favor meddling with popular retirement programs, despite Republican calls to do just that…

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Trump's Team Is Pushing Him To Cut Social Security, Medicare

60 thoughts on “Trump’s Team Is Pushing Him To Cut Social Security, Medicare

  1. I got the solution guys! If you don’t buy an iPhone, you could be able to have healthcare for the next 50 years! Woohooo!!!!

  2. We should raise social security en medicare, not cut it! What a fucking moron is trump and his fuckbuddies. How can anyone vote for a guy like that?!?!?

    • Ragnarok, defense spending is constitution. Also, our social welfare programs cost more than defense. On top of that defense spending actually produces as it trains individuals, gives them jobs, does research, and allows those trained individuals to attend college. SS, medicare and medicaid does not do any of that. SS and medicare will keep old, unproductive people alive longer. So it is not a strong comparison .

    • +whyamimrpink78 it’s our largest discretionary spending. SS and MC are all mandatory which we can set criterias.

    • whyamimrpink78 I would pay for it by cutting the military spending in half and raising the taxes on the top 1% and wallstreet

  3. Donald Trump knows he can’t do that because if he does Bernie Sanders it’s going to be all over him like crazy

    • Jon Rosen Fair share? Please enlighten me where the law states I have to pay a “fair share.” I’m not a corporation or government employee, so income taxes do not apply to me. Refusing to get robbed is no where close to the same thing as being a thief. Don’t blame me because you got fooled by a real thief and continue to do so.

    • Thrasher209
      No sorry only retards try and argue against not paying them. If you make income in America it is taxable. And if you use any Federal level services you are ecensially stealing since you are not contributing though taxes. The only way you are not paying income taxes is if you don’t have a job, you do have a job but are paid under the table, or you are self employed and are not paying them as you should. Two out of the three can land you in jail for tax evasion.
      If you want a law see the constitution the 16th amendment sums it up nicely.

    • +Thrasher209 +George Palko (grabs popcorn) Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how Thrasher tries to justify his idiotic position after that! Come on, Thrasher, “enlighten” us as to why you don’t have to pay your taxes in the face of evidence like that.

    • MartianManHunter2258 I told everyone he was just the Guy everyone Plays with…But no He’s Smart he’s got em and He’s going to be the Voice for the Forgotten middle class..Says Trumptards.

    • Liberals have the money so they can buy the tanks, helicopters, nuclear weapons, ships, planes, and private military contractors.

    • +Ricky Spanish
      Incorrect and potentially lethal assumption about “liberals”.
      Most liberals I know have as much firepower or more as the far right wackadoodle revolution prepared conservatives that I know.
      The big difference is that the batkrapp crazy conservatives spent their family’s government benefits on purchasing their bugout goodies preparing for Jade Helm, Obama martial law and overthrowing the government while the more sane liberals simply used their disposable income strategically purchasing premium useful items to prepare defending their families, home and property from the insurgent conservatives.

    • Quit trashing Boomers, damn it! Almost all the Boomers I know are Bernie Sanders supporters, including me. I voted for Jill Stein, not Orange Bozo. Many of us Boomers are concerned about the future of our grandchildren.

  4. I Can’t wait to see how all the red necks react when they lose they Social security,
    After voting for this idiot.

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