65 thoughts on “Trump Promised to Not Cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security

    • Rosa Lee Ward
      I hope there are enough of us who care, and that we can organize enough so that our voices turn into ACTION!!

    • There is a reason that goes with the facts… not once have a president followed the categorization made behind the scenes: red / yellow / green. Obama was yellow. Sanders is yellow. The two dumbasses from this past election were reds. This is unknown to the public, but it goes with the fact that “change is good” which… well.. was stated in this very video. One perspective and a single mindset. People are told to define what they stand for and they become that thing instead of keeping their eyes open. American elections are a good joke and influences actually rule the country. By influences I mean those private families / corporations that give donations and secretly send care packages to which you find a paper that tells you why you received this kind of support (money). Trump was about to get eaten by his many debts and was the perfect goon. The interests of these families go with certain policies that would enable them to make more money.

      You be the judge of my words, but nothing about it all will change the many issues nobody wants to face. Bringing solutions and change come with influence and influence is obtained with respect. Nowadays we respect people that have money because we’re ignorants. A few decades ago we respected power because of fear… which was logical. Today we’re just total ignorants. Let the rulers be the strong or the beautiful rather than the thoughtful and respectful ones. You are voting for the next war and all seem to be compelled by this ignorance that makes you more egoistical and numb. Keep watching tv/yt and medias. Dont take part of what will become and keep complaining. I’m sure the excuses you will find then will prevent you from all faults in this conflict.

      Even the simplest thought: “be reasonable” eludes your brain as if you were a dog that needs to be put down since you’ll bark at the first squirrel (other life form) that comes around your neighborhood. In another world, he’d be your best friend.

      Dont grow up. Any of you. Pls dont and be put down by you peers.
      Remain ignorant >

    • If you don’t know…Out of Bernies campaign came a non-profit called “Our Revolution”. Please google it, share it, and sign up. He is going to need our help taking on Trump & the GOP. There’s a Sarah Silverman interview with Bernie on you tube which will give more info too.

    • Sarah Silverman is a pig.
      Here’s a typical joke from this sick piece of filth. “I want to get an abortion. But my boyfriend and I are having trouble conceiving”. Even a savage has more regard for human life. The aborted child would be HER child. Some joking matter! Don’t you liberals see how fucked up you are??

    • +Tyler Gilmore
      Not coming from Silverman. This is her religion, her passion, her ideology. Try telling a group of black people a joke using the “N” word in a cruel or insulting way. Tell them it’s JUST a joke. Good luck.

  1. I absolutely love and admire this man! I still believe he can be the best president, hurry up 2020!!! Keep fighting the good fight sir!!! xoxo đŸ™‚

    • we need to live today before we look to tomorrow. We will miss what is happening if we dont focus on what is important today.

    • NO it shouldn’t. If you starve in America without government help you deserve to die. How does it work that people are not cattle and still enslaved? Dependency on government for the ability to do anything is wrong. There is an old saying that I think too many people have forgotten. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Only interesting.

    • Nate Church
      Simply, but beautifully written. I agree with you wholeheartedly. But there are some people who are just plain ignorant and have no empathy. You could speak for days and have no impact. It is like speaking to a large, granite boulder. Their heads are just as hard and their hearts beat just as surely as the one in that rock. Time to stop casting your pearls before swine. I don’t believe that the civilized conversation you are looking for will ever happen with this clown. I think that would be unexplored territory for him.

    • +Cathie Hardy Only psychopaths have no empathy, and that’s a rare condition. I don’t think we should give up on +Roland Deschain. Roland, material things will only provide superficial happiness, and even that won’t last long. Positively impacting people around you and forming deep connections with friends and family is the only way you’ll find real and lasting happiness. I hope you’re just going through a phase. Please, try doing something nice at random for a total stranger tomorrow or the next day, and see if it makes you feel good. You’re right that “life isn’t fair” when unlucky things happen to us that we don’t have the power to control, but the rest of life is what we as a society make it. Let’s try to make it as good as possible for as many people as possible.

    • The people who own something like 70% of the wealth either don’t do that, or they don’t do that enough. If you have a median income and you donate 10 bucks to charity per month, you are probably donating more, in proportion, than most people at the very top. Those people can’t be trusted to redistribute the billions they have, simply because that’s not how they became rich – they became rich by transferring money from others to themselves. Voluntary donations are not enough, that model is no longer sustainable.

  2. I know most people are sick of elections at this point, but 2020 will be a damn interesting year. Looking at history, the Republicans have a disadvantage because in election years ending in 0, the incumbent party lost 7 of the 11 elections. But democrats also have an issue where you only get a New Democratic incumbency every 16 years (60, 76, 92, 08). That cycle doesn’t come back around till 24. I’d love to see which trend is favored in the future.

    • people are voting more Democratically as population density increases. Even now, most people voted for the Democratic candidate; the Electoral College decided the presidency

    • More people voted for hillary but not more counties, she won in some high density population counties. Those counties dont give you more electoral votes, just give you a shot at winning the state. Electoral College always decides the President.

  3. If republican legislators had any brains they would repeal Obamacare and replace it with a universal healthcare system. They’d rule for decades but that will never happen. All they care about is the short term profits their campaigns receive from special interests.

    • The reason it’s fucked up is because medicine it what ? 3rd or 4th largest business in U.S?. Money (hucksters sending shysters in to D.C.with bribes) has been fighting it alongside insurance industry.
      This is how we are raped out of 1/3 extra cost on every penny spent. Figure it out.
      When was the last time corporate media (false flagged as liberal) discussed how much Dr.s make here compared to the rest of western civilization, Research it. Or how much a night in hospital is?

  4. All the Trumpanzees just cant admit they been coned. When I argue with them on twitter and even provide them evidence, they’re still hell bend on defending their Orangutan dad.

    • Scotty Beeman Tolerant huh I have never.. Seen less tolerant people in my life.. As you poor snowflakes… You don’t win you cry like babies.. and if someone disagrees with you’re side.. You call the racist or whatever else left wing slogan you can come up with

    • Scott Brown Haha you have proven your wit. Tolerance is about how even though someone maybe racist or be a horrible person, we still will give them the same treatment. It has nothing to do with people arguing. And passiveness toward racism is basically racism. Why else did trump change his strategy when he was elected, saying he would be ahero to black people. Because he wanted to gain the good republicans that actually care.

  5. Americans no longer wish to foot the bill for Illegals that includes their housing. Best choice, get the hell out of our country… thank you –

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