Trump Takes A Swing At Medicare For All

In this Majority Report clip, swing and a miss…

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"“They're going to hurt your Social Security so badly, and they're killing you on Medicare. Just remember that. I'm going to protect your Social Security. We're going to take care of your Social Security. We’re going to take care of your Social Security. Matt Rosendale is going to make sure we’re not touching your Social Security and your Medicare is only going one way. That’s stronger. They’re going to end up taking it away from you, and you won’t even know what happened.”

— President Trump, at a campaign rally on Thursday in Montana for Mr. Rosendale, the Republican state auditor who is running for Senate. "*

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Trump Takes A Swing At Medicare For All

48 thoughts on “Trump Takes A Swing At Medicare For All

  1. Ryan cut SS Medicare and Medicaid by 5.4 trillion.
    The GOP rewrote ObamaCare twice before they would vote on it.
    Trump needs meds and a nap.

    • Squatch you racist retards open your stupid mouths and every single time you just demonstrate white supremacy is not true. Is that your goal?

    • +SAMSQUANCH – Holy crap!!!! You actually put a sentence together with proper syntax. The medication must be working. I’m going to take a screenshot to remember this by!

    • The adults are being red pilled and seeing the wizards behind the RNC curtain, in the trump cabinet, pulling their latest puppets strings. People like Sasquatch took the rufie, they’re passed out, bent over, the RNC donors that led them to 7 illegal wars are waterboarding their assholes with KY, and a guy called q and a guy called trump and a gang bang team of RNC grifters and con men are running a train on them, until they have destroyed democracy, freedom, equal rights, equal protections, the fbi, the cia, the nsa, the epa, they will destroy every part of their government and put themselves in the hands of their top money RNC donors, to be fucked for all eternity. Those rufies get people into sex slavery son, stop trusting people when they tell you it’s a red pill, especially if they believe in virgin births and miracles and magic ok?

    • +SAMSQUANCH – Poor crapsquanch. The butt of everybody’s jokes. That’s what you get for trolling. The front doors of the Looney Bin close at midnight, you better hurry.

  2. I really don’t see how he can go out there and tell all these lies and not be held accountable for it. What is going on in our country? I mean enough is enough already. I think we should have gotten to the breaking point months ago. I also agree with some of the other comments. What the hell do we do with his base once we get him out of office? We are going to have a lot of loose cannons with guns. We already know that they are not in their right mind if they can continue to support a downright criminal like this president. If this idiot could bring them together then any idiot could bring them together and make them commit violence. I really think Trump has opened up Pandora’s Box and the sooner we shut it the better.

    • Nah, their pussies. Take this moron “samsquanch” or whatever his inbred handle is. Perfect example of the intelligence level of the kind of people who support The Orange Tumor. All bark no bite.

    • +SAMSQUANCH – How many times have they left that front door to the Looney Bin unlocked? The chip in your brain that the aliens implanted should be used as a GPS unit to locate you. Ramble on dude.

  3. Why is being social in the USA SO looked down up on , in the normal real world we think it’s a good idea to look after everyone, it’s just being fare….

    • The right wing is authoritarian and about the control of capitalism over people, the rich top money donors over the poor flyover nobodies trump panders to. If communism were nirvana, or socialism, or nordic democratic socialism, or anything they would tell the people it is of the devil, if pure capitalism without a social net were debt slavery, they would tell them it was pure freedom.
      Die in the street because you can’t afford cancer treatment? Freedom!
      Banko because your insurance didn’t cover stuff or parts of stuff? Freedom!
      Pay into single payer for all that would cover everyone and cost less, even when you can’t pay or work? Slavery!
      Bootstraps people, personal responsibility! We should not ask what our country can do for us, or expect it to serve our needs if we support republicans, we should expect to only ask what we can do for our country as blind stupid misinformed debt slaves.

  4. Trumpturds don’t have to worry about Medicare for all — because we’re going to make sure they never get any healthcare at all.

  5. Lots of trump fan comments on the 2 minutes videos but never the longer ones. I guess their brain runs out of space after 10 minutes.

  6. Uhhhh, single payer would BE medicare, it’s not raiding it, it’s expanding it. What people pay now for private insurance would be, in part, going to increase medicare.

    • jl sc, I know that in regard to the politicians. What I don’t understand is ‘regular people’ working against their own interests—it baffles me!

      Even the owners of big corporations would benefit from universal healthcare, and yet, they’re opponents. I’m not into conspiracy theories, but it seems as if they really want to keep the ‘small’ people ‘in their places’?

    • ReligioHominiLupus  Big corporations are afraid they will be paying a larger share of the pie, and they will lose the ability to bargain for better rates. Benefits are still a major expense for all companies and they want to keep it as small as possible. There would be changes, but over all the costs in total spent by all concerned will go down though some will see a rise and some will see less, same as it was with the ACA. They are only looking at their own piece, not the whole picture, reduced employee absences, fewer future price increases, etc.

  7. Just get used to it, if Trump thinks something is good for America it probably isn’t and conversely, if he thinks it is definitely bad, research first because it probably is not.

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