Trump’s New Budget Slashes Medicare and Bolsters Military in an “Attack on the Poor & Middle Class”

President Trump is seeking $8.6 billion to fund a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and an almost 5 percent increase in military spending. Meanwhile, Trump is calling for drastic cuts to domestic spending, including cutting $845 billion from Medicare spending over the next decade. Trump also wants to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent and the Interior Department’s budget by 14 percent. We speak with David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter, and founder and editor of

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Trump’s New Budget Slashes Medicare and Bolsters Military in an “Attack on the Poor & Middle Class”

65 thoughts on “Trump’s New Budget Slashes Medicare and Bolsters Military in an “Attack on the Poor & Middle Class”

    • rogb rogb another one of those political party forming is the one in regard to #ADOS” American Descendants Of Slavery”…..Many will be leaving the Democratic/Republican party for good !

    • rogb rogb only if Bernie loses becaue Greens cannot win nationally, no $$ & disorganized. I voted Jill last time after Bernie lost because knew Trump would beat her – Use good judgment! Vote green local & state

    • Nestor Gonzalez – exactly! but Americans for the most part are uneducated & cowardly, nothing like the youths of the 60s

  1. Donald Trump is simply the embodiment of what Femerica has always been about ; gross injustice and outrageously wanton wickedness.

    He’s just bold enough, and honest enough to display it without hiding it.

  2. Does anyone remember when Trump used to claim that he was the only Republican that wouldn’t cut these programs? Well, to all of those on these programs that wanted to take a chance with him, he just screwed you over.

    • +filip1491 No, actually, your sarcasm was NOT obvious. I find these misunderstandings occurring a lot in Comments sections. I think it’s a reminder that we all should put a little more effort into our text messaging ;-). I’m glad you clarified. Good!–one fewer delusional citizen than I, at first glance, feared!

    • +bob mon Okay, so is YOUR COMMENT sarcasm? As I just replied to filip1491, it is not always clear what a Commenter is intending, if they are too oblique or cryptic. Please add a clarifying sentence at the end, so we know whether you’re making a point with sarcasm. Otherwise, you just sound like all the other nut jobs out there… and there is no shortage of them, we’ve come to realize.

    • Ha Ha Ha Don the Con thinks his base would rather have a wall and more money for the military then receiving their Medicare. Good idea Donnie! We will see how well it works for you when you campaign for reelection.

    • boeingdriver29, after working as a government public affairs specialist/journalist/broadcaster, I view all politicians, military leaders & oligarchs with suspicion.

      We used to ghost-write speeches for leaders. Most of the stuff you hear them say was written by people like me. Every once in a while we would get someone like Trump who doesn’t stick to the “script” & that is a public affairs nightmare.

      But, most are fake as f…! I had to shoot “grip & grins” & watched leaders put on their fake smiles. I was around them practically every day & knew what their real smiles look like, so I could tell when they were forcing smiles. They forced smiles not only during grip & grin photo ops, but when interacting with the public in general. They put on a facade.

      I’ve seen them smile to the public one minute & then treat the people who work for them like total sh….

      ALWAYS QUESTION what leaders say. ALWAYS LISTEN for the keywords they emphasize & WATCH their facial expressions & hand gestures.

      If you key in on that stuff you can tell when they are selling you some bull sh…

      We use selective verbiage in the me speeches & if the leaders aren’t skilled in public speaking, we coach them on how to “best emphasize the message” (a.k.a. brainwash people into believing the message) via emphasis on specific words, phrases with simultaneous use of body language.

      I’m disappointed that Bernie Sanders sold out to the DNC, but one thing I can say about him, from watching & listening to him is that he is honest. He doesn’t use the tactics we teach. He speaks from the heart.

      Same with Gabbard, Ocasio-Cortez, Jill Stein & a few others. They are straight shooters.

      But, the establishment politicians should NEVER be trusted.

  3. All we can do is mock him? Yes, it’s even worse than we thought… all structural means have failed in dealing with a fascist “populist”. “Making fun of him” is what’s left to us. God help us.

  4. If the economy is doing so well,why do they have to cut anything? This is a message that thee economy is not doing well

    • Boyd Gilbreath, what is the point? To enlighten the idiots who think everything is “hunky-dory.”

      There are too many weak-minded sheep who need to be spoon fed information.

      You know, like the pharmaceutical commercials that tell people, “Don’t take [insert drug name] if you are allergic to [said drug name].”

      Duh, if a critically-thinking person is knowingly allergic to something they would avoid it. However, their are a bunch of “Quasimodo” clones in our population who are too stupid to think critically & need someone to guide their hand & explain basic stuff that the critical thinkers know.

    • dddsb, I’m not going to deny that. I am not originally from the state in which I live.

      There are a bunch of idiots all around me.

      “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right; here I am stuck in the middle…”

    • +100 proof schnapps
      Then why did you for him when it’s obvious that tRump is a chronic liar and malignant narcissist?

    • +100 proof schnapps
      So, you hoped that the idiotic reality TV star with no political experience whatsoever would change America for the better? What kind of logic is that? Why do republicans always think that everyone is being controlled by the jews? Judaism is a religion, not a huge worldwide organization manipulating world leaders behind the scenes like the illuminati or some ridiculous BS like that. Also, tRump was obviously being controlled by the Russians (the Russian mob at least) long before he ran for office in 2016. So thanks for helping put a criminal in one of the most powerful positions in the country. So, think it through, and actually do some research on the candidate you support/plan to vote for in the 2020 election.

  5. I know cuckservitives loved being cucked by the rich, but come on don’t you people get tired of wacthing the same thing over and over again regardless how much you love it.

  6. The US spends 20 times more on the military industrial complex than any other country – the reason for this is that it lines the pockets of a heartless elite maifia – simple as that. A lot of the mayhem and destruction abroad is financed with loans literally invented out of thin air – the struggling tax payer pay the interest on these loans while the top elite pay hardly any tax at all – this is the sad reality – the working ants are being taken advantage of, Lobby groups have lobbied for regulation which destroys capitalism and funnels money to an elite few – this is why 3 people earn the same as half of the US. Just 7 years ago in 2012, 400 people earned liked half the nation – now it is 3 people – the mafia activity of the elite is exponentially growing – they own the media – they own the minds of their working ants and their working ants are getting more and more poor and dumbed down – it is a sad reality – if people unite they can change all of this. The US has a great constitution – it just needs enforcing. One Love to our US brothers and sisters – we give you strength and Love to sort out your home camp – doing so will bring peace and prosperity to the US and the world at large.

    • Thanks for your empathy. But worse, the Republican leadership often dips its klepto hands in the Social Security Funds to pay for some of the War expenses and never repays to restore the Funds to where they ought to be. Then, it has the audacity to claim that the Social Security Program would not be solvent after a few more decades, and therefore must be either abrogated or turned over to some Private management.

      Privatizing the Program would then allow the greedy and selfish rich folks among them set their thieving claws on the Program to manipulate it to further enrich themselves, at the expense of the ordinary and poor Citizens who contribute into the Fund. And, when people retire and turn to use it, they would be facing whatever paltry amount given them without any recourse to legal challenge.

      Ironically, most of the wealthy do not contribute to the Funds at all.

  7. FAKE POTUS is just trying to keep us busy by pissing us off with this budget! While we’re fighting back, he will be stuffing his pockets with kickbacks!

  8. When empires fall the oppressed reap revenge with the blood of oligarchs.

    The oligarchs better enjoy what they have now. The current oligarchs may die off before the fall, but their descendants will be murdered when the empire falls & it WILL fall.

    Rome fell, the United Corporations of America will fall & their will be no quarter for the oppressors & their offspring.

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