Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Wants To Privatize Medicare

Donald Trump has selected Tom Price, Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, as his secretary of Health and Human Services.

This choice is of great significance, as Price is a fierce critic of the Affordable Care Act. His nomination represents Donald Trump’s commitment to immediately dismantle Obamacare as he promised he would throughout his presidential campaign…

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Trump's Health Secretary Pick Wants To Privatize Medicare

64 thoughts on “Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Wants To Privatize Medicare

  1. Hello everyone, I am 16 years old and I am aspiring to become a news
    reporter/political commentator here on YouTube! I am very hopeful that you
    guys will be generous and kind enough to give my channel a look! Thanks

    • I’m not asking him to stop, or trying to discourage critical thinking at
      any age. But I am going to take this political commentary with a huge grain
      of salt. Why? One, totally seperate from his age, I personally disagree
      with the Progressive approach to social issues. Two, and as I stated in the
      previous comment, youth has many advantages – it does not however, have the
      advantage of significant life experience to accurately judge and weigh
      issues that humanity has been grappling with for centuries.

    • blrzzzt how about you watch Chris Hayes then, he pages taxes has kids and
      went to college , journalism is about trying to inform people the best you
      can with all resources you have rather than checking if you’ve got enough
      grey hairs on your head to sound experienced , and I like getting news from
      Kyle, Jordan and Emma because they try to give me real information rather
      than spin doctor their way to a good paycheck to get a good house for their
      retirement . Their age is just an added bonus.btw even i don’t love
      progressivism but that wound affect his commentary if he’s able to
      articulate the reality with facts.

    • Harrison Henry but help me here. What do socialists in the U.S. defend ?
      Because it might be different from where I live ( brazil )

    • +Victor Uler socialists here are relatively moderate they just want single
      payer healthcare higher taxes on the rich not worker owned means of
      production lol

    • Just looking at your channel, I think you should add some sort of unique
      thumbnails. They all look like generic news-story channel thumbnails with
      no way to tell you apart from any other people. That is all.

  2. It’s only been 3 weeks since the election and this is already a complete
    disaster filled will contradictions. This makes me extremely concerned
    about the future of this country.

    • Trump could destroy America with thermo-nuclear and they would still say
      Hillary is the worst candidate because she was a no change candidate.

    • Yeah Red, since I’ve unsubbed to him, what is he saying about all of this
      now? Any peep? Probably not, since throughout the entire election he didn’t
      have a peep to say about the bad stuff about Trump and focused 100% on

    • Not great, because the people are too scared to give the Green Party the 5
      percent it needs to qualify for $10 million in matching funds in the next
      election, or 15% to get into the debates.

  3. privatization has worked so well for healthcare, education, prescription
    drugs, police training, water infrastructure, etc. Why not just sell the
    entire government of to corporations in one fell swoop instead of section
    by section.

  4. I have a feeling that Republicans only hate Obama-Care because it has
    “Obama” in the name. If it was called “America” Care i think they would
    actually be for it

    • He said in the past that he believed they caused autism. Depending on his
      mood and his supporters’ beliefs, he still believes in it. XD

      Personally I think that issue is more of one on the left wing. Hippies
      don’t want you putting chemicals into their babies unless they’re eating
      stronger pesticides in organic food than regular food… wait. Ignorance is

    • Kyle Beck – And Trump supporters will believe anything that comes out of
      Trump’s mouth, while bending over backwards to defend him and his gross

  5. Time like this, i wish the republicans would wake up with a sudden change
    of heart and and work with the democratic party

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