Trump’s Healthcare Lackey Smears Medicare For All With Stupid Logic

Alex Azar, Donald Trump's Health and Human Services lackey, is all hands on deck in the illogical fight against Medicare for All. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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Trump's Healthcare Lackey Smears Medicare For All With Stupid Logic

40 thoughts on “Trump’s Healthcare Lackey Smears Medicare For All With Stupid Logic

  1. I have medicaid currently luckily. Before medicaid I think I paid $6000 for dental work the year before. Since then I have not paid a single cent for dr. visits, or dental work. Boy I’m sure people would hate to have THAT kind of coverage.

    • +The Russian Troll Network what is shameful is employers not pay their employees better wages so they wouldn’t have to us medicaid. Plus you do not know her story as to why she needs medicaid in the first place. My wish for you is you get sick and loose your income and then you can rant about people’s needs to use medicaid.

    • +The Russian Troll Network what is grotesque and pathetic is someone like you acting like a high and mighty princess. Until you actually grow a heart mind your own damn business.

  2. They are saying they have a better plan and not telling how their plan is better. I wonder if everyone learned from last time.

    • +The Russian Troll Network The stats prpve those countries don’t suck. Their citizens are happier, they have better education and higher paying jobs, better benefits, lower cost of living, less crime and gun violence, etc.

    • dreindenver yes all of that is true and that is why they can have these programs in the first place. But I didn’t say the countries sucked i said their healthcare systems suck with the exception of the scand countries who have a population the size of Seattle

    • dreindenver dude im not going to repeat to you what i said already in other comments. I am in the middle of a healthcare debate somewhere else on this thread. Find me there and we can debate.

    • geared4 the truth Sadly, he’ll just say “we didn’t” and the entire Republican base will repeat it. It’s become such a cult that they will say Trump, McConnell and Ryan didn’t touch their benefits even as they’re no longer receiving them.

    • bingo, can already “hear” it now from Fox Entertainment… “we told you Obamacare would fail”, The Dotard will parrot it at this Klan gatherings and the crowd will chant, “build that wall” and “lock her up.”

  3. 4:18 flee… FLEE WHERE there is nowhere else that pays doctors more to do less the only places they could flee would pay them less anyways… and also have ethics but that’s another story…

  4. If the right’s thesis is that, by reducing the “burden” on a business by means of massive tax cuts, jobs will be created, why would they not want to save businesses money by alleviating them from having to pay health insurance costs? By their own logic, businesses would be able to hire more people and/or give raises to their current employees.

  5. I’ve been disabled since the age of 32 47 now and I was put on Medicare immediately as I just moved back to Connecticut from California and there was a gap in my work history as I work for myself and I had a well-established construction Remodeling Company going out in California when I came back to Connecticut I almost immediately got sick with colitis and lost my entire large intestine which in turn left me disabled from that point on it was about 6 months after leaving California this came on Medicare is the best insurance I’ve had private insurance I paid for Cobra insurance and I was looking into getting insurance for my company but it was far too expensive back when I was trying to do this and that was back in 1998 and 1999 I was disabled in 2002. at which time Medicare kicked in thank God it’s saved my life. And I’m sure once these idiot conservative Republicans that are still holding out that is bad get on it and see what it’s all about I bet not one of them wants to go back once they have it I’ll bet any amount that not one will turn on it and once they have it they’ll never drop it. And then you have Donald Trump still crying but Medicare government insurance is bad because it’s going to save you so much money in the long run and even off the start to oh wait I’m not supposed to say that I mean it’s going to cost you so much out of the bat. No it’s not it’s already been set up all they have to do is be expanded it’s to include Dental, all people and complete doctors bill, with no 20% cost afterwards then cover complete prescription cost as well. Problem solved.. I’ve been on it since I was 32 and it was not the easiest thing to get on but once I was on it I am so thrilled that I was approved and I was on the first time which is absolutely amazing as they usually decline like 90% of the people that go up for the first time disability claim

  6. WTF is the confusion here folks?! If we can find endless wars on a dime then we can care for our citizens. Obamacare is Romneycare which is a RIGHT WING ideology from the Heritage Foundation ya morons

    • Vinny T you need to get rid of private insurance and profit making hc and tackle big pharma to get great hc for everyone at a fraction of the cost.

  7. Mary Mayhew, former commissioner of Maine DHHS (2011-2017) under LePage was just hired by Trump. Mayhew is to DHHS what DeVos is to Dept. of Education, what Mulvaney is to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, what Ben Carson is to HUD, and so on and so on. Trump picks all the “best people” with the best ideas on how to to ruin the USA

    • What are you trying to say? Who are you referring to? The Democrats are being specific. The Repugs are doing blank denial and whining.

  8. This is one of the most important reasons that moving to a state like Texas is a bad idea. You want your state to tell you that you can’t have health insurance because you have a preexisting condition? Move to Texas.

  9. Trump is so high maintenance america can’t afford medicare. I don’t know where all the money goes but damn we can not afford him. I say we dump him.

  10. I am Canadian and I have been watching the arguments for public health car. What I have noticed is everything the right wing says is untrue. Our system is not perfect the truth is every system in the world is a lot of work but if Americans go to a single payer system they would absolutely love it .

    • fellow Canadian here Gary, and it is unbelievable that they all haven’t figured it out yet. I have just been diagnosed with cancer and am so happy to be Canadian.

  11. Based on the rest of the world with UHC Americans would get a tax cut, get h c, no insurance, no co pay, no deductables and live 2.5 years longer. Only the insane and those raking it in from the current corrupt system could be against it. Vote to end this madness!

  12. I imagine Drs will do what they do herein the UK, they work for the NHS most the week and private practice for a day or 2 in the week. A lot of specialists and consultants do that here, my neurologist works 1 day a week private with a consultancy fee in the thousands because he’s one of the leading authorities on migraines in the country, but for the rest of the week he sees patients at no cost to them on the NHS. He also gets to be involved in drug trials and research on a national scale thanks top the NHS for a lot of Drs that’s a major bonus, he’s paid less for his work with the NHS but virtually no Dr here would give up that work, because it’s where they can help the most people.

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