Trump Vows To Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Speaking at the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit, Donald Trump scolded Republicans for trying to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Trump Vows To Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

37 thoughts on “Trump Vows To Protect Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

    • Except now as president elect he’s coming out in support of privatizing it.
      He’s appointing people who want to put it on a block grant, etc. Trump is
      the greatest con artist in history.

    • If they remove the Senate filibuster in January, then we’ll know it’s going
      to happen. Congress would do it, and our only hope is that one Senator
      with a spine would stand up and block it– GOP style, like they’ve done
      for 8 years.

    • I don’t think they go so far as the nuclear option and remove the
      filibuster – enough Republican Senators know that they will be again in the
      minority and they don’t want us to ever be able to run roughshod over them
      with 51 votes. They have long memories and can do enough damage with

    • by democrat do you mean lying deceiving war monger hell bent on dividing
      this nation to get more power?…you do know bernie is not a true democrat
      and he would run under any flag that thinks would take him farthest as a

    • democrat because there is no other party, that´s why I said it. I don´t
      intend to be inflamatory. From an European point of view, both replubicans
      and democrats are center, center and center right. You don´t have
      socialdemocratic party in the US, which is something normal and traditional
      in europe. The US is a step away of naming the US postal service a
      communist artifact.

  1. Trump is a walking ego who’s not beholden to any party and just wants to be
    seen as great.
    That being said, I hope that the people who end up informing his
    decision-making are people like Bernie Sanders rather than many of the
    names we’ve heard floated for positions in the Cabinet.
    I think there’s potential for great good here, maybe even greater good than
    Hillary Clinton would’ve presented, that’s coming from someone who voted
    for Hillary Clinton as to avoid the risk.
    Again, there is still a risk with Trump as I feel he’s an empty vessel who
    can be easily led. I’m just saying that at least he can be convinced to
    advance campaign finance reform and other important progressive issues. I
    think Hillary could not be convinced but rather coerced and coercion isn’t
    enough when the coercive forces of big money are involved.

    • It’s less that Trump is a sellout, and more that Trump just fervently
      believes any idea that comes into his head. Even if that idea is in direct
      opposition to another fervently held belief of his last month.

  2. “Protect Social Security” could mean anything. Remember the central
    processing unit in iRobot? It was bound by the three laws which said it
    couldn’t harm a human and yet it killed people justifying that by saying
    the only way to protect the human race was to kill and enslave them. So
    when Trump suggests that he’ll “protect” anything he might mean he’ll
    destroy it to somehow protect us from ourselves. That is how I filter
    anything Trump has to say since he only knows how to be self-serving.

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