Trump Supporters Mixed On Medicare For All

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Rebel HQ’s Emma Vigeland ( ) asked Trump supporters what they thought about Medicare For All and universal healthcare as an option.

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Trump Supporters Mixed On Medicare For All

80 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Mixed On Medicare For All

    • Armando De Los Santos but would we have to raise taxes if we recaptured the Military/Corporate Welfare budgets. probably won’t happen in my life time, but it’s nice to think it will at some point.

    • +Perry McCorkle military budget $689.1 billion, and the budget for Medicare, medicaid and social security is $2.1 trillion!

    • Armando De Los Santos u left out the corporate welfare and i didn’t say anything about those budgets. a good starting place would be a 50% cut in military spending and a 50% cut in corporate welfare. that’d get us damn close to $1t right there.

  1. These people will vote against their own interest if they think it will hurt liberals. Even if it cuts their own throats. Or if they think Obama would support it.

    • Tribalism. We have to remove all the party affiliations from the ballots so people can’t just vote red or blue down the line, they will actually have to research their candidates and educate themselves with something besides faux news

    • @daveruda, Lyndon B. Johnson once said, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  2. There is no point in trying to reach these people they don’t want to know anything they don’t care about facts they have their dear leader. So don’t reason with them crush them in the elections

    • ACA doesn’t work properly because Democrats had to throw in a red pill so Republicans will vote for it. Republicans hoped it would collapse but didn’t. Now we just have to improve on it.

    • +diangelo0714 Yes, I didn’t Separate parts A & B. Thanx. There’s also part D, prescriptions, which are an additional cost but are less expensive in most supplemental coverages.

    • @ ShiningArmor359, ” The thing I don’t like about Medicare is ObamaCare… umm…” this is how trying to say it in other words, we don’t like a black man to save our deplorable life. Those people will prefer to die than save by Obama that is how deep their racism is. Their racism is deep to their bones so there is no hope to educate or help them!

    • Rip Sumrall Medicare and Medicaid spending went up as a result of Aca. Last two years of Obama’s presidency the gov spent more on healthcare than the military and people said it still wasn’t good enough. Might as well get rid of the military and spend even more and have a feeling it still won’t be good enough.

  3. @2:07 see they are so misguided. They are supporting the opposite of what they need! This guy has black lung, diabetes and no health insurance while supporting Trump! Bernie could and will pick up so many of these voters.

    • +N B well said, and they will still go on thinking they have the best medical care in the world even when their dieing because they can’t afford the insurance payments.

    • +Alison Smith
      Political party, religion and many other aspects or life are a tribal indoctrination for the vast majority of these people. Nowhere do they take the time for intellectual research and critical thinking.

    • +N B looking at it from an outsiders view it’s sad to think they could have healthcare but their mind set is so against it they will vote for a man who will laugh at them and tell them anything they want to hear. Only in America

    • +Sentient Being actually, the only reason why so much medicine comes out of the U. S. is because we are more willing to use experimental drugs in people. When I was in the u.k., there were NEVER thousands of commercials trying to get you to sue a drug company over a drug giving you diseases and life altering side effects. they only use drugs that they are sure will work. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the morality of using experimental drugs on people when you don’t really know the full effects.

    • Armando, lets start by being able to negotiate drug and healthcare prices, that’s a huge place to start, the same drugs that cost us thousands to hundreds of thousands, costs other country’s far less in comparison, because they can actually negotiate prices unlike the US because of a law preventing the US from negotiating drug prices, we pay what is asked of us from Pharma company’s, how does that make any sense?

    • Someone needs to also tell them that in every single Country that has Universal Healthcare, there is also private Healthcare so if they still want private, no-one will stop them.

    • +Armando De Los Santos I come from a Country that gives Universal Healthcare to all and I pay less than 15% of my annual wage in National and local taxation (which is automatically deducted monthly from my wage) and that covers everything I would expect from a government ranging from Roads, fire/police service, education, armed services, etc AND a full Healthcare Service.

    • YOU are already paying for other people’s health care.
      ALMOST everyone who works for the federal government.
      ALMOST everyone who works for the state government.
      ALMOST everyone who works for some larger cities.
      Then Medicaid – planned parenthood – Chip programs.
      Every product you buy has some amount of health care added to the price for the CEO and higher administrators and sometimes every employee.
      As for health insurance companies – millions of dollars in salaries to the CEO and higher administrators – shareholders and an small army of doctors whose only job is to deny your claims. ALSO dont forget the high cost of advertising.
      YOU are already paying for other people’s health care – but – not for you!

    • Brent P: They can’t see beyond their own small worthless world. When one of them gets cancer or some other awful disease, then, and only then will they beg for Universal Healthcare.

    • They’re that hopelessly stupid. Like, if the blue wave gives them free health care, great, but if they croak before then, I trust they won’t even get a proper burial, and even if they do, some rich boy will just bulldoze their tomb stone and plant an overpriced, under-rented apartment on top for more tax evasion.

    • ah so private enterprise should obey your orders instead of pursuing whatever the owners want to pursue???
      lets redistribute wealth and order businessmen to work as tyrannical taxcollectors……

    • +Kevin O’Connor thanks for all your anecdotal evidence tho, I’m sure you speak for everyone in your country

    • +Armando De Los Santos 1st of all I am happy to admit (unlike you) where I was wrong and you actually managed to find 1 single Country with a high tax rate…. well done you. However everything else you spewed out was complete bollocks. Unlike you, I do not believe I speak for everyone in my Country and I do not believe that everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot. Now, I’m not saying that anyone has come up for the perfect plan for a Universal Healthcare system in America, but EVERY single developed nation in the Western World seems to be able to make it work…. apart from America…. I thought you guys were so sure you were the best at everything?! Lol. I do know however, that you have absolutely no right to call it Health’care’, when the system is more about how much you can afford more than it is about how much care you need.

    • +Kevin O’Connor no sir, Denmark was the most obvious one, and you keep overlooking the fact that America pays for their military! I’m starting to think you’re just another leftist shill from America talking about things you know nothing about! And yes America is the greatest country in the history of the world and you know it. Look your night be great for you in Europe but in America, the plans they’ve come up with are ridiculous!

    • NO NO NO it is not free ,,, WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR THERE HEALTH CARE , it is free for them , but we pay for it and most all of them are millionaires , so we the people help rich people get free health care and we can’t afford to go see a doctor

    • Armando De Los Santos ……..So where are they going to get the funds to cover the 1.5 trillion dollars lost in tax monies? Another 1.5 trillion at least added to our national debt

    • Boy Blue tax cuts creates jobs and drives up investments. Medicare for all would be ACA pricing on steroids. If you want Medicare or Medicaid then go meet the requirements for it to get it. (Would require you to earn a lot less)

  4. That last woman gave me so much hope. Even in the heart of Appalachian trump country, there’s some sense out there!

    • Government-managed medical systems are the most efficient ones.
      From personal experience.

      Deciding what goes into being covered is subjected to a democratic vote.
      Citizens know what is covered, you don’t need to read long policies that nobody understands.
      Deciding how much of the public funding will go to the medical system is subjected to a democratic vote.
      The quality of treatment is subjected to a democratic vote.
      Free at the point of use. No deductibles, copays and other deceitful words.
      You need a treatment? You go to almost every hospital and every physician and show your ID and that’s it. Very few hospitals and physicians choose to avoid millions of citizens.
      No need to repeat the administration for every private insurance company, hospital, physician….
      There is no profit motive – you do not sponsor some CEO’s yacht.
      And the best – your premiums over the years are a real investment. The government takes this money and build a medical system that will serve you one day: hospitals, medical schools, medical research. Private health insurance just takes you money and if you did not file a claim it’s their profit.

      Cut the BS on Stalin, gulags, and Venezuela. It’s not relevant.
      The internet, Apollo program, and many medical researches could have never developed by private investors since they are driven by quick profits.
      Private investors are dictators who decide what they want to do based on their own personal likes.
      This money should be given to the workers who produce it and to their collective representation (a.k.a government) to decide democratically what to do with it.

    • Armando De Los Santos, do you seriously not know that nearly all the rest of the developed world uses a single-payer or similar healthcare system, and they spend far less than we do while having far higher satisfaction rates? Meanwhile, people in America can barely afford to pay premiums and most bankruptcies are caused by medical bills—even when they had insurance! So maybe get your head out of the Fox News clouds and do some actual research on the subject instead of spreading misinformation about Vermont.

    • don’t forget these people will allow trump to shoot people (besides themselves of course) and will still support him! laughing at them then and laughing at them now and they still don’t get it or want to get it! who knows maybe they like and get off on the laughing at them sadistic attention from their cult leader…

  5. See the thang about Medicare is that it’s fine but ya know that Obummer and the gubment and yeah hehehe. I don’t trust that Obummer he needs ta keep his hands out of things and then like prices will be real low and then everyone can afford it but we gotta keep the gubment out of Medicare yeah. Oh, and keep Medicare away from the illegals. Don’t trust them neither mkay.

  6. Im from Kentucky and believe me when I tell you, the main people that benefit from medicare are the people who oppose it.

    • Hooyahfish, stupid argument, let me break it down.

      “So you cant trust the government or private health companies.”
      No not really the government as it stands represents the rich and corporations and not it’s citizens, rich people can afford healthcare as is, corporations don’t need it, they are an invention comprised of a group of rich people, who again can all afford healthcare as is with no issues, the private health companies are in the business to make money, that’s the bottom line, if they aren’t making money there isn’t any point to having a private health company.

      So how do private health company’s make money? They over charge you, plain and simple, pharmaceutical company’s over charge for their medicine, again to make money, and not just to break even, but to make profit, we are charged far more for the same things that you can get for cheaper in other country’s, they are the same products and drugs, it’s just unlike in the US those country’s are able to negotiate prices, the US isn’t allowed to negotiate prices for things like drugs or healthcare products, the parma company’s and makers of necessary lifesaving products are free to charge as much as they like and the US has to pay for it if it wants those drugs or products that are necessary for saving lives.

      Do you not see how clearly and obviously the two are working hand in hand with each other? By law the government must pay what it is asked as we cannot negotiate prices with the healthcare industry, in no other country that provides healthcare is this found, it’s unique to the US, lawmakers have been bought to pass this as a law, bought by the very people who stand to benefit from it, the private health company’s and the pharmaceutical company’s.

      “Guess you cant ever go to the doctor.”
      You joke, but that’s actually the reality many people are in fact facing, it’s not that they don’t want to go to the doctor, it’s that they can’t, they can’t because they cannot afford the prices to go, they cannot afford the costs to be seen or to get the drugs they need to improve their medical conditions, the problem here isn’t that people don’t trust the government and private health company’s it’s that by in large they cannot afford the prices asked of them, which is creating that distrust, it’s greed and corruption that is causing distrust, and it’s a obvious and blatant greed and corruption we can all see before our very eyes, but all the politician’s that are bought and paid for work so hard to convince with their lobbyist friends, the MSN, etc to convince the general public that there isn’t any actual greed or corruption going on, it’s all (in the words of Trump) fake news.

      This is the result of where our system has lead us, it’s not the fault of government it’s the fault of corruption and laws that legalize corruption, citizens united, just an orwellian way of saying legalized bribery, allowing the very people who have plenty of money, but very little if anything left to spend it on, to bribe politician’s by “donating” to their campaigns and reelections, hiring former lawmakers who took the bribes and did the company’s bidding as lobbyists, to convince current lawmakers to do the company’s bidding as well as an example of how good they treat you if you do.

      If however we put into place laws that ended legalized corruption, that prevented former lawmakers from working as lobbyists for a number of years (up to debate as to how long) and allowed our government to negotiate prices as every other country does, we would see a vast improvement in our healthcare system, government isn’t the enemy, that’s what the rich fucks at the top would like you to believe, because it serves their best interests to the detriment of your own self interests, the government is nothing more then a tool, a tool that is currently being misused by people who stand to greatly benefit from it’s misuses, but if we work together we can turn that tool back into something that will benefit the citizens rather then the rich elite fucks who are misusing this tool we call government.

      Any tool can be misused, a hammer is a great tool that can help to build a house to home the homeless, but it can also be misused to bash people’s heads in, all tools can be used for great good or for great harm depending on who wields it.

    • I agree. I live in Canada and the people who live in poor small towns that have the best jobs are the ones who work in health care. There will always be people who get injured or old, always babies being born. These towns wouldn’t have any of those jobs if people had to pay as much as Americans do.

      I guess you have to grow up in a system like we have to realize that everyone knows somebody who has been ill or seriously injured and universal health care eventually benefits everyone. Sure you might be healthy today but your grandchildren down the road may not be.

  7. Well for me, it’s really as simple as this, if you can get people to believe in a sky fairy without question, then why wouldn’t it be also easy to get them to vote against their own interests. Back in 2004, right after the presidential election, Karl Rove told a reporter something to effect that the only reason that the republican party seeks the religious vote so aggressively, is because they are the easiest to manipulate.

  8. Dumbest human beings alive. This video is proof that we need more federal dollars for public schools nation wide. It’s a shame grown people are so uninformed.

    • Sonyag1 yea I know I’m a trump supporter but I’ll admit there r dumb liberals and trump tards they just try to pick the bad ones

    • Understood, but I’ve traveled the world, and by far….for a “western civilization”….America has some of the most uninformed human beings with regard to politics. Not only do these people not understand the issue, they lack critical thinking and communication skills to understand what is going on. They have my pity.

    • Sonyag1 then ur the more experienced one in this Situation and I must believe because I’ll be honest I’ve traveled all over America but not third world countries props to u

    • Thank you Tommy Devito. I must say that after two years of Trump giving his supporters nothing that he promised them I’m so sad for them. I remember his snake oil promise of “Something awesome” healthcare that covers more and is cheaper. I’m angry that people don’t know the cardinal rule of commerce:
      1. There is no such thing as a free lunch. So you cannot promise “something awesome” at a cheaper rate, yet promising trax cuts at the same time. Healthcare needs to be funded from somewhere. And anyone that tells you you’re going to get “something for nothing” is a god-damn liar. And here we are. Yet Trump and his wealthy donors who said, “Get us our tax cuts & make it permanent now, or else don’t call us again”, got theirs in spades.

      Remember Carrier Air Conditioner and Trump’s promise to keep jobs in America? What happened. That production line has since closed anyway. Those jobs are in Merxico, and Trump has not even threatened to tax Carrier ANYTHING for sending jobs to Mexico. Yet United Technologies (Carrier’s parent company) got HUGE PERMANENT tax cuts just to keep those jobs open for only months (But lay off the workers once the news cameras left) thanks to your then Indiana Governor Pence, who is now the Vice President. Carrier’s tax burden was shifted to the citizens of Indiana. Is that fair?

      Mad? Please everyone, go vote. The Republicans are only making America great for people who are already phenomenally wealthy. But Mitch McConnell shifted the conversation to “Men have been wronged. Look at Brett Kavanaugh”. So Fox News will dog whistle their viewers to think that this election is about voting for Republicans because “women need to know their place”. If the national news media doesn’t get back to the headlines of what was going on before the SCOTUS fight, Republicans might just get away with plundering the middle class. They were talking about the Mueller investigation where people were being sent to jail or pleading guilty on a weekly basis…and now Trump’s creative tax evasion schemes. It’s time to get the headlines back to what Trump is doing wrong.

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